True Love

by WhoGirl [Reviews - 4]

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  • Action/Adventure

Author's Notes:
Another story about the Dr and Rose reuniting but I prefer this one. Contains an old enemy... I wonder who that could be?

The clock chimed at 10 'o' clock and Rose Tyler dragged herself out of bed for another day's work at Torchwood. She rubbed at her eyes which were blotched and smudged with mascara from last night. She had had a dream about her love and had woken up weeping. She just wished the amazing old times could come back. He was always on her mind, she knew he was going to be for life. She thought of the breathtaking scenary in New Earth, her love carrying the flame for the 2012 Olympics, witnessing the End of the World....
She grabbed a wipe and removed her make up. She then placed her head in her hands and sighed heavily. She looked up at her reflection in the mirror. All she saw was a woman with red eyes, blotchy cheeks and messy hair. She was particulary upset today because it was two years ago she was on that beach saying goodbye... She grabbed her mascara and plastered it onto her eyelashes without really thinking. She then put on her red lipstick and powdered on some blusher. She brushed her hair and placed it into a ponytail. She put on a T Shirt and a jacket. She took one last look in the mirror and dropped her hands into her pockets to feel the usual contents, some loose change, a pack of chewing gum and, what was that? She removed the object to see the TARDIS key. That's funny, she thought, I can remember leaving this with the Doctor. That one word stabbed at her but the key suddenly became extremely hot and burnt her hand.
"Ow!" she squealed and the key dropped to the floor. She bent down to watch it glow brightly and she thought for a moment.
"The key is glowing and is very warm," she said to herself, "So that means.." she paused, "Oh my God!"
She got up and ran as fast as she could slipping on her shoes while she did so. She then quickly yelled "Bye!" to her mother.
"Rose? Why are you in such a hurry?" Jackie asked but before she got an answer Rose was out of the door. Rose had the key in her hand and was holding it with an old sock. She ran and ran until the key glowed brighter. When it did it was so bright she had to shield her eyes. The key dropped to the floor and Rose gazed at it as it shone like the sun. Behind it she then noticed a familiar converse trainer. She stared in awe hoping and praying what she had just seen was true. She slowly moved her eyes up through the pin-striped suit all the way straight up to the person's face. She stared in amazement as the Doctor she loved smiled straight back at her.
"Hello Rose," he said as a tear rolled steadily down his cheek. Rose couldn't believe her eyes and kept rubbing them, expecting him to disappear again.
"I know this may sound stupid Doctor, but where are you? Inside the TARDIS?" Rose asked.
"I am here right in front of you and the TARDIS is down there." He pointed to it and it was clear as day. "You are really seeing me."
Rose laughed in shock. This was all too much to take in.
"Well, aren't you gonna come here then?" The Doctor asked. Rose instantly ran towards him crying with joy. The Doctor's arms folded over her body and she grabbed him back. She felt the familiar touch and the amazing warmth. Her true love was back.
After what felt like 5 minutes they eventually pulled apart and stared deep into eachothers eyes. The Doctor was grinning from ear to ear and Rose was still crying. She touched the Doctor's face and gently rubbed her thumb on his smooth cheek. The Doctor put his hand in Rose's silky hair and smiled.
"I've missed you." He said.
"Me too," Rose replied and looked up at him. "Doctor?"
"Yes Rose?" he replied.
"What were you about to say before.." she swallowed and looked at the floor. "Before you left?"
The Doctor didn't reply for a while as his mind skipped back to that day. Standing on the cold beach watching her sobbing. He was so heartbroken. So torn.
"I was about to say," he began and paused. "I was about to say that Rose Tyler, I love you."
Rose felt a tear roll down her cheek from sheer happiness. She couldn't help herself.
"I take it that's what you wanted to hear?" the Doctor asked whilst laughing.
"Definitely!" Rose answered."'Cause I love you too!" They stood in silence for a few moments just staring at eachother.
"This is awkward...." Rose said jokingly.
"Tell me about it!" laughed the Doctor.
He suddenly stopped laughing and inhaled deeply. He slowly moved towards Rose face. They were just millimetres away when Rose suddenly stepped back in shock.
"What is it?" asked the Doctor with concern. "Does my breath smell?" he asked, grinning.
"No." Rose answered. "Doctor..." she said whilst pointing towards the side. The Doctor frowned and turned around to see all 4 of them staring. They were staring deep into the Doctor's eyes with their eyestalks and he felt all the pain and agony flood back. His family and friends being killed by these horrific creatures. All of the torture they have caused. He turned to look at Rose who was looking terrified. She hates the Daleks, he remembered. They were silent for a few seconds when all of a sudden the Daleks attacked.
"EXTERMINATE!" they yelled in unison.
"Doctor!" Rose yelled helplessly as beams of electricity aimed directly at the Doctor escaped from its origin....
Rose screamed as the electricity shot through the Doctor's body. His skeleton became clearly visible and Rose gasped as he slumped to the ground in a heap. She stared at him in shock not daring to move incase she herself was killed. She blinked and a tear rolled down her cheek causing the remains of her mascara to smudge yet again. She sobbed as the Doctor laid motionless on the cold, concrete floor.
"He can't be..." she began in disbelief, "You can't have..."
The Daleks remained still. They just stared at their victim as though they were please with themselves. By now, Rose had fallen to her knees and was crying into her hands. She was going through too much pain, it was unbearable..
She suddenly looked up as she heard the Daleks yelling out in pain, which she knew was impossible. She stared, blurry eyed, as the Daleks were covered in flames and became reduced to dust on the floor.
Everything went quiet and Rose just looked at where the Daleks had once been. Her head ached as she tried to figure out what had just happened. Something didn't make sense. She looked around her trying to find someone with some sort of gun, or anything....
She turned back around to face the Doctor who appered to be moving. His leg seemed to be twitching and she Rose rubbed her eyes as the Doctor got up like nothing had happened. He turned to face her and smiled.
"Hello," he said simply.
"What? W-w-w-..." she began.
"Daleks, nothing!" he stated, "I'm a Time Lord, nothing is impossible."
Rose half laughed and half cried.
" I thought you were dead!" she cried.
"I know and I'm sorry. If I moved the Daleks would have either shot you or me again."
"How did you..." she paused. "Do that?"
"Little piece of Time Lord science." he said whilst flipping a small piece of what looked like crystal in the air. Rose caught it and looked at it. It seemed like a piece of jewellery but she knew it was far more precious than that!
"I'll explain later but now there are more important things to do!" he said.
"Like what?" Rose asked.
"Like this..." the Doctor said as he leaned over to kiss Rose. She gasped as the Doctor's soft lips pressed against hers. He was perfect. She had waited for this moment for two years and now it was happening. They stood there for 5 minutes holding eachother close never wanting to let go. They eventually pulled apart and smiled at eachother.
"That was nice," Rose said.
"Good," he grinned. "Now lets go. There's a certain place I want to take you to."
"OK," said Rose happily. "Oh! But first please can I say bye to Mum?"
"Aw! Do we have to?" the Doctor complained. "I thought I'd got rid of her once and for all!"
Rose just smiled and gazed up at him.
"Alright then but not for lone," he replied.
And so they walked hand in hand into the distance towards Rose's flat, the Doctor longing to take her into the TARDIS once more.

The End