Rose Tyler...

by WhoGirl [Reviews - 3]

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  • Romance

Author's Notes:
This is what I wish would have happened. Oh well, you never know it might happen in a few years time.....

The Doctor screamed his hearts out as Rose Tyler was pulled into the Void. He could not stop what was happening, he could just watch in agony. Rose yelled trying to fight the great force but it was just too overwhelming. She hit the Void and fell into her father's arms. She took one look back at the Doctor and disappeared into the separate world. The Doctor, back on Earth, stared at the Void closing itself up like someone screwing up a piece of paper. He breathed heavily as he found himself yet again alone in the empty room. He walked up to the wall and placed his hand on it. Rose did the same in the parallel universe and for a moment it felt like they were by eachothers side once more...
Rose sobbed and mascara smudged over her face. She weeped and weeped longing for the Doctor to be by her side once more...
After a few minutes the Doctor slowly walked away from the wall thinking. He had an idea to get Rose back but the chances of it working were very slim. He thought it through and suddenly ran towards his TARDIS out in the street. He was surrounded by humans who were crying in disbelief. Fires raged everywhere and bodies lay on the floor. He opened the TARDIS doors and pressed some controls.
Rose lay in her bed when suddenly outside a bright light stung at her eyes. It was a week since the parting. She lept straight up and saw a figure, or more like a shadow, standing infront of the source which the light came from. She rubbed her eyes trying to make out what was infront of her. An alien? She thought. Surely not, now that he has gone...
She got up and stood against her window. The figure was getting closer, and clearer...
She could just about make out the body. It was an alien. But not the kind which you would be afraid of. It was the Doctor.
Her Doctor.
She ran for the door and sprinted outside still pinching herself. She had a bad feeling it was just a dream and she was going to wake up crying any moment...
But she didn't. She stopped as the man in the pinstriped suit did. He was looking at her with tears flowing down his cheek.
"Why are you crying?" Rose said.
The Doctor just stood there, staring at her.
"Rose, I'm not sure if this has worked. I'm going to touch you and see. Don't move.." He slowly moved his hand out towards her shoulder. He placed it on her and smiled. She was real and he was real. His plan had worked.
"Rose Tyler... come here!" He sais grinning broadly. They hugged eachother for ages and finally split apart.
"Why were you so worried about me not being here?" Rose asked.
"Coz, what I did might have gone wrong and you would have just been an image." He replied.
"OK then," Rose replied back. She paused for a while.
They spoke at the exact same time.
"You go first," Rose said.
"No you," the Doctor insisted.
"Go on!" Rose pushed.
"I just wanted to say that," He paused and breathed out. "Rose Tyler, I love you."
Rose smiled in amazement thinking of how weird it was that she was about to say the same thing.
"Me too!" she said, "I love you!"
"Quite right too!" The Doctor said.
The Doctor paused for a moment considering whether he should do what he had wanted to do for 2 years.
"Where's the TARDIS then?" Rose asked. "I can't wait to go in there again!"
"It's just this way!" The Doctor said clasping her hand and running with her towards his ship. Rose ran ahead barely containing her excitement. The Doctor stopped and took a deep breath. He walked up to Rose and patted her on the back. She turned around and began to speak when she was silenced when the Doctors lips placed on hers. They kissed for several minutes and they pulled away both stunned.
"Wow." Rose said simply.
"Was it any good?" the Doctor said awkwardly.
"Yes!!" Rose said. They both smiled at eachother. "Has there been anyone else Doctor? You know travelling with you?"
"No," he said. "There is never gonna be anyone else." He opened the TARDIS door and led the way.
"Next stop, Barcelona!" He smiled and they travelled in time for more adventures happily in love.