by Gwyneth [Reviews - 5]

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  • Humor

Author's Notes:
Inspired by something that happened a while ago... I'm not going to even try to explain what happened... you really had to have been there!
Anyway, please R&R and enjoy!

Rose and the Doctor were wondering around an alien market on some planet in some galaxy (I don’t know… ask the Doctor!).

Rose had already bought loads of stuff and had made the Doctor carry it all to which he very reluctantly agreed.

Rose could hear singing and followed the sound over to another stall. She was very shocked at what she saw.

There was a carton of milk, and it was the one singing. Rose had to admit the milk had a good, erm, voice (?) but was still very crept out by it.

‘Er… Doctor? Why is there a carton of milk that is singing?’

‘I don’t know Rose… it is rather strange, but I have to admit, I've never been to this planet before and I'm still getting used to the locals. Maybe they find it entertaining?'

'Singing milk? Entertaining? You're kidding me, right?'

'No, I'm deadly serious! But, it's kinda freaking me out now, so what do you say we get back to the TARDIS and dump all this stuff?' The Doctor pleaded with her.

'Nah, I still have some money left,' her eyes wandered over to another stall, 'Ooooh! Doctor! Look at that!' She said running off. The Doctor sighed and followed her.