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  • Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Het, Horror, Romance

1. The Museum [Reviews - 4] (1389 words)

2. Hall of Dreams [Reviews - 4] (1293 words)
Welcome to the new chapter of Replaced! Pay attention to the little details, as they ARE important, and watch out for a cameo appearance from another of my characters...

3. Dreams and Screams [Reviews - 4] (1332 words)
Hello there again! Not much to say, not much to say... Oh yes. The rhyme in this chapter is not mine, but again is 'The Oncoming Storm's'. Please don't sue me for using it!!!! (Joke) I think it really adds to the tension and it is such a wonderful poem!
Next chapter should never be posted. (Joke)

4. The Prison of Minds [Reviews - 4] (1438 words)
Nice little chappie, the first sign of horror and action and even some Dark Doctor at the end! Please R and R as I feel it is my best yet. The action will properly start next chapter, I promise you!

5. Overload [Reviews - 3] (1451 words)

6. The Trap Closes [Reviews - 3] (1117 words)

7. Sense of Intelligence [Reviews - 3] (2054 words)
Yay, another chapter. I don't really like the way this chapter's been written - I don't think it's very well. As I have been concentrating on the novel I am writing. I am on page 94... Ho hum... Almost 100.
Bet you didn't expect THIS! Though if you look at the series that this is in...

8. Bio-Data [Reviews - 3] (1687 words)

9. The Szaborg Plot [Reviews - 3] (1552 words)
Hello again, readers! I’m very sorry for the slow update, but don’t complain, chapter 9 is here now! Not much to say here, apart from a bit from this chapter foreshadows a future story. That story will be announced soon – not yet, but watch this space! Enjoy the chapter, anyway. ^_^

10. See For Yourself [Reviews - 4] (1665 words)
The tenth chapter of Replaced! *slaps head* Yes, I know it was obvious. What happens in this chapter? The answer is: not a lot. But it does do quite a bit of setting up for the rest of the story, and... the last line... well, I don't know about readers but it sent a shiver down my spine. I am being completely honest. Even though it's not much of a surprise, and isn't really that scary, it just... does it for me, really. Anyway... on with the story!

11. Enhancement Machine [Reviews - 3] (1517 words)

12. The Dark One Rising [Reviews - 3] (2102 words)

13. Mental Songs [Reviews - 5] (1114 words)

14. Paper Aeroplane [Reviews - 3] (2352 words)

15. Midday to Midnight [Reviews - 3] (2343 words)

16. Cowards [Reviews - 3] (1931 words)
At last, the sixteenth chapter! I'm not nearly as proud of this one as I am of the last one... mainly because I was rushed into finishing it by TOS and RANG on MSN. Dedicated to you to. I don't mind really. :D
Anyway, in this chapter... More tourists! More romance! More waking up and falling asleep! More Dark Doctor! More squee!

17. How Time Flies [Reviews - 3] (2657 words)
I've given in yet again to TOS and RANG's demands... and updated this. As you can see. Only this time, they didn't rush me so much, and I hope it shows.
There are a few graphic scenes in here. Nothing extreme, but enough to make me raise the rating again.