Later on at about 9:00 jack woke up and left Gwen to go to get ready for the day, and soon after Gwen got up, jack was stood washing in the bathroom and Gwen came up behind him wrapping her arms around him. He turned his head to face her,
"You know I love you Gwen"
"I love you Jack" Jack lent down Kissing Gwen
"Were shall we go today?" he asked
"Don’t know- did we lock the door?" said Gwen suddenly looking behind her and jack walked over locking the door walking back to Gwen, and noting the fear in her eyes as she started to cry he pulled her into his arms, "shhh its ok don’t worry"
"He shot you"
"I know"
"Are you ok”?
"I told you I am"
"I know I know" Gwen smiled and got dressed she was sat on the bed waiting for jack who bounded into the room,
"I have a surprise for you!"
"Oh yer?"
"Yep come on!" he took her hand and led her out of the hotel running down the road to a big river with a gondola in it.