They started to slip their clothes of, while their kissing became more frantic, Jack was thinking finally oh god I cant belive this while Gwen was thinking the same thing, jack slipped his hand in between Gwen’s legs and she moaned at the touch,
"That’s not fair you’re cheating,” she whispered
"Well if you want I could stop-"
"No it just means I need to even the field, fair play" Gwen slowly moved her hand down towards his cock and started to work her magic
"Now I know why Rhys stayed with you so long,” said jack and Gwen sniffed as Jack ventured inside her and they started to kiss more passionately while moving together. They came simultaneously but still jack didn’t move, leaving himself in her, as Gwen started to drift back to sleep.
"Goodnight Gwen"
"Only 4:00" Gwen kissed Jack and lay on top of him once again falling asleep jack put his arms round Gwen