Author's Notes:
smut net chapter, imputting ti in so u can skip it if u want to, just know they had sex :P

It was a fast dance, and Gwen giggled as jack twirled her on the dance floor, and in return he flashed her a dashing smile, the song came to an end and a slower song started, Gwen lent into jack, linking her arms around jacks neck and resting her head on his shoulder, while jack put his arms around her back pulling her close. He couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe she did like him after all, as they swayed on the dance floor and then...
"Excuse me sir, Madame, your food is ready" said a waiter from behind them, and they broke apart, and walked to their table. They sat and ate their food and walked back to the hub to collect their things and go to the airport, during all of this Gwen was thinking,
I cant belive this, im going to Italy, with jack! I think he likes me.
Eventually they got on the plane and took of, and half way through third flight Gwen fell asleep and lent on Jack, before he could stop himself he took a deep breath and smelt her hair, soon afterwards they landed, Jack took one look at Gwen and decided to leave her sleeping, so he put one arm behind her knees one behind her back and carried her of the plane, and into a taxi. They arrived at their hotel and he carried her into their room, to his dismay he arrived and there was one double bed and not two singles! He laid Gwen down on one side went to brush his teeth and then, he lay down net to her and closed his eyes, falling asleep. In the morning they were woken up by light tumbling into their room.
"Were am I" groaned Gwen
"You fell asleep on the plane, we are at Ur hotel in Italy"
"Oh" Gwen rolled over putting her arm over Jack. When she heard a thud she looked up and a tall man was stood pointing a gun at her and Jack.
"Always lock the door in a hotel,” he roared and Gwen and Jack sat bolt upright
"Game your wallets!" he shouted grabbing Gwen by the neck and pulling her towards her jamming the gun against her skull,
"Jack, get the wallets,” said Gwen with fear in her voice, Jack grabbed the wallets and handed them to the mugger who threw Gwen down on the floor and she screamed hitting her head on the bed as she fell. The mugger turned to leave and then he quickly turned and shot jack right through the head Gwen screamed again.
"That’s to keep you quiet, tell the police, and you will end up like him" and he left.
"Jack, jack! Wake up,” sobbed Gwen, leaning over him.
The darkness started to rush away again as jack came back to life. While this was happening he had time to think.
Why did you give him the wallets, why did you fight jack? He asked himself in his head. You know why fool, he could have shot Gwen! So when did you care about that, you should talk him out of it, negotiate COWARD. Then he heard it. Gwen sobbing.
"Jack please wake up, im so sorry please, what if you don’t wake up, please jack I love you!" she sobbed
She loves me! Right now I have to wake up. A few seconds later Jock gasped and his eyes blinked open.
"Jack!" gasped Gwen flinging her arms round his neck. "Oh I thought I lost you"
"No not me, not yet, are you ok, did he hurt you?" he asked worriedly
"Im fine" she hugged him tight
"Gwen" he whispered
"Are you sure your ok? Is there any thing I can do”?
"I don’t know, im fine" jack pulled her round and rested their foreheads together looking into her eyes,
"Gwen if I say something wills you laughs"
"Not if its what I think it is"
"And what may that be?"
"I don’t know" Gwen smiled
"I don’t think I can,” said Jack nervously
"Don’t worry" Gwen turned her head and she felt tears welling in her eyes, he had come so close to saying it she could feel it, jack put his hand under her chin and turned her head to face him, he pulled her face closer and lent forward, brushing his lips against hers, in a kiss. First he felt her tense, and then relax and accept in the return of soft pressure, Gwen wrapped her arms round his neck and Jack put one under her knees and one behind her to lift her up again, without breaking the kiss he rested her on the bed.