Jack was watching his team leave one by one, first Owen, of to some bar to get pissed out of his head and try to drown his troubles in alcohol, then Toshiko, she was driving to London, were she was spending the weekend with her family reading sloppy romance novels in the back garden. And Ianto, he (surprisingly enough) had a date, some woman he had met on the train. He had given them the weekend off, but one member of his team still hadn't left. Gwen. She was planning on spending her weekend in Paris with Rhys, he knew that she told them all weeks ago, and then a few days later she had come into work dragging a suitcase behind her, in tears, they had broken up. He was, as Gwen so quaintly put it "sleeping with some blonde 20 year old slut from the bar." Gwen was sat at her desk doing paperwork, completely unaware that Jack was watching her. He walked up to her from behind and put his hand on her shoulder.
"I told everyone to go home,” he said
"Yer well, I had paperwork to do, besides which I cant be bothered to go back to the hotel at this hour, some bloke and his wife live next door and. lets just say those walls are paper thin" she grimaced and jack smiled at her, bending down behind her so his head was level with hers, Gwen could feel his breath on her neck, Jack put his other hand around her stomach and pulled her backwards lifting her of the ground, Gwen squealed and giggled, and jack spun her round and put her stood up firmly on her feet facing him. Gwen grinned and jack took her hands leading her to the exit of the hub.
"Were are we going?" she asked
"To collect your things, you are moving in here over the weekend" Jack said firmly
"Well couldn’t leave you in a hotel on you weekend off now could I, you need company" he stuck his tongue out at her; in reply she did the same. So they drove to the hotel, checked Gwen out and collected her bag bringing it back to the hub.
"So... what now?" asked Gwen stood next to her suitcase looking at Jack in the hub.
"Don’t know... im hungry" Gwen smiled, "well then eat"
"Are you hungry"
"Im a little hungry" they both laughed
"Shall we go get something to eat?” asked Jack,
"Ok, so this ok twice there, was?"
"Jack we cant go to Italy to eat" Gwen smiled
"I don’t see why not, come on lets go!"
"And your plans are to what, turn up at the airport and sneak onto the aeroplane dressed as luggage"
"Nope, I have connections"
"To Italy?"
"Chuck me my phone" Gwen threw his phone to him and he dialled a number, Gwen ran over to him putting her ear next to the other side of the phone to listen in. Although Jack was talking on the phone, his mind was on other things, namely Gwen.
What are you doing? You’re her friend; friends don’t go to Italy together! But she doesn’t seem to be against it, its just to cheer her up after her break up with Rhys, but she broke up weeks ago, oh god I wish she wouldn’t lean on me like that, she practically made me melt that day on the gun range, now its worse, shall I put my arm round her, no what if that crosses a line, she DOESNT like you like that, maybe she does, ok im going to do it, jack thought, and he put his arm around Gwen, at first she didn’t respond, but then Jack felt her relax to the touch.
"Ok thank you" said Jack ending the phone call, he turned and flashed one of his usual charming smiles at Gwen,
"Its all set," he said
"Were going to Italy,” said Gwen in disbelieve
"Yup, we leave to go to the airport in 12 hours"
"Wow!" Gwen smiled and threw her arms round jack kissing him on the cheek, and running to her handbag,
"Right im going shopping to get some things for the trip, thank you Jack so much!" she darted out of the hub. Jack lifted his fingers to his cheek were Gwen had just kissed him, after a few seconds he ran after her. They wandered round the shops and Gwen used this as an excused to buy all new things,
"You need something new to wear jack"
"Whets wrong with this?" asked Jack signalling to his old fashioned Jacket
"Jack we are going to Italy, were its hot, on a beach, in the middle of summer, do you see were im heading"
"Ok," jack picked up a black jacket "this ok"
"Oh whatever" Gwen laughed mock pushing Jack and she dragged him around the store picking up some clothes for him to wear, then they made there way back to the hub.
"You know what" said Jack
"Im still hungry, shall we go for Italian to get into the, you know Italy vibe" Jack made wave dance move with his arms,
"As long as you never dance like that again"
"Hey I can dance, that wasn’t dancing" he took her hand pulling her into the hub and she ran off to get ready. Jack rifled through his bags and but on a dinner jacket.
Meanwhile Gwen was in the spare room at the hub putting all her belongings into the suitcase (including the new ones) except a long green dress she had just bought which she changed into.
What are you wearing Gwen, this is dinner with Jack not with a boyfriend, wait a minute this IS dinner with jack! No! Not that, he doesn’t like you, well he does, as a friend, yer as a friend, that’s all you are friends, but earlier he put his arm round you, NO! He doesn’t like you like that. Gwen walked out to meet Jack wearing her green dress, with a slit up the side and low corsage, it had gems sewn down the front, she was also wearing a pair of silver sandals, Jack turned round and his breath was caught in his thought.
"You... you, you, look-" Jack said
"Its that bad?"
"Beautiful" Jack sniffed and turned away, recomposing himself and turning again to smile at her offering his arm.
"Shall we go?"
"We shall" they walked to the Restaurant and luckily got the last table, it was a very fancy Italian restaurant with a dance floor in the middle and couples dancing, after ordering Gwen said "you said you could dance didn’t you"
"Huh... yes"
"Don’t worry sorry, just curiosity" said Gwen quickly, thinking Jack didn’t look interested, but then he put his hand out "do you want to dance?" she took his hand and he lead her onto the dance floor.