Just like veal.

by ebonyjet [Reviews - 1]

  • All Ages
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  • Angst

Author's Notes:
I wanted to know what happened to Ianto.

A man’s voice… “Wake up man!” Ianto felt a hand violently brush his cheek and opened his eyes. “Time to be bleed! … Just like veal takes a long time, but defiantly make the meat taste better.” The voice seemed some how out of focus, but what ever was happening wasn’t good.
Ianto struggled but his hands where bound and his mouth was gagged, he tried to call out as the thick cleaver was pressed against his neck. All he could think was of what Jack had told him, it would just god black and the thing in the dark would come for him… No, no, no that couldn’t happen they wouldn’t let him die. Gwen Tosh and Owen where there in the room with guns pointing at them so what could they really do? Jack wouldn’t let him die… would he? God no I don’t want to die, please no!
He was crying uncontrollably as fear and pain gripped him. He head swum he’d been knocked out twice today and punched repeatedly in the face. He didn’t really know what was going on around him, only that there was a knife at his throat and any second now all he would be was a body.
“What the fuc…” The man holding him up let go and Ianto fell back on his knees, Gwen immediately crawled to him rapping her left arm around his chest from behind as something burst thought a wall.
“It’s ok now.” She breathed heavily in to his ear, “It’s ok, Jack’s here.”
Those were the last words Ianto heard before Gwen removed his gag. He took a deep gulp of air knowing Jack was there made everything ok. He was safe nothing else could happen to him if Jack was there, and he let everything disappeared in to blackness, as he passed out once again.