by Gwyneth [Reviews - 6]

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Author's Notes:
Inspired by me being bored and making a picture of the Doctor with ginger hair!!

Enjoy! =D

‘Doctor?’ Rose called out to him.

‘Yeah?’ He replied banging his head as he came out of the hole under the console.

‘You know you’ve always wanted to be ginger?’

‘Yeah?’ He replied cautiously.

‘Follow me!’ Rose grinned beckoning him with a finger.


~ ~ ~ About an hour later ~ ~ ~

‘OMG! I have ginger hair!’ The Doctor exclaimed!

‘Yup!’ Rose said looking just as excited, ‘and it looks very good on you - just as ruffable.’

‘You thought my hair was ruffable?’

‘Correction: “think”. Anyway it is, look!’ To prove her point she ruffled his hair.

‘I still can’t believe I didn’t think of dyeing it before!’

‘Awww… is Mr Brainbox outta brains?’ Rose said in a patronising voice.

‘Shut up! I have not ran out of brains! I am very intelligent, more than you humans are or will ever be and to…’ The Doctor was cut off by lips on his. ‘Woah!’ he breathed afterwards.

‘You’d better get used to it,’ she winked as she walked out of the room.

‘Wha? … Oh!’ The Doctor grinned and followed her out.