1. Chapter 1 [Reviews - 4] (849 words)
new story yeah! =P this is my 3rd story and hopefully will be successful, i think this is possibly my fave out of all of them so far.

2. Chapter 2 [Reviews - 4] (1127 words)
im liking this story more and more lol =P
sorry to leave it on such a cliffy but as promised here's a new chapter, its a bit long but still... i aim to please lol

3. Chapter 3 [Reviews - 6] (1817 words)

4. Chapter 4 [Reviews - 7] (845 words)

5. Chapter 5 [Reviews - 3] (1354 words)
thank you for all the reviews, cant believe ive got nearly 20 already! things start to move on a bit now, rose and the doctor cant seem to leave each other alone and jack, well he's just being jack! =P

6. Chapter 6 [Reviews - 6] (1099 words)
sorry you had to wait so long for an update. here's a good one to make up for it. thanks for all the brill reviews and look forward to reading more!

7. Chapter 7 [Reviews - 3] (571 words)
sorry for the long wait, stupid coursework of late! this is a sort of in between chapter, so not much action im afraid, this builds on the plot a little more and we here more about Rose's life post doomsday. sorry for the shortness.

8. Chapter 8 [Reviews - 3] (1464 words)
im so sorry for the long wait, college's been hectic! anyway here's a new chapter for you, so hope you enjoy!

9. Chapter 9 [Reviews - 3] (839 words)
apologies for the long wait, but here's a new chapter as promised.

10. Chapter 10 [Reviews - 3] (920 words)
thanks for all the reviews!

11. Chapter 11 [Reviews - 4] (951 words)
Sorry for the wait again! We're drawing to a close now and Rose finally decides and lets everyone know who she truly wants to be with, will it be the Doctor or will it be Matt??

12. Chapter 12 [Reviews - 3] (1283 words)
I am so terribly sorry for the wait for this final chapter. I have been so caught up with writing for my new fic Love and Hate I've just kept putting it off and putting it off. Finally here we go, the final chapter of Happily Ever After. The real question is will there be a happily ever after?