…And At Last.

by ladymako71 [Reviews - 3]

  • All Ages
  • None
  • Angst, Introspection

After nearly two millennia, she’d finally ceased to be. His beloved TARDIS had let him know it was time for her to die. He’d been alone for a while when she told him that she could take him one last place. He’d smiled softly and told her to go to the place his hearts had been stolen. She knew what he’d meant and faded for the last time into the time vortex. His own life was ebbing from him as well, all the regenerations used, not one of them having been ginger, he thought ruefully. This final body regenerating into a man of roughly thirty or so, then doing what none of the others had done since his first one. He’d aged, much slower then most humanoids, but he had truly aged this time.

Ancient hazel eyes looked at the pre dawn sky and saw it, a glint of light against the backdrop of Andromeda. The two massive galaxies were colliding now. It was almost time. He felt the TARDIS touch his mind one last time to bid him farewell and reached a withered hand to the door. The closest he could get to holding her in his arms as she fell silent at last. In a few hours he knew he would join her in oblivion. He didn’t mind. He’d seen and loved and lost and so much more. More then anyone he guessed. Easing his ancient frame down to the ground, he leaned against his dear TARDIS and watched the sun rise.

Reflection it seemed demanded his attention. He’d merely wanted to enjoy the day but his mind really wouldn’t let him, not that he cared really. Susan, his dear granddaughter. Her laughter danced on the edge of his memory and he shook his head and smiled. He never thought in his many ponderings of the end that he would cry. The prick of tears said otherwise. Sarah Jane and the last time he held her hand. She’d lived her life in the end and at the age of a hundred and eight made him love her all over again as she passed away in her sleep.

Jamie, so young and eager…too young. Romana, lover and adversary it seemed. The only one of his people who he felt ever understood him. It had taken him centuries to realise that. Leela, feral and wild yet wise in ways he never was. The Brigadier, stern and soft as butter he thought. He’d seen through that façade in two seconds flat. Ace, he’d liked her style from the start. A soft chuckle as others passed across his mind’s eye. Silence and contemplation for those that had proven to not be up to his standards.

Martha had been a surprising salve for a soul ripped apart a second time. Martha had been the friend he’d thought he’d wanted Rose to be. His gaze drifted to the sky above. With the sun up he couldn’t see the glint that he’d spotted in the pre-dawn earlier, but he knew she was there. Platform One, positioned a few days ago for the big event. Arguing with him about his origins and striking the second blow at the walls he’d built around himself after the Time War. The first blow had been struck when she saved his life. In saving her, he’s lost his hearts to her. Well he would in a little while.

The TARDIS had landed him where the Powell Estates once stood. He’d loathed and loved the place. Loved it because Rose did. Loathed it because she would never set foot there again after Canary Wharf. He caught a spark of light out of the corner of his eye and let his head lean back against the TARDIS. A gravity satellite burning up on re-entry.

It would be the last thing he ever saw. A brilliant flash of light burned his retinas as the sun began expanding in its death throws. The concussion wave would finish it. A small smile graced his ancient lips and a word. Just one. She heard it and opened her arms for him in greeting. She hadn’t lied when she said ‘forever’.