The Wilting Rose

by LilStarKat [Reviews - 69]

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  • Angst, Het

“Alright?” the Doctor asked after awhile cupping her soft face in his hands looking into her exhausted shining eyes. “I suppose,” she mumbled turning her gaze away from him causing him to turn her chin back to meet his burning gaze. “Hey, hey, sweetheart, he’s in the past, he’s never gonna come near you never mind hurt you when I’m around is he, you know I wouldn’t let anything happen to my girl while I’m around don’t you?” He took her hand gently when she nodded silently starting to pull her a little to lead her away towards the side building where the party was currently taking place without them.

Clutching hands tightly the Doctor led her over towards the building until she stopped dead in her tracks and take a sharp intake of breath causing the Doctor to look at her to see what was wrong. What he saw was the most scared Rose had ever looked; she had destroyed Daleks with a flick of her hand and faced down Cybermen but seemed scared in a way that chilled him to the bone.

Whilst Rose was still in shock, stood rooted to the spot, shaking never letting her eyes turn away from the sight in front of her, the Doctor followed her line of sight and saw a man leaning against a car, baseball cap pulled over his eyes whilst smoking a cigarette. He hadn’t realised all the attention he was getting yet and the Doctor wanted to know what had frightened Rose so much.

He turned back to Rose and put a hand to her cheek to try and get her out of her trance she seemed to be in, he jumped a little when she moved suddenly looking up at the Doctor with fearful eyes. She didn’t say a word and just turned tail and ran off towards where her mum and the rest of the guests were congregated in the building opposite. The Doctor wasn’t far behind her and turned one last corner to catch up with her to see another man gripping his Rose’s arm and smirking at her maliciously whilst she was twisting and turning to get out of his grip. She shouted one word, “Doctor!” and he was right next to her within a flash.

He pulled Rose’s arm out of the man’s grasp and put himself in front of her, pulling himself up to his full height, protectively barring the man at getting to her. The man just smirked at him, “I think you’ll find she belongs to someone else mate, so I’d do the right thing and give her to me if you know what’s good for you.”

Rose was trembling heavily and was virtually on the verge of tears, looking up at the face she knew so well but thought long gone, never to be seen again. It was Jimmy’s best mate and devoted partner-in-crime Daz. She had hated him almost as much as Jimmy because he used to feel her up and say twisted things to her when Jimmy wasn’t around, things that weren’t even worth mentioning and shouldn’t be mentioned ever. He never did it round Jimmy though, he knew who she belonged to alright, Rose was Jimmy’s girl and anyone who thought or said any different never said so again, he made sure of that. And they were back and that could mean only one thing, Jimmy wanted her, he wanted her back, because Jimmy Stone always get’s what he wants in the end.

“And what if I say no,” the Doctor said his eyes darkening and his voice dropping dangerously low.

“Then you’ll have to suffer the consequences, cos Jimmy wants his girl back and nothing or no-one is going to stop him,” Daz said obviously not taking notice of the Doctor’s rapid change in tone and mood.

Rose closed her eyes at hearing his name spoke out loud and a single tear rolled down her cheek. The Doctor gasped slightly at hearing the name and if possible his eyes got even darker, fires blazing in his coal black pools. The Doctor spoke again; his tone dangerous and his sound volume went up a few notches. “Well you can tell Jimmy Stone he isn’t gonna have her, cos if he wants her he’ll have to kill me first.” He stepped back slightly and gripped a terrified Rose’s hand tightly in reassurance.

“I’m sure that can be arranged,” Daz said smartly grinning at the Doctor and looking Rose up and down causing her to visibly shudder. “You’ve got a tough one here aint you Rosey, did you hear that, he’s willing to die for you?” Daz addressed Rose who flinched and turned her eyes to the floor not daring to look him in the eye.

“Ahh, we not talking much now Rosey, where’s that confidant, sexy woman inside of you, spose you’ll just be waiting to show Jimmy though.” He moved forward suddenly catching Rose off guard and stroked her face, the Doctor immediately wrenched his hand off of her and spat, “Don’t you touch her.”

“Or what?” came a voice from next to Daz who wasn’t there beforehand. The Doctor stood his ground while Rose visibly crumbled at the sight of Jimmy Stone who was smirking nastily. “Hello Rosey, long time no see eh?”