The Wilting Rose

by LilStarKat [Reviews - 69]

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  • Angst, Het

“It wasn’t you,” Rose’s muffled voice came up from the Doctor’s chest but the Doctor had heard and looked at her in a confused manner.

“What do you mean?” he asked still holding her close but slightly apart so he could look into her pain filled face.

“It wasn’t your fault any of this, it was mine,” he tried to reply as if to argue but she butted in quickly. “And don’t say it wasn’t cos trust me this was not your fault, it just reminded me of… of when something… happened to me a while back,” she tried so hard not to let the emotion and the pain of that time that seemed so long ago now filter through her words but her voice stammered and was thick with unshed tears.

The Doctor’s face turned to a look of anger at whatever or whoever had done something to his Rose and had obviously hurt her very much and a look of worry for his girl and what she was going through. “What happened Rose, come on you can tell me,” he said gently, encouraging her to let some of the built up emotion out.

She seemed to give herself a minute to recover and prepare herself to relive one of the worst times of her life once again. She sighed deeply wiping at her cheeks to be free of some of the tears that were smudged down her face. “It happened when I was sixteen,” she paused to draw a breath, the Doctor stroking her arms in comfort eager to relieve at least some of Rose’s burden. “I met this lad at a club one night when I was with my mates for my birthday, he was everything I could have dreamed of when I was still so young, he was good-looking, charming and was seen as a bit of a bad boy around the area, he was also two years older than me so I was flattered he was even giving me a second glance.” She looked up at the Doctor who was trying so hard not to get the lad’s name so he could go around there and teach him what happened to people that hurt his Rose. She continued, spurred on by the Doctor’s perceived look of care and concern and the need to talk about it out loud so the burden got a bit less light on her shoulders was overwhelming.

“Well one thing led to another as you probably imagined and I slept with him that night I met him, he was just too nice and he wanted me so I gave in, its not like me, I should have known he was too good to be true but I didn’t listen to my heart, my head took over, the part of me that felt good to be noticed and to be appreciated for once. I was going out with Mickey at that time still and I felt a little guilty but I didn’t care, I just didn’t care Doctor.” She swallowed her breath hitching slightly, “And then enters the Jimmy that I didn’t think even existed, the real Jimmy Stone. I started seeing him more and more behind Mickey’s back, I couldn’t help it he was like a drug, he made me feel happy for a little while at least but then he got nasty one time when I went to see him. He hit me because he’d lost money on a bet; he took it out on me because he was getting in debt. I took it as a one-off thing and continued seeing him as normal until he made me give him all my savings, looking back now I don’t know why I didn’t stop and go to the police or at least Mickey, but I couldn’t by now I was in love with him, it sounds crazy I know, but I was. The hits got worse, leaving marks which got noticed, Uncle Tom noticed when I was seeing him one time, he wouldn’t drop it until I told him how it got there and as you probably can guess he went storming round there, got himself beat up cos of me. I couldn’t handle it anymore got the police involved there and then, but then he came after me.”

She continued on her words faltering. “What you did earlier when you were chasing me after I ran off… he… he did that except he raped me and gave me this,” she lifted her dress top up slightly to reveal an inch long scar across her stomach then looked away from the Doctor ashamed tears now streaming down her cheeks. The Doctor looked at her shocked and wrapped his arms back around her pulling her to him in reassurance that that man would never ever come near her as long as he was there. Her ex… had… had done that to his Rose, well he knew one thing for sure if that animal still walked this planet, he would find him and make him never forget what he did, oh he would pay alright.

Whilst the Doctor was holding onto his Rose for dear life nobody saw a Silver Mercedes draw up next to the church building. A fairly well built man got out of the driver’s side; he wore a branded tracksuit with a heavy chain around his neck, baseball cap pulled down over his eyes, one other man got out of the passenger door with him. The man with the baseball cap said gruffly in a husky voice, “Find her, my girl needs to be back with me where she belongs.” The other man nodded curtly making his way over towards the building whereas the driver stayed lighting a cigarette sending puffs of smoke into the cold night air.