The Wilting Rose

by LilStarKat [Reviews - 69]

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  • Angst, Het

She ran past people’s staring faces, she saw Adam’s knowing glance boring into hers and she dodged tables and chairs trying desperately to lose a chasing Doctor behind her. She eventually entered the cold night-time air, her breath steaming out in front of her as she ran breathily, the Doctor on her tail never far behind.

He caught up with her suddenly causing them both to fall to the ground, him on top of her. She struggled viciously trying to get away from the pain, the death and things that she wasn’t ready to face up to. The desire for her in the Doctor’s eyes had been too much for her to handle, he wanted her, it was plain and simple and she just didn’t want to admit that fact to herself, she didn’t deserve it, she didn’t deserve to be loved like that.

He straddled her to stop her flailing arms and legs, trying to get her to calm down before she said something she regretted. She had hot tears running down her face and her hair and make-up were a mess but the Doctor didn’t care, why should he, she was still the most beautiful creature he’d set eyes on and he loved her, he loved her so much it hurt.

“Get off me you bastard, get off me now… I hate you, just get the fuck off of me,” she kicked and screamed at the Doctor who was unfazed by the harsh words spilling from his Rose. He just let her tire herself out whilst still pinning her down on the grass filled ground a little away from the church building.

She calmed down after about ten minutes, but it felt like ten hours to the Doctor having to see his Rose like this. She was absolutely exhausted from her little tirade beneath the Doctor who had stayed calm throughout. She panted heavily and looked up to lock gazes with a terrified looking Doctor who loosened his grip on her arms slightly revealing bright red marks where he’d tried to hold her down desperately so not to hurt herself.

“You can get off me now,” she said coldly at the Doctor who didn’t budge an inch. “Not till you tell me what the fuck that was all about,” he said still looking absolutely terrified about what could have sparked her off like this.

She stayed quiet not looking at him, “Rose,” he turned her chin to look at him. “Tell me, cos I aint moving till you do, I’m stronger than I look so don’t think about pushing me off.”

“Well were going to be sitting here for an awfully long time then aint we, if I didn’t know better then I’d think you were secretly enjoying it, sitting on me like this,” she said looking at him still coldly with a smirk that made his hearts ache within his chest.

She caught him off guard then and pushed him off her and pushed herself upwards quickly and took off at a surprisingly fast run to the church building. He gasped shocked and took flight after her. She ran as fast as her legs would carry her to the church structure, then carefully making her way around the side of the building glancing back to make sure he wasn’t following her, why couldn’t he just take the hint and leave her alone for a while to think about what she really wanted. She rubbed her cold arms with her hands trying to get some heat in her form. She gasped slightly in pain at the marks on her arms where he held her to the ground. God, he’s heavier than he looks she thought.
She heard him suddenly calling her name so she ducked down behind a larger part of the building’s structure hiding her from his line of sight. “Rose!” he shouted into the night air, desperation forming in his voice and worry gathering, she was around here somewhere, he knew it. “Rose… I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have taken advantage, look just come out and we’ll talk about it, your uncle wouldn’t have wanted you to be out here all alone now would he.”

He just crossed the line in her eyes. Rose was infuriated, just because he couldn’t get his own way and she wouldn’t let herself be his, he was using her uncle’s name to try and get her out there so he can get his own way, time lord or not there all the bloody same.
“I’m here, you happy now?!” she shouted at him moving out of her hiding place to face him head on. His tie was nearly off from around his neck, his shirt unbuttoned low and as for his hair, he looked like he had been dragged through a hedge backwards, any other time she would have had trouble trying to control her urge to get over there and wipe that smug grin of his sexy face but now she was oblivious to his looks and just felt angry at him.

“Why did you run off Rose, there could be anyone out here,” he said raising his voice only a notch.

“To get away from you, but as you can see it proves to be impossible,” she said moving a step closer to him.

He moved abruptly right up close to her, “You don’t mean that Rose and you know it, you’re just upset about before.”

“Oh don’t I?” she said looking him in the eyes.

“Your just upset because you saw something that you wasn’t ready to accept, that someone wanted you, that I want you.” He whispered the last part and gazed at her slowly softening face.

She couldn’t help it then the tears came falling down her cheeks one after the other, the Doctor came forward and pulled her close to him, letting her cry into his shoulder whilst he held her close, soothing her with calming words in her ear. “I’m sorry,” she said between sobs but the Doctor had heard. He pulled apart from her slightly, smiled at her lovingly and kissed her forehead before shifting her back into his warm embrace. “Its forgotten Rose,” she felt warm and safe where she belonged in her Doctor’s arms, all thoughts of Jimmy Stone put to the side, at least for now anyway.