The Wilting Rose

by LilStarKat [Reviews - 69]

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  • Angst, Het

The door on the far side of the room opened to let a slim, dark-skinned woman enter, she wore jeans, black boots and a red denim jacket with her hair pulled tightly on top of her head, she was fairly pretty and looked a little older than Rose.

She looked around as if scanning the room for a familiar face and spotted the blonde head of one Rose Tyler who was currently sitting on a very attractive man’s lap if she did say so herself. She rolled her eyes, ‘she’s got herself a new boyfriend then.’ She mumbled to no-one in particular.

She approached the couple and cleared her throat, “Rose.”

At her name she instantly broke off the kiss with the Doctor hearing him whimper in disappointment before she turned to see who the voice belonged to, blushed slightly at being caught; as if she was doing something she shouldn’t. The Doctor’s head turned with hers to find who had so rudely interrupted when he was kissing his girl, this had better be important!

He cuddled up towards Rose, his head resting on her shoulder, which made her smile broadly; very much enjoying this new found level of touching they had discovered.

“Martha… oh how are you, I haven’t seen you around for ages,” Rose attempted to get up and hug Martha but was instantly pulled back into the Doctor’s lap his arms wrapping themselves securely around her waist and an insane grin making itself present on his face.

Rose smiled up at Martha a little embarrassed at the Doctor’s constant possessiveness. “I would hug you an all but he’s a bit clingy,” she laughed, Martha returned with a smile and laughed along with her.

“In answer to your question I’m fine, a little shook up still but fine. I know I haven’t had anything to do with Tom for ages, not since we split but it still hurt to hear about him dieing like that.”

“Hey, I know how you feel, I was a right mess when I found out, if it wasn’t for this one, I would still be,” Rose poked the Doctor’s arm and he kissed her forehead gently in return and held her closer in his arms.

“This one has a name you know,” the Doctor said cheekily flashing her, his trademark grin.

“You have to be the centre of attention don’t you Doctor,” Rose chided grinning at Martha, the love practically shining off of her for the Doctor.

“You called me Doctor, at long last, she knows my name!” he said happily. Rose pushed him slightly and rolled her eyes. “Shut up.”

“Anyways Martha, this is my boyfriend the Doctor,” at this the Doctor started to get hysterical and let go of Rose to regain his demeanour, finding Rose calling him her ‘boyfriend’ hilarious, him a 900 year old alien boyfriend to a 19 year old shopgirl.

Martha looked sceptically at the Doctor and turned to Rose and gestured to her head. “Are you sure he’s right upstairs.”

Rose grinned, “Don’t worry he’s always been like this but whatever you do don’t let him near sugar of any kind.”


“Think little child that’s had too many E-Numbers.” Both girls dissolved into laughing like old friends sharing a joke.

The Doctor finally over his little ‘moment’ settled himself back down next to Rose, manoeuvring her back into his lap.

“Oh, I see your back then,” she inquired raising one eyebrow; he just nodded and tightened his grip around her waist in answer. “I’d like to introduce my uncle’s ex-girlfriend Martha, Martha Jones.”

“Well, it’s very nice to meet you Martha Jones,” the Doctor leant over Rose and shook Martha’s hand flashing her a beaming smile, one that never failed to make a girl’s knees suddenly weak, funny it had similar effects on her too.

“So you’re a Doctor then?” Martha stated rather than asked, finding herself rather attracted to this man in pinstripes, knowing with a vengeance that the feeling was one hundred percent unrequited.

“Yep, that’s me always,” the Doctor practically chirped.

“Your training to be one aren’t you Martha?” Rose intercepted.

“Yeah, getting there slowly,” she smiled, eyes sparkling.

“That’s brilliant, fantastic even. We need more Doctor’s in the world.” The Doctor said causing Rose to blush slightly at getting a sudden involuntary vision of little baby Doctor’s running riot about the place.

“So you seeing anyone else now?” Rose questioned taking the Doctor’s hand when he gestured it; entwining their fingers and letting him rub small circles on her hand with his thumb.

“Nah, not get anytime for a man nowadays, too much to do with the training,” Martha sighed almost sadly. “What happened with you and Mickey anyway, thought you two were set up for life.”

“We just sort of drifted apart really and then I met the Doctor and you know what he was like, he pined after me for a long time after that but it just didn’t seem right us too, I wanted bigger things, I wanted to get out there and make my imprint in the world, travel about a bit; he just wanted to stay at home and maybe visit the pub at weekends.” Rose’s eyes clouded over a little at remembering Mickey Smith, the man who eventually did make a difference and chose to stay in the parallel world to maintain that difference.

The Doctor gripped her hand more insistently shooting her a smile which she returned simultaneously. He knew how hard it had been for Rose and though she may not have been as close to Mickey as she once was, she did care for him a lot.

“That’s what me and the Doctor do; travel about a bit, never stay still, that’s us two.” They both smiled and Martha grinned back.

“I’ve always wanted to travel, still do to tell the truth, just never had the time.”