The Wilting Rose

by LilStarKat [Reviews - 69]

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  • Angst, Het

“Right you Doctor, can go and get me another drink, while I go and put my face on, I must look a right fright from all the crying I’ve done,” Rose smiled up at the Doctor trying to disconnect herself from his reluctant grip.

“Alright, but you’d best not be long cos I cant handle all these people staring and wanting to know who I am and what connection I have to you, you get enough of that on Eastenders!” he replied looking genuinely frightened she thought. Feeling daring, she quickly closed the gap between them and kissed him chastely on the lips in reassurance of her quick departure. “I promise.”

He was left beaming on the spot, thinking how life couldn’t get much better than this. He made his way over to the bar and plonked himself down on a stool, still with the vacant expression. She was finally his, officially and she’d said she loved him, his head was spinning.

He was so deep in thought he didn’t hear footsteps appear beside him, he also didn’t hear the sound if someone clearing their throat trying to steer his attentions towards them.

The person was getting seriously annoyed now so she decided to do the only thing she knew would definantly work, having done it to so many men beforehand. “DOCTOR!” she bellowed down his ear causing him to start abruptly and fall off his stool with a very loud ‘ouch.’

He picked himself up off of the floor hastily and stood his ground expecting to find a hoard of alien monstrosities ready to destroy planet Earth as he knew it, instead finding the face of a very amused Jackie Tyler smirking at him. That woman, honestly she could frighten the Daleks. “Jackie, how lovely to see you as always,” he said having regained his demeanour.

“For one what the hell were you doing just then with your alien hands all over my daughter?!” Jackie stepped up to the Doctor who was now cornered up against the bar with nowhere to run.

“Erm Jackie, you see, its like this, erm…” he rambled letting out a relieved sigh when he saw Rose had made her way over to the pair of them. The Doctor noticed she had straightened out the clothes that had got rumpled and slightly stained earlier on and wiped away the smears of mascara mixed with tears, reapplying it perfectly. She had left her hair down and brushed it carefully so it shone and then topped it off with red lipstick that made her look enticing enough to smudge up again preferably with his own lips. He didn’t seem able to draw his line of sight anywhere but on those lips, he licked his own lips predatorily.

Rose noticed his line of sight immediately and tried hard not to smile whilst turning to her mother to get her to back off. Unfortunately Jackie had seen the Doctor’s line of sight and shouted, “Look he’s doing it again, he’s practically undressing you with his eyes Rose.” She grabbed her then and put herself between Rose and the Doctor. “I thought you told me he was asexual Rose!” Jackie said causing the Doctor’s jaw to drop. “Shut up Mum,” Rose intervened, regretting the remark she had made all that time ago when she had first met him, big ears and all.

“You said what Rose!” the Doctor said outraged. She thought he was fucking asexual. He was anything but that, if he had any say in it. “You think I’m asexual!” he stammered still shocked at the comment.

“Thanks a bunch Mum, you know what he’s like; I’ll never hear the end of it now, why don’t you just come out with everything else I might have said, when I’d first met you by the way!” she shouted indicating the last bit at the Doctor. He had been a different man then and who could blame a girl for wondering especially since he never showed any interest in her until this regeneration. “All right then he-” Jackie was cut off directly by Rose clamping her hand over her mother’s mouth. “Mum, I wasn’t being serious!” Rose said annoyed.

“Right Rose Tyler, we’ll see who’s asexual!” the Doctor bounded over to her and before she could protest he bent her over slightly and pressed his lips over hers cutting off all protests from her perfect mouth. When she didn’t relent he wrapped his hands tightly around her waist and deepened the kiss causing her to moan involuntarily in sastification. There, that’s it, that’s all the evidence he needed. Fucking asexual, yeah right, she had practically moaned in pleasure right then. The Oncoming Storm was not asexual, he was very manly and had women falling at his feet.

As if to prove his point he dropped his hands from around her waist and pulled away from a startled Rose who looked annoyed at having him pull away so quickly when things were just getting good. “Is that what you’d call asexual Rose?” he winked sexily at Rose and grinned at Jackie before walking off leaving an open mouthed Jackie, speechless for once in her life. He had just made out with her daughter right in front of her eyes and then had just walked off. That alien was more human than he would ever admit!