The Wilting Rose

by LilStarKat [Reviews - 69]

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  • Angst, Het

Author's Notes:
the song mentioned in the chapter is My Heart will Go On by Celine Dion and a fantastic vid on YouTube featuring the Doctor and Rose in very emotional scenes throughout their time together can be seen, i suggest you check it out;

He linked hands with her and led her back to the noisy building, now blasting out a fast number which didn’t attract the Doctor at all, he wanted a slow number so he could take his Rose in his arms and drift her around the dance floor, feeling her smaller build pressed against his body. Just how he wanted it, always had been to be honest just never initiated it until now. Shame it had taken all this to get his ass in gear and do something though. But she was worth it, always had been and always will be.

When they entered through the door to the over packed room they were met by the sight of a panicked looking Jackie. “Where the ‘ell have you been?” she said annoyed. “I was worried sick ‘bout you, Auntie Julie told me you ran off from some handsome guy in a pinstriped suit and looked upset,” she rounded on the Doctor getting closer by the second. “What did you do to ‘er, what did you do to my Rose?!” she said angrily.

Rose stood in front of a fear-stricken Doctor, blocking his way from an irate Jackie. “He did nothing mum, it was me being silly but were fine now, better than ever actually, the Doctor fixed me up,” she replied winking at the Doctor and smiling at him lovingly.

The Doctor’s hearts soared when Rose smiled at him; he smiled back having no idea that he was having the exact same effect on Rose. Rassilon how he loved her, if anything ever happened to her, it would destroy him, she was his life, his soul, his Rose. He loved her more than he’d ever loved anyone in all his lives and she was his existence.

Suddenly the fast beat filtered out to subside to a slow beat for ‘My Heart Will Go On’ came on the system in which the Doctor found his opportunity and grasped it with both hands. “Jackie why don’t you go find your fancy man, Rose would you care to dance with me?” Jackie threw daggers at the Doctor and looked at Rose as if to say ‘this aint over, don’t you dare.’

Rose took caution to the wind and replied yes, taking the Doctor’s outstretched hand and let him lead her to the dance floor leaving Jackie practically fuming behind them, she promptly stomped away to get herself a dance partner.

He hooked his hands gently around her waist; hers looped around his neck holding her close to him. She found herself being gripped tightly by the Doctor as if he was frightened she’d run away again, faces inches apart.

Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you

They let their bodies move in time to the music for a while, Rose sinking and slowly drowning in the Doctor’s dark pools which are once more filled with love and devotion for her and she didn’t mind, she felt the same way and always will do. She felt safe in the Doctor’s arms and feels stronger with her Doctor here with her forever and always.

You’re here, there’s nothing I fear

Rose mumbled something incoherently so the Doctor gently pulled her chin up so their faces were meeting. “I said I’m sorry.”
“What for?”
“For running last time,” she looked at him guilt apparent in her eyes. “Oh Rose, what am I gonna down with you,” he pulled her so close she could smell his intoxicating scent, her head resting on his chest and his head resting softly on hers. He smelled like honey and was that burnt metal and rubber, doesn’t surprise her though the amount of time he spends under that TARDIS.

“You smell like a bonfire,” she giggled softly into his chest. He pulled away immediately, still close but so far apart so he could see her expression, she looked passive with a smile on her face. “Well we’ll have to dance like this then if I smell that bad,” he suppressed a smile, keeping a straight face, and pulled her into a formal dance position, there bodies nowhere near each other, not compared to before anyway. She bit her lip and faked a sulky smile at the Doctor before resting her head back on him craving his touch, “No, no I like the smell,” she murmured and pressed herself back into the Doctor’s hold, giving him no choice but to wrap his warm arms securely around her, he didn’t complain though, why should he when clearly all the girl he loved wanted was to be in his arms.

We’ll stay forever this way; you are safe in my arms

The song came to an end and people began to depart the dance floor leaving a lovestruck couple still dancing in each other’s arms unaware of anything but each other. The Doctor finally lifted Rose’s head gently out of his arms and looked deeply into her eyes and whispered softly so only she could here, “I love you Rose, I always have and always will.” He then smiled boyishly at her before leaning forwards and kissing her passionately, she smiled contently as he kissed her doing wonders for her insides. Both were oblivious to them being the only ones on the dance floor and the sudden attention they were receiving. Jackie caught sight of the pair of them and was speechless. Just friends, pigs can fly, as if, they never had been and never will be, they were always so much more than that. Rose came back up for air panting breathlessly, the Doctor smirking manically as if he’d found a new toy which he very much wanting to keep on using. “I love you too,” Rose managed to get out.

The Doctor’s eyes shone with happiness pulling Rose to him in a hug which meant so much to the both of them. “That means I can kiss you whenever I want right?” he said excitedly, a cute expression forming on his face. Rose’s eyebrow went up and she stared at him for a second, god why couldn’t she resist that face? “Yes, I suppose you can yeah,” the Doctor’s face lit up like a lightbulb.