Sleep Sweet

by ladymako71 [Reviews - 6]

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Author's Notes:
Part of the 'Drabbles of Dribble' series.

Jackie just shook her head before rising and placing a blanket over the two asleep on the couch. “Not a couple, my foot.” She whispered into the dark as she went to her room for the night.

Several hours later the Doctor awoke from an odd dream. He’d been running about causing mayhem for the greater good, all to a steady drumbeat. Upon coming fully too he realised where the drumbeat had come into play. He was draped over Rose, on the couch from the feel of it, his head pillowed on her chest.

Raising his head and looking about for a moment, he smiled. No ‘Slap of Doom’ lurking about, she’d gone to bed herself. Realising that he and Rose had tangled themselves into a comfortable knot, he placed a kiss over her heart and snuggled back down to doze off again. Domestic? No, he didn’t do that. Comfy? Yeah he could do comfy he figured as the drumbeat dream started up again.