After Life

by Amy Wolf [Reviews - 66]

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1. No Exit [Reviews - 14] (1365 words)
For anyone who's confused, this takes place more or less during the Christmas Invasion, almost entirely inside the Doctor's mind. The "You" in the story's sort of the Ninth Doctor, in a sense. References to the outside world will come in at some point.

2. Counting Down: Coal Hill [Reviews - 1] (620 words)
All opinions expressed are those of characters, not the author. This chapter indirectly references Remembrance of the Daleks.

3. Counting Down: Necros [Reviews - 1] (875 words)
References Revelation of the Daleks

4. Counting Down: London [Reviews - 4] (958 words)
References Resurrection of the Daleks and Dalek

5. Counting Down: Skaro [Reviews - 3] (866 words)
References Genesis of the Daleks

6. Counting Down: Untime [Reviews - 1] (998 words)
References Day of the Daleks

7. Counting Down: Again, London [Reviews - 3] (980 words)
References Evil of the Daleks and Parting of the Ways

8. Counting Down: Again, Skaro [Reviews - 1] (893 words)
References The Daleks (the second Doctor Who story, technically known as The Mutants).

9. Open Your Eyes [Reviews - 3] (998 words)
Uses a scene from The Christmas Invasion. Also, I know the Doctor talked about tea having an infusion of free radicals, but he got that wrong. Not that I blame him, with the regeneration and all.

10. Counting Up: Exhausted [Reviews - 5] (1033 words)
References The Tenth Planet

11. Counting Up: Sentenced [Reviews - 3] (1212 words)
References The War Games

12. Counting Up: Burned [Reviews - 1] (1343 words)
References Planet of the Spiders. Briefly quotes David Copperfield.

13. Counting Up: Fallen [Reviews - 2] (1363 words)
References Logopolis. Quotes Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, by Robert Frost.

14. Counting Up: Poisoned [Reviews - 1] (1460 words)
References The Caves of Androzani and Fox in Socks.

15. Counting Up: Shaken [Reviews - 4] (1356 words)
References Time and the Rani.

16. Counting Up: Shot [Reviews - 1] (1504 words)
Reference the TV Movie.

17. Counting Up: Light [Reviews - 3] (1351 words)

18. Wide Awake [Reviews - 15] (851 words)
References and a short quote from The Christmas Invasion.