Never grow up? Luke Smith

by JediClaire [Reviews - 0]

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  • Character, Study, Drabble, Introspection, Vignette

Author's Notes:
*I hope that one day I will own more of Doctor Who then my beloved posters, but at the moment Doctor Who belongs to the BBC, and Russell 'the T' Davis. This is the First boy point of view I have ever written. Hope it is okay.*

Luke Smith, Two weeks old.

Sarah was trying hard to make sure Luke could fit in, and that meant education. Because of his memory it wasn't too difficult to let him catch up. He was reading books and stories this week. He remembered some of them, from everyone’s memories, but because he knew Maria he started with books she had read.

Peter Pan was different. It wasn't too girly, for one. It was about a boy who wouldn't grow up, was scared of growing up. He liked the end, when the Darlings, like Sarah adopting him, adopted the lost boys.

Luke wondered whether Maria wanted to go away to neverland, to be Wendy. He would want to be a lost boy, and come home with her again.