Never grow up? Rose Tyler

by JediClaire [Reviews - 2]

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  • Character, Study, Drabble, Vignette

Author's Notes:
*I hope that one day I will own more of Doctor Who then my beloved posters, but at the moment Doctor Who belongs to the BBC, and Russell 'the T' Davis. First story in my first series! Hope you enjoy, it is going to be short though. I do not own Doctor Who or Peter Pan.*

Rose Tyler, Seven years old.

When Rose was seven, and couldn't sleep, she read Peter Pan for the first time. She had seen the Disney film before, but this was the true story.

She read all night under the covers in her small room, and finished the book the next morning, when it was just getting light. She spent the day feeling sleepy, nodding off in class, and falling asleep on the bus.

She wished she could fly away to never land, to the stars, and never grow up, timeless. Why did Wendy go back? She wouldn't.