Has There Been Anyone Else?

by RachelStardust [Reviews - 3]

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  • Humor, General

Author's Notes:

“Has there been anyone else?” The Doctor’s voice was low and serious. It was quite clear what he meant, without him having to say anything more. No, there’s been no-one else. How could there be? Do you think there could ever be anyone else after you?
This is what Sarah Jane should have said, and no doubt what she had always (even if she didn’t know it) intended to say to such a question. However, it wasn’t what she did say. Instead her response was this: “Of course there’s been someone else.” The Doctor’s eyes were wide with shock. Sarah was struck by how, despite the extreme amount of emotion he must have been feeling, his eyes were merely wide. They just weren’t managing to bug out of his head like they used to.
“Who?!” The Doctor’s hands were shaking and his voice was squeaky. This was just insane--there couldn’t have been anyone else. She was his, and he’d be damned if that was going to change. In her head, Sarah began to laugh. After all of this time, he still believed that she belonged to him, and that no other creature in the whole galaxy had the right to even look at her. She remembered how jealous he had gotten in the old days. Perhaps there was still some of the old Doctor in him after all.
However, Sarah still wanted to toy with him--just a bit. It was the first time that she’d ever really been the one calling the shots as far as he was concerned, and she liked it. “Harry.” She chose her answer simply because she didn’t expect him to believe it. She and Harry? Was there anything more unlikely?
What she didn’t expect was for the Doctor to sweep past her and into the TARDIS. She watched him go, in his pinstriped suit, and was struck by just how insane he still was.
Harry lived in Brighton, in a nice little house that was like every other little house on his street. He liked it that way. Since leaving the Doctor, Harry liked things to be neat, orderly, and overall, normal. So when he was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud whooshing noise, it upset him quite a lot. He instantly recognized it. Harry would know that noise forever. It was the TARDIS.
He jumped out of his bed and ran downstairs. This can’t be happening, he told himself. It just can’t be happening. When he reached his living room and came face to face with a blue phone box, he realized that yes indeed it was happening. Harry briefly wondered if God was out to get him for a laugh.
He barely had time to ponder this before a scarf was thrown around his neck and he found himself on the floor, being strangled. An attractive man in a pinstriped suit was his strangler for that evening. “Why are you trying to kill me?” Harry managed to gurgle out. “You know what you did!” “Who are you?” The Doctor loosened the scarf a bit. “You don’t know?”
The idea that the Doctor regenerated had never quite sat right with Harry, so that coupled with the fact that he was on his way to death, caused Harry to forget that the Doctor might not necessarily still be the same wild haired man with eyes that sometimes bugged out when he got excited.
“I’m the Doctor, you fool.” With that, he fell back to strangling Harry. Harry, now aware of just who was sitting on his stomach and trying to kill him, began to struggle. “But why--” He stopped to gasp for more air. “--are you trying to kill--” Another gasp. “--me?”
“You know why. She told me all about it.” Now Harry was deeply confused. He choked out, “Sarah?” The sound of Sarah’s name in Harry’s voice was just too much for the Doctor. “Yes, you fool! How dare you! She’s mine!” It was at this point that Harry realized there had been a failure in communication. He concluded that it was one thing for Sarah to decide that the Doctor needed to come over and kill him, but it was quite another for her not to phone him first.
Harry grabbed the Doctor’s hands and shoved them off his neck. “Look here, what is it I’ve done? I never did anything to hurt Sarah. I’ve never even tried to have a go with her--” The Doctor stopped him. “You haven’t?” “No…” Realizing that this might keep him alive, Harry became more enthusiastic. “I never even tried to take her out. She’s all yours--always has been.”
The Doctor decided that Harry was telling the truth. Well, it was more that he read Harry’s mind and then decided that Harry was telling the truth. Without a word, he stood up and went back in to the TARDIS. With a whoosh, he was gone.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Three minutes later, he was back in front of Sarah Jane. “Why would you tell me such a thing?” he demanded. Dumbstruck, she just laughed. “You mean you believed me?” “Of course I believed you--and I was ready to strangle the poor man. In fact, I sort of did….a little.”
“Poor Harry.” “Poor Harry! What about me, what about what you did to me?” “What I did to you? What about me? Here you expect me to have been alone all this time!” Sarah Jane was beginning to yell, and she was also getting rather angry. The nerve of him. “You know, being alone isn’t fun. I don’t want to be--” He cut her off with a kiss. “There. Did that help?” “No, that just makes things worse. Like I can be satisfied with anyone else now.” Sarah sighed. “I’d just mastered this nifty course in repression and everything.”
“Repression! Well, I’ll just have to put a stop to that.” The Doctor grabbed her hand and began pulling her toward the TARDIS. “Come on--” “What about your “assistant” ?” He stopped. “Oh, her. I’ll send her a note later. Now, come on. There hasn’t been anyone else for me either, you know.”