Author's Notes:
It's short and I came up with it in fifteen minutes during class, but I hope it's somewhat amusing. The bit about Harry being "a clumsy ham fisted idiot" I actually borrowed from a line in The Ark in Space.

How stupid do they think I am? Don’t they realize that I am not blind nor am I deaf? I may not have had all that much experience with women, but I know what the look they give each other over the breakfast table mean. They think I’m stupid, just because I’m not totally on board with this going off to anywhere whenever the mood strikes me.
You know, before all of this started I was pretty happy. I had a good job. The Brigidiar was a decent boss, the pay was alright, and I was even learning how to drink properly–Benton had promised to teach me when we got time off and made it to Ireland for the summer. All of that’s gone now. I’m a nervous wreck because of the things I’ve seen and done. It just isn’t decent.
The constant barrage of insults I can put up with. Being told that I’m just “a doctor” and he’s “the Doctor” (and yes, you can actually hear the capital letters) is a bit annoying, but I got over it. Having this loon in a ridiculously long scarf tell me I’m a “clumsy, ham fisted idiot” and always going on about how I shouldn’t touch anything. Receiving instructions I was already aware of three or four times---that I could handle!
It’s this business of “Harry’s a fool–he’ll never catch on” that’s gotten me all hot and bothered. I would’ve expected it from him, but not Sarah. I just don’t see how she’s got it in her. It would be one thing if they just came out in the open and stopped pretending, but since Harry’s a fool, why bother?
I am well aware that when two people are alone in a broom closet, it is not because they were playing hide and seek and forget to tell me to come look for them. People playing hide and seek don’t need to smooth their clothes back into place quite that much. Besides, they know my love for hide and seek–that particular lie is just wrong.
And another thing, despite Sarah Jane’s opinions to the contrary, I do respect her intelligence, but when exactly will she need to learn Gallifreyan? Is there a use for such a thing? I’ve heard it spoken on recordings, and for the life of me I can’t fathom how she would even try and pronounce any of it.
They think I’m stupid is what it boils down to. They assume that if they tell me something like Sarah’s being taught to speak Gallifreyan and that’s why they spend so much time alone in her room, and no Harry you can’t come in so don’t even bother to ask ever, that I’ll believe it.
All I want to know is, exactly how much of a fool do they take me for?