"You lost the sonic screwdriver?" Rose was gradually becoming more and more annoyed by the second
"I didn't mean to! It was Cleo," he stammared, "she made me drop it. I think it might be under the bed somewhere..."
"Well, look. It was one of the beds in this store. We'll just have to look until we find it."
"We? Oh no. You lost it you find it. It's your sonic screwdriver not mine."
"You don't have a sonic screwdriver."
"All the more reason for you to find yours."
"Now are we talking about the sonic screwdriver or my sonic screwdriver. 'Cos mine's still here."
"Just go look for it"
Many beds later

Rose had decided to take pity on the doctor and help him look. She'd cooled off a bit.
"Are you sure you don't remember what colour the bedding was?"
"I told you; I was a bit busy to be taking in my surroundings at the time. Maybe you could help jog my memory. hint. hint"
Rose rolled her eyes. The doctor needed punishing.
"So," she began, "was she leaning over you like this?"
"Um, yes..."
"And then did she kiss you like this?"
"Bloody hell! Not quite like that but hell, i'm not complaining."
"I bet she didn't do this..."
Rose slapped him and ran off laughing.
The doctor stood dumbfounded and feeling like a great unfairness had been done unto him. It was then that he remembered the colour of the bedsheets.
Rose walked back to the doctor
"You have pink bedsheets?"
"Yes. Wanna see?"
"Lemme change first. The underwear you got me for my birthday should do."
"I didn't get you any underwear"