Judgement Day

by deathman [Reviews - 7]

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Author's Notes:
In which several screams are wasted...


Hologram Generator

Jimbob and Rose were screaming for a very good reason. Likewise, the Doctor had said that the planet Arkasaln was extremely illogical for a very good reason.

For, glinting in the hash glare of five burning red suns, liquid fire streaming across horns and spikes and sickeningly over-muscled flesh, looming up, roaring its unquenchable, endless rage out to the universe, stood the Beast.

Jimbob had never actually seen the Beast before, having not been present with the Doctor and Rose on the Impossible Planet, but had heard the Doctor and his companion discussing it many times, and had been shown TARDIS data files of it from when the time machine was buried at the heart of Krop Tor with the creature. So he roughly knew what to look for, and had, in a heart-stopping twist of fate and improbabilty, had found it.

Jimbob’s hand tightened on the trigger of his plasma pistol. A beam of glittering, colourless radiance slashed from the tip of the gun and collided with the Beast’s rippling, tree-trunk thigh.

And, to his utmost surprise and sudden delight, without a single roar of protest, without one tiny act of defiance against the TARDIS and its crew, the gigantic demon vanished. It simply faded away into the air as if it had never stood there.

Rose’s mouth closed in astonishment. Slowly, after she had recovered from the initial shock of seeing the Beast, who had apparently met his demise back on Krop Tor, suddenly alive and well, she looked around, first at the Doctor — then at Jimbob.

‘What the hell just happened?’ Rose inquired to no one in particular.

Jimbob let his hand go slack in relief and incredulity, hangly limply by his side, still attached to his plasma pistol. ‘The Beast.... I shot it... It just.... vanished.’

‘That’s what’s fishy about it,’ the Doctor said. He walked out of the TARDIS and touched the space of air which the Beast had occupied mere seconds ago. ‘I mean, the Beast appearing in itself is fishy, but how Jimbob dispatched such a titanic creature with one measly little plasma shot is fishy in a league of its own...’

‘What’s that down there?’ Jimbob pointed with his free hand to a point around a metre away from the Doctor and the TARDIS. Nestled in the dust and pebbles lay a curious looking oval shaped device.

Rose stared at it, before hurrying out of the TARDIS to join the Doctor and to take a closer look. ‘But that looks like... one of those things in the TARDIS console... Doctor...’

‘Yes,’ the Doctor replied grimly, staring at the object.

‘What is it?’ Jimbob asked again, finally leaving the TARDIS. He closed the doors behind him, but stayed hovering around the doors nervously as if any moment now another horror from a past adventure would randomly decide to manifest itself.

‘It’s a hologram generator,’ the Doctor said, holding the device up to the slashing light of the suns. ‘But why use a hologram of the Beast to scare us off? And how come whatever generated the hologram knew about us and our experiences with our big red friend?’

‘Well are there any towns or people near us?’ Rose asked the Doctor who was still examining the hologram generator closely.

‘Yes,’ replied the Doctor, still not looking at her. ‘Few miles away. Village of Akkatris. Around twenty or so villagers.’

‘Then we should go there, to ask about what’s happening,’ Rose stated.

‘I sense a trap,’ Jimbob intoned darkly.

The Doctor finally managed to drag his eyes away from the generator to face Rose and Jimbob brightly. ‘So do I,’ he spoke. ‘When are we going?’