by Blaidd_Drwg [Reviews - 1]

  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Action/Adventure, General

Author's Notes:
The first chapter of my new series, following up from "An Innocent Drink".

Now with added Jack. ;)

Apologies for the shortness of it. Just testing the water.


Chapter 1: Concealed

Eternally restless, his bright blue eyes focused intently upon the ceiling of his room, ears pricked to the faint hum of the hub, accompanied by the almost inaudible trickling of water from the feature set in the centre of the Millennium Square above. His blanket draped loosely around his waist, Captain Jack Harkness resisted the temptation to try and settle like he had once done in days gone by, but no matter how much he wanted it, nor how much he tried, he just couldn't bring himself to close his eyelids and subject himself to the horror which lay hidden behind them... moving in the darkness...waiting impatiently for him to return.
A frustrated growl signalled his defeat, emanating through the empty hub for but a few brief seconds before the Captain followed their direction, quickly slipping into his usual attire before homing in on the coffee-making facilities in one of the adjoining rooms, footsteps echoing almost harrowingly down the tiles corridors. Something was wrong; the cold, painful sensation, coursing through his veins, as normal and natural to him as the blood which accompanied it, told him this much. A perfectly normal instinct, which could possibly be passed off as some variation of very human, and yet so very much more... Nothing had been the same since Satellite Five, and though Jack remained fundamentally human, the subtle changes implemented by his experience, which was paramount to a full-blown resurrection, were becoming more and more apparent as time went by. The inability to sleep was just one...
The trip had become almost like a ritual now; adjusting the straps of his braces with one hand, holding his coffee mug steady in the other, Jack slowly made a bee-line down to the holding cells. Weeks he’d been at it, making the same journey, mindlessly trawling down the seemingly endless flights of stairs to the deepest level, the final door, the darkest room, the final cell... Punching in the security code on the keypad beside the wheel-handle, he listened for the click of the lock before taking hold of the wheel, spinning it to the left until the door teased forward, opening with a slight push. The dust that lingered like a thick cloud in the air became visible for a few brief moments, illuminated by the thin strip of dull light that broke through into the room from the gloomy corridor outside. The heavy scent of damp and musk wove its way through the asteroid-belt of dust particles, causing the Captain to crinkle his nose slightly in disgust as he became but a silhouette in the doorway, his long shadow cast out across the dormitory beyond. It was a particularly large room, but yet large enough to prevent the light from reaching the far corners. He shuddered slightly stepping inside and without looking, placing his coffee on the small shelf just inside the door to his right; he’d done it some many times, the lack of lighting was irrelevant.
“Back again?”
A soft, yet slightly unnerving, sultry drawl echoed throughout, yet remained ignored as the visitor occupied himself with rolling up his sleeves.
“How long has it been? Weeks? Months? You can’t keep hiding forever. They’ll find out you know. People always do...”
The whining screech of metal scraping across concrete followed, but still no reply. The coffee had vanished from the shelf, and now sat comfortably on the small table that accompanied the slab of a bed in the far corner.
Booted feet crossed the short distance to the door, returning the silhouette to its original position for a few brief moments, staring out into the corridor one last time whilst the voice continued to taunt him.
“I’d have thought you’d gotten bored of this by now, Jack...”
“I’ve got a lot of time on my hands.”
Turning slowly back towards the middle of the room, he leant back against the door, gradually applying pressure until he felt it thud, waiting until the locked clicked back into place; the silhouette replaced by something much darker...
A hard elbow in the stomach was rewarded with a dull grunt from the Doctor, who promptly began to writhe out of the way of the offending body parts flailing in his direction as he tried to force away the lingering weariness that clouded his mind. His eyes opening to narrow slits of blue, he caught sight of his attacker, wriggling and squirming restlessly around in the pile of duvets they’d finally settled in the night before. The night before...just the thought of it made his hearts swell, a mischievous smile turning up the corners of his lips. Scrambling a little to stop himself from sinking any further into the rather luxurious, feather-filled mass they’d collapsed in, he slowly pushed himself up onto his knees with a tired groan, pale skin treated with a soft, blue glow from the scene overhead, the Horsehead Nebula having faded with their consciousness, replaced by an exquisite space-scape, the Earth taking centre stage. Shuffling over to where Rose lay whimpering uncomfortably, the Doctor knelt beside her, unable to banish the smile from his lips, despite his concern his companion - companion?
Could he even call her that now?
Best friend...
Girlfriend? —Nah, too human....
Wife? — No need to scare her just yet...
Soul mate? —Quite possibly...

That one, simple, beautiful, awe-inspiring word was enough, and far surpassed any title he could ever give her.
His Rose...
The idea still made his stomach turn somersaults.

Reaching out to his Rose, he gently placed a hand on her arm to try and stay her tossing and turning, leaning down until his lips barely brushed against her ear.
“Sssssh...Rose, it’s alright...I’m here...” He whispered, carefully slipping and arm underneath her and around her shoulders, lifting her up a little way from the ground and sneaking round so he was huddled up close, resting her back down against him, noticing a small, red indentation upon her shoulder blade as he did so. Leaning back to lay back down, he jolted suddenly, gritting his teeth, wincing a she heard Rose’s cry as she was flung back into consciousness.
“Ouch! Rose?! What the hell?”
“Doctor? What...what’re you doing?” She gawped in bewilderment as the Time Lord appeared to be burying himself in quilts, tunnelling and rooting through the mass of fabric like some sort of frightened rabbit.
“Aha! Gotcha!” The lump of blankets erupted upwards, a volcano of considerable comfort, sending a spray of pillows and cushion flying out at all sides.
Rose just shook her head and lurched forward to excavate the Doctor from his fluffy hideaway, giggling profusely once she caught sight of his ridiculously proud grin.
“What did you find?” She asked, very aware of, and very satisfied with the way his gaze fixated on her and the blonde bird’s nest that seemed as though it had just been plonked on top of her head.
One hand clasped around his find, his other found its way to Rose’s cheek again, drawing her down into a much anticipated, good morning kiss...their first.
“A plan...”
She cocked her head inquisitively, silently pressing for more information as his arms snaked around her waist in a warm embrace.
“We’ll get a shower...get dressed...breakfast...dinner...whatever it is now...and I’ll show you.”
He elaborated, kissing her again before getting to his feet to find his clothes amongst the mess they’d made of their bed.
“Show me what?”
A tap of the nose was all she was given, before the Doctor vanished out of the door, a noticeable spring in his step...