The Lesser of Evils

by Kesomon [Reviews - 14]

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1. Chapter 1: Thirst of Knowledge [Reviews - 6] (1043 words)
Set directly post-TCI, an AU to canon events, considering they never had this conversation.

This didn't turn out how I planned. It was supposed to be a comparison by the Doctor's POV about his actions post-regen in the CiN special/Christmas Invasion, and his actions post-regen towards Peri in The Twin Dilemma. It was only Emery's prodding with the stick of motivation that has led to me posting it.

2. Chapter 2: Susan, Ian, and Barbara [Reviews - 6] (731 words)
A/N - Due to the overwhelming amount of people requesting MORE, I've decided to morph this story. I've been wanting to do a piece that highlights all the companions, so this is the first chapter of many. Enjoy the fruits of your wheedling, folks.

A/N pt 2 - As an American I probably butcher tea, but I hate milk in it. Therefore Rose doesn't take milk either.

3. Chapter 3: Steven, Vicki, and a panda named Hi-Fi [Reviews - 2] (549 words)
A/N - I'm sorry this chapter is rubbish. I got a horrid case of writer's block. But yes, Steven did have a little panda teddy named Hi-Fi. So friggin cute. X3