Sliding Doors

by scarlettgirl [Reviews - 2]

  • All Ages
  • General
  • Action/Adventure, General

Author's Notes:
A drabble written for the Torchwood 100 challenge "Suzie Costello"

“Well, now that is odd,” she thought.

Following the woman at a slight distance, she observed the curators giving her carte blanche to touch the bronzes. Sidling up as close as possible, affecting the politely bored expression of every other museum visitor, she strained to hear what was being furiously whispered into the digital recorder.

“Will Torchwood require anything else at this time Miss Costello?”

Before she heard the answer a voice rang out.

“Are you coming SJ? We’re meeting Nat at noon.”

“Of course, Josh.”

Turning away, Sarah Jane had the nagging feeling she was missing something very important.