Unspoken words.

by ebonyjet [Reviews - 2]

  • All Ages
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  • Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Author's Notes:
Ok this is after the Doctor and Rose left Jack behind... And after Rose "Died".

However the MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARVELOUS Doctor went back for both of them!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL HAIL THE GREAT DOC!

Thanks to Aiko the Short for betaing...

The Doctor stood in the control room of his TARDIS, fiddling excitedly with the large multicoloured dials on the console. The TARDIS shuddered and something electrical sparked.
“Yes I know!” The Doctor nodded and pulled a random lever. “I told you, I’ll tell her when I’m good and ready!”
The big blue police box made a lowed and ominous creaking sound, as the Doctor played with a few more dials, “No! I won’t do it now! … Rose already knows! It’s not important anyway.”

“Yes? What is it?”
Jack Harkness was stood at the top of one of the ladders and was frowning down at him.
“Are you ok? It’s just with the TARDIS moving about all over the place, I thought you might need a hand.”
“Sorry about that, She’s being a…” not being able to find the right words, the Doctor simply stuck his tongue out at the console and blew a loud wet raspberry.

Jack looked a little confused but smiled anyway.
“Some thing else bothering you ?”
The Doctor looked up to his trusted friend, “Yeah… Rose actually.”
“Oh! She’s in her room, but I can go and get her if that’s what you want?”
Jack turned to leave but the Doctor said in sad voice, “It’s not that important… really, I’ll have plenty of time to tell her, I…” he trailed off and ran a hand thought his messy, light brown hair.
“To tell her you love her. Right?”
“Yeah… Tricky subject that… and not one that should be taken lightly! Wanna cup of tea?”

The American rolled his eyes and looked back at the Doctor
“Come on mate! You have to tell her some time. She knows you love her but she has to hear you say it. She wants it from your mouth…” Jack paused and rethought what he had just said. “That sounded really bad, but you know what it was supposed to mean… don’t you?”

The Doctor looked up at Jack and smiled, “You know I love having you back, don’t you?” He paused, “I know you miss your team but… you are happy with me and Rose, aren’t you? I not going to take you back… Because, well, I want you here… but…”
“Yes, its just…” Jack quickly slid down the ladder and stood in font of the Doctor with in seconds.
“There was this one guy... Well I missed him so much… I never got the chance to tell him… I never had the guts to tell him how I really felt… Doctor, I loved him.”