Ass cam.

by ebonyjet [Reviews - 1]

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  • Het, Humor, Slash

Author's Notes:

Anyways this is just me… being bored... And I know all my stories are like "YAY Ianto!" But everyone ignores him and I love him so RAW!
Thanks to Aiko the Short for Beta-ing

“Yes sir.”

Ianto shuffled off to make Jack his coffee, looking slightly out of place in his dark blue suit and tie, with a light blue shirt underneath the buttoned jacket.

Jack watched him go. A naughty smile playing on his lip, as Ianto walked around the corner and out of sight.
God he had a nice bum! Jack couldn’t help but gaze at it. He was only a man after all.

“Jack!” Gwen’s indignant voice shot thought Jack like a bullet, making him flinch and turn to look at her. Knowing the reason she was laughing was that she had caught sight of what he was looking at so intently.
“God, Jack. You know, if you want Ianto, you should just go get him.”
Jack looked a little hurt, “What makes you think I want Ianto?”
“We’ve been talking.”
Jack raised an eyebrow,
“Tosh and me… we’ve decided you two are annoying!”
“What the hell?” Jack was confused. What was she on about?
“All you two do is share sneaky glances at each other as you walk away or swap shy innuendo… you like each other?”
Jack pouted.
“So for God’s sake just ask the poor man out!”
“You don’t even know if I like him… that way... yet! … You don’t know!” Jack protested, as his cheeks took on a pink tinged look.

“Ok how about the fact that all you do is look at him? When he’s working, when you’re working. Jack you make him get coffee, just so you can get a good few seconds watching his bum as he walks out of the room… which I’ve noticed he does very slowly!” She crossed her arms, in mock anger, across her full chest and smiled down at her seated boss.

“I get Ianto to make coffee, Cos’ … I’m thirsty!” he replied indignantly, pouting at Gwen who stood smiling down at him.
“NO! You don’t even drink half the amount you get him to make.”

Jack gave in smiling and looking a little embarrassed, “I don’t like cold coffee!” He nodded but Gwen elbowed him in the shoulder.
“Come on Jack, your eyes work as well as mine. That’s a great bum he’s got there.”
Her eyes shifted from Jack’s face and finally rested on where his blue eyes kept steeling sneaky glimpses … his computer screen.

Jack had pulled up a CCTV camera image and it had taken up the whole of his flat screen on his Torchwood issue laptop.
“See? Look how toned and round that is.” Gwen pointed to the image that still graced the screen.
“That is a lovely arse,” Gwen winked evilly and pulled a chair close, so she could sit next to Jack and watch the CCTV footage.

Jack’s camera was hidden in one of the many back rooms of the hub. The lens trained on a hot spot for activity. In his hand Jack clutched a tiny joystick type thing, and every time he moved it, the camera would zoom in and out, or move from side to side, also moving up and down every now and then.

Jack was, right now, like a shark cutting through the water, zooming quickly in on Ianto’s backside as he bent down to get the instant coffee from just below a grey stone surface.

“Hey! We don’t normally keep the coffee making stuff down there!” Gwen shot a suspicious look in Jack's direction, and he put his tongue between his teeth, a wicked smile playing on his lips.
“I … er… may have moved a few odd things… Just while I was cleaning.”

Gwen and Jack both sat watching the screen in silence for a few minuets, as Ianto crouched down to get the milk from the fridge.
“Yeah...” Jack’s words were directed at Gwen but his eyes didn’t move from the screen. “You're right… that’s a nice butt… I’ll be back ... yeah... Keep working… yeah…” Jack jogged quickly off to God knows where, leaving Gwen to watch the unsuspecting Ianto on Jack’s well-positioned ass-cam.

"Wow… Ianto’s …hot!" Gwen said under her breath. "Who’d have guessed that?"

All of a sudden, someone else’s bottom appeared next to Ianto’s. It wore black trousers and a plain white shirt stuck out from the waistband. Gwen frowned and quickly zoomed out to see who now had their hand placed over Ianto’s left bum cheek, squeezing it slightly… what was Jack going to say if he found out Ianto was seeing someone else? But then she saw who the strange arse belonged too...

It was Jack’s!