The Oncoming Storm

by The oncoming storm [Reviews - 23]

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1. prologe- The Time War [Reviews - 3] (890 words)
I decided to post this story along Human responsiblites. hope to up-date soon!!

2. Shadows and calls [Reviews - 2] (653 words)

3. “To you, I am a past memory. Something you fort to forget." [Reviews - 2] (935 words)
New chapter. Go me!!

4. The past still hurts [Reviews - 0] (791 words)
Yay new chapter. I am now making a pledge to bring you a chapter per day. This will only change if I have coursework that is to do with Doctor Who...... I can get away with it!! I got a B+ on my first Doctor Who piece!!

5. The disaster that was called Galifrey [Reviews - 2] (1280 words)
If Galifrey is spelt wround I'm sorry. I don't have my book of it around me. Anyway new chapter. Most descipted yet. Enjoy!!

6. Hope hidden in silence [Reviews - 2] (1477 words)

7. The wolf inside her [Reviews - 1] (1243 words)

8. The steep climb to a shear drop [Reviews - 0] (1242 words)

9. Rescuing Rose [Reviews - 1] (1090 words)

10. Two moons and shooting stars [Reviews - 1] (1219 words)

11. "I live inside Rose, I can see what she will and will not let me do." [Reviews - 1] (1555 words)

12. Every plan leaves someone behind [Reviews - 1] (1440 words)
New chapter. My plan is working. you have to review it to get a new chapter, which also gives me more time to write them. Anyway WILL SOMEONE NEW REVIEW THEM, I anit complaining with my regular reviewers, but even the agree that this story desirves more reviews.
Please if you read it, REVIEW IT!!

13. Friendships falling apart [Reviews - 1] (1547 words)
O.k a bit of voliance this scene. I feel sorry for Sophia, because she is based around me. In nearly everyway. Anyhow keep reviewing and I tried my best on this chapter as I have a new reviewer. In the words of London Tipton 'Yay go me!'

14. How the Bad Wolf was born [Reviews - 1] (988 words)
Right last chapter for the night. Promise another tomorrow. Any way hope you like it. It all about the Bad Wolfs past!

15. The two wolves are born [Reviews - 1] (1271 words)
Ok give you 3 guesses how the wolves are! A bit of old Earth torchure in this chapter. so I hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed writting it!

16. To protect the one you love [Reviews - 1] (1052 words)

17. Dreams and Kisses [Reviews - 3] (1336 words)
An extra chapter. Just a random thing about what happened when everyone was in the TARDIS un-consious. There dreams and then, which leads onto the 'I dare you' story, Sophia askes about the kiss from 'Parting of ways'.
The new story is called 'Human responisblities'. So I hope you have enjpyed this and I hope you enjoy my new one. Oh and my old one!