Oh, She Knows

by D Leigh [Reviews - 7]

  • All Ages
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  • Drabble, Romance

Author's Notes:
My first drabble ever, for any fandom. Written for a challenge posted at the LJ community, Time and Chips. I swear it was 100 words when I counted it at 3am, but apparently it's 99.

Based on this LJ icon, made by moi.

He dangled at the end of the cable in complete darkness.

It could be thirty feet.
It could be three thousand feet.

"If you talk to Rose, tell her...oh, she knows."

Say it! a little voice shouted.

The darkness was consuming him, and the urge tormented him, begged him to give in.

Say it, say it! the voice pleaded.
Fall, the primal urge roared.

He paused, looking down into nothing.

Thirty feet.

The Doctor closed his eyes and silenced the voices.

Looking up, he saw darkness.

He mouthed three silent words as he let go, swallowed by the pit.