Better with Two

by kitsunealyc [Reviews - 5]

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Author's Notes:
This was originally written in response to an lj-icon drabble challenge: Write a drabble (100 words exactly) based on your current defaulticon. No changing it! Just write it as it comes; no beta-reading ormulling over. Any fandom or no fandom at all.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Doctor. I don't own the TARDIS. I am a sadder fox.

Better with Two

They’d visited hundreds of planets, a thousand points in the timestream. Companions came and companions left. Gallifrey burned and his people were erased from existence.

There were lives he’d never live — street corner, two in the morning, getting a taxi home kinds of lives — but he had his own tale of romance, woven through time and space, guided by hands seen and unseen.

The Citadel, Under-Level 15, sneaking past the guards. An obsolete Type 40 that should have been decommissioned long before. They were a madcap pair, two of a kind. And he couldn’t imagine exploring eternity with anyone else.