In Good Time

by morgeil [Reviews - 4]

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Author's Notes:
Minor references to: "Trial", Evelyn's depature from the Doctor in the Big Finish audios and the novel Business Unusual (which serves as Mel's introductory story).

Also, I deny any possible Six/Mel hints that might have slipped in towards the end... *coughs*

The Doctor had never been a believer in fate. However, he did believe that all things had their time; that some events happened simply because it was time for them to happen. That wasn't the same as fate. Not really.

It was only fitting, he thought as he looked back, that she would enter his life when she did. Peri's violent departure had taken a huge emotional toll, much greater than he would ever openly admit. And though his close friendship with the indomitable Evelyn Smythe had helped seal the wound, it never fully succeeded in removing the pain. What he had witnessed on that Matrix screen would haunt him for several incarnations to come.

Unfortunately, even his time with Evelyn couldn't last forever. For she too left him under tense circumstances, deciding abruptly to stay on Vilag and marry Rossiter. It was a situation that only bought him more guilt, as there were issues between them that were never resolved. Were all the companions of this incarnation doomed to leave him in pain?

He was starting to feel every hour of his nine hundred years. He sensed the weariness in his body as it finally began to succumb to the pressures of his recent trials. He was exhausted. He had neither the energy nor desire for his characteristic bluster and there was nothing he wanted more now than to live out the end of his sixth incarnation in peace.

Then Melanie Bush came blundering into his life. Her presence radiated with charm, energy and enthusiasm... everything he didn't feel. She was the very last thing he wanted.

And, possibly, precisely what he needed.

Oh, he certainly fought it. He was rude to her, avoided her, discouraged her... anything in his power to prevent her from traveling with him. And to prevent the bleak, possible future she represented. For with Mel came the Vervoids... and with the Vervoids came the Valeyard.

However, in the end he gave in. For no matter how much he feared his future self, Melanie was a breath of fresh air. Her enthusiasm reminded him that the universe was not always filled with sorrow and her energy rejuvenated him when he felt his resources had finally been spent.

On occasion, the painful memories would still resurface and overwhelm him. But the moment he found himself slipping back into despair, she was there. Her hand would slip into his and there would be a infectious smile on her face, her flame-red hair catching the sun as she coaxed him back into the light.