Revenge of the Reapers by deathman

Summary: A tale of homicidal eight-foot space bats.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Tenth Doctor
Characters: Other Character(s), Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Genres: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Mystery, Standalone
Warnings: None
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Series: Deathman - Chronology
Published: 2006.12.20
Updated: 2007.01.21


Chapter 1: Revenge of the Reapers
Chapter 2: Revenge of the Reapers 2
Chapter 3: Revenge of the Reapers 3
Chapter 4: Revenge of the Reapers 4 - Epilogue

Chapter 1: Revenge of the Reapers

Author's Notes: OK, this is the one that my author's page describes as being inspired by a tiny quote in Hypernova Part 1, when the Doctor got out his 'hyperscope that he had used before on Exx Xis Six, in the battle with the Reapers'. Was it right? Yes!!! You can call me sad.

But I do quite like this story. It's quite simple compared to my other stories, and predictable, like a fairy tale (that is if you've watched Father's Day, which most of you will have).

And that's why I like it! Enjoy.


The TARDIS engines groaned and wheezed as the mighty time ship crash-landed on the surface of the planet Exx Xis Six. The landing site was the bottom of a gigantic smoking crater at the summit of a towering active volcano.

The TARDIS doors swung open as Rose Tyler stepped forward, lingering on the doorstep of the ship, building up to the instant when she would experience the feel of alien soil and go further away from London than she had ever been before.

Then she felt the Doctor’s hand give her a tiny push in the small of the back and she lost her balance. She was forced to jump heavily onto Exx Xis Six.

‘Hey! I was getting ready for that moment! And wasn’t that a bumpy ride?’ Rose cried.

‘Well, you can’t just stand there like a lump of lard,’ the Doctor said, rolling his eyes. ‘There’s trouble on this planet, and I mean big trouble.’ He made no comment on her second sentence.

Rose replied, still a little bit angry with the Doctor, ‘No surprises there — haven’t you realised that the TARDIS always lands when or where there’s trouble?’

‘Naah,’ called the Doctor from within the TARDIS control room. ‘Remember Cardiff 2005?’

‘There was a Slitheen there,’ Rose reminded him dryly.

‘Good point,’ rang the Time Lord’s cheery voice. Then his tone grew deadly serious. ‘But my point is that the trouble here’s bigger than one single Slitheen. Most of the world has been destroyed. Some kind of alien invasion.’

Rose said enthusiastically, ‘So why don’t you do a scan for alien tech?’

‘No point — the entire planet’s alien, duh!’

‘Oh yeah, I forgot,’ Rose sighed. Then she smiled. ‘But do it anyway, just to impress me!’ she added.

The Doctor grinned and walked out of the TARDIS. He produced his sonic screwdriver and whirred it over a piece of alien machinery. He then cursed and smacked the gadget with his left hand. ‘That’s better,’ he murmured. Before looking at the results himself, he showed the machine to Rose.

‘What?’ she laughed. ‘That’s just numbers and letters to me!’

The small screen read — NA1OT00ALI000DINV10000000TVT.

The Doctor scanned it with a practiced eye. As he did so, his expression fell into at abyss of dismal sadness. ‘No!’ he muttered. 'This can't be...'' His face hardened.

‘Why… what is it?’ Rose inquired soothingly.

‘It means…’ the Doctor sighed. ‘It means that there are a million native aliens who are now lying dead, slaughtered by ten million invaders.’ He turned to Rose. A single tear trickled down his face.


There was a massive empty silence.

‘Who… who could do this?’ Rose asked sadly.

‘An army,’ said the Doctor. ‘A battalion, a raiding party, a military force. Whatever. An alien one. Bent on destruction. There’s also a rift in time near here, which adds to the chaos.’

‘How big would this army be?’ Rose asked.

‘Weren’t you listening? Like I said - ten million strong,’ the Doctor answered.

Rose gasped. ‘Ten million!’ she cried. ‘So how are we meant to fix this situation, then? We’re outnumbered five million to one! Good odds,’ she added sarcastically.

‘Yep. Very good,’ grinned the Doctor.

‘So… what the hell are we gonna do now?’

‘Let’s see what there is to see, shall we?’ the Doctor asked rhetorically. With that, he strode happily towards the edge of the crater.

‘Wait!’ called Rose, hurrying after him. ‘How ‘we gonna get to the top — it’ll take days!’

‘Nope,’ The Doctor answered without breaking his stride. ‘You forget the power of the teleport! See that?’ He indicated a little rotating pillar buried in the dust about five metres ahead. ‘That’s a teleportation feed. As soon as you get within range, you’re transported to the second feed. Some civilisations use them as the primary means of getting around.’ He took another step forward and VWEP! He disappeared in a flash of blue light.

Rose followed, much more cautiously. VWEP! She was momentarily blinded and she felt as if she was in two places at once. Then she materialised at the top of the volcano, next to the smiling Doctor.

‘That was almost fun!’ she laughed. The Doctor grinned. ‘Almost!’

They laughed for a few seconds together. Then the Doctor pointed down the slope of the mountain and their smiles vanished.

The scene of destruction was terrible to behold. The forests of the planet were burnt, the mountains had fallen, the rivers were dry, the plains were scraped and dug up, and the cities were filled with bodies of native aliens.

‘Well — where’s this army?’ questioned Rose.

‘Hiding, of course! What would you be doing if you’d just pillaged a planet?’

‘Funny clouds,’ said Rose.

‘Yeah, they are, aren’t they!’ smiled the Doctor, looking at the black square shaped patterns that danced across the sky.

Then the Doctor frowned. ‘Let me do a little bit of jiggery-pokery…’ He got out an object that looked like a pair of binoculars. ‘Hyperscope,’ he explained. He fiddled with some odd-looking knobs on the back of the hyperscope. Then he looked through it at one particular cloud.

‘Oh my…’ the Doctor gasped. ‘Impossible!

‘What — what’s so bad about some clouds?’ Rose laughed.

The Doctor merely shook his head, speechless and handed the hyperscope to Rose. She held it in front of her eyes and was blinded, for the hyperscope was so close up to the ‘cloud’ that it filled the whole screen, and she had to adjust the machine. In a few seconds she was observing the cloud properly.

She too gasped and turned away. ‘But… Oh my God!’ Rose panicked.

‘Funny thing, the hyperscope,’ the Doctor said, regaining his cheerful flow of conversation. ‘If you use it to watch a person or creature, unlike Earth binoculars or telescopes, the watched can see you as much as you can see them. Which means,’ he added, ‘We’re in for some trouble.’

Suddenly, above them appeared a huge menacing shape. It had a diamond shaped head with pure red eyes and grey horns. Bat-wings and long serrated arms protruded from its shoulders and its clawed legs were folded over its stomach. Its tail possessed a gigantic curving scythe at its end.

A Reaper.


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Chapter 2: Revenge of the Reapers 2

Author's Notes: And so continues the Revenge of the Reapers story. This will be my last story contribution to the site until New Year. Notice STORY - I can and will still do reviews, but that's it. So I wish you a Merry Christmas, and hopefully this story won't be as awful as I think it is!


‘Hello!’ the Doctor grinned from ear to ear. The Reaper unfolded its legs revealing a mouth in its belly, and dived towards him, screeching. Rose screamed. ‘Step back!’ the Doctor said. ‘Au revoir,’ he called to the Reaper and walked backwards. VWEP! They were scoured from the face of Exx Xis Six and dropped to earth inside the TARDIS.
‘How come we landed here?’ Rose asked nervously.

‘I moved the teleportation feed with my thoroughly magnificent technology. Easy really.’ The Doctor was still smiling like a clown.

‘So we’re trapped here with Reapers surrounding us?’ Rose cried.


‘Great! Plus, why can’t the Reapers just use the teleportation feed to get inside the TARDIS?’

‘Pedestrian teleport system,’ the Doctor answered happily. ‘Since the feed is on the ground, the Reapers can’t use it.’

‘Right,’ Rose said. ‘What happens now?’

‘Now that’s the right sort of question!’ the Doctor declared excitedly. ‘To control an army this large, the Reapers must have some kind of leader. Now a leader needs to have a base. And that base must be very strategically placed. And there’s nowhere on Exx Xis Six that’s more strategic than here — inside this crater. Conclusions — their base must be very near here.’ He was energetically pacing the floor of the TARDIS now.

‘What use is that to us?’ said Rose. ‘I mean we’re not going to invade… are we…?’

‘Why not?’ the Doctor questioned as if this was obviously the most sensible course of action.

There was a pause.

‘Right ho,’ the Doctor said decisively, walking quickly over to the control panel. ‘We’ve got to see what there is to see outside.’

‘But you can’t go out there!’ blurted Rose loudly, running to the Doctor.

The Doctor said with his back to her, ‘Not going to. Look and learn!’

He flicked a switch and the TARDIS walls rolled down like window blinds to reveal panels of pure transparent glass. From these, Rose could see outside the TARDIS. And all she could see was Reapers. Hundreds and thousands of them, surrounding the TARDIS in a wall of whipping tails, clutching claws and hungry, blazing eyes.

‘How are we gonna find their base if there are that many outside?’ Rose said distantly, awestruck by the sheer size of the Reaper battalion. She could imagine the number ten million but she could not begin to picture ten million actual creatures in her mind.

‘Just let the TARDIS work its magic,’ reassured the Doctor,’ still playing with the controls. ‘Result!’ he declared. ‘Now come to the screen, quick, I’ve got something to show you.’
Rose darted round the control panel to where the TARDIS’s computer was situated.

‘Right,’ the Doctor began, already excited. ‘The TARDIS is just doing a scan for potential Reaper bases… that’s a bird’s eye view of the crater…’ he pointed at the main panel on the screen… ‘Aha! There’s only one possibility — THERE!!!’ He showed Rose a gaping cavern in the side of the crater.

‘So… we’re gonna go there?’ asked Rose.




‘Good.’ They both smiled, then the Doctor was back to work.

‘Do me a favour and hold that lever down,’ the Doctor ordered. Rose obeyed and the giant engines rolled and clattered. The Doctor slammed a button and the TARDIS spun round and round. For a moment Rose could see the great space — time vortex whirling chaotically through the open windows. Then the TARDIS materialised inside a huge underground cavern.

There were fifteen Reapers hovering menacingly around a patch of darkness at the centre of the cave. Both the Doctor and Rose got the feeling that it was being kept intentionally dark so as not to reveal whatever lurked inside.

‘Before we step out there,’ warned the Doctor, ‘we’ve got to activate the extrapolator. Then at least we’re safe from Reaper claws, but if they have big, nasty missiles, then we’ll bite the dust.’ He grinned dangerously and Rose copied him.

'I didn't know we still had that thing,' Rose commented.

'Neither did I,' admitted the Doctor.

He stabbed the force field generator with a finger and pulled the wire that connected it to the TARDIS. There was a flash of blue light and a loud whining noise. The Doctor said over this sound, ‘Right — it’s working. Let’s get outta here!’

He bounded to the TARDIS doors, opened them, and strode out, Rose following.

There was an ear-splitting chorus of screeches as fifteen Reapers simultaneously dived towards them, scythe tails slashing the air and stomach mouths wide open. The Doctor simply stood there, and the Reapers crashed into their force field. There was a crackle of electricity and the monsters were hurled backwards, electrocuted. The Doctor smiled and said, ‘Totally useless.’ The Reapers screeched and flitted, bat—like, back to their positions.

Rose was about to say something when a deep, grating, hissing voice interrupted. ‘Call up the reinforcements,’ it croaked. ‘I will deal with the “Doc-tor”!’

The Doctor frowned. ‘Who’s there?’ he called into the blackness.


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Chapter 3: Revenge of the Reapers 3

‘One who has waited a long time for this moment,’ hissed the voice cryptically.

‘Why, what have I ever done to you? Whoever you are?’ the Doctor urged angrily.

A screech came from within the dark. A harsh, electronic light flashed on, revealing a huge monstrous towering shape. It resembled a Reaper but had some new hideous features. It had three long curving horns that sprouted from its skull. Its wings were larger than the whole of a normal Reaper’s body. Its form was adorned with spikes and spines and claws and teeth. And, unlike a normal Reaper, it had a mouth in its head as well as in its stomach.

Both the Doctor and Rose gaped at its enormity and its devastating aura of power.

‘I am the Lord of the Reapers,’ it spoke.


Up in the sky, an army of Reapers amassed. The ‘clouds’ swam through the air at a sickening rate as, all over the world, the heights emptied. Columns upon columns of Reapers converged above the volcano, awaiting orders.

‘Come my brothers,’ rasped the Lord of the Reapers.

And the Reapers did.

Fifteen of the creatures dislodged themselves from the ten million and streamed gracefully toward the crater in a spiralling pattern. Another group of fifteen followed, and another after that, and another, and another, until there was a solid spiral of Reapers all heading in the same direction.

Heading towards the Doctor and Rose.

Inside the cavern, the Doctor shut his mouth with a snap. And grinned wildly.

‘Guess we’d better be going, then!’ he said.

‘You shall not leave!’ the Lord of the Reapers cried. He loomed over them menacingly. Red lightning laced from one of his claws, closing around their force field, gripping it. Then the constricting line of light fluidly pulled them and their shield away from the TARDIS, towards which the Doctor and Rose had instinctively stepped.

‘Why have you destroyed this planet?’ the Doctor said desperately. ‘Why? What’s the point?’

‘To feed,’ the Lord of the Reapers said in guttural, growling tones. ‘We have purged the land of its life,

so we can grow strong and proud, the supreme beings.’

Rose opened her mouth in horror and fright. The Doctor could only say one word.

‘How?’ he asked.

‘The time wound,’ the Lord of the Reapers reminded him contemptuously. ‘We have mastered the ability to make time wounds by drawing power from a machine that uses the time vortex as fuel.’

The Doctor was slack-jawed. ‘It can’t be…’

‘You were never meant to land here, Doctor. We stole your fuel. The time vortex was rerouted into the planet of Exx Xis Six. Time convulsed and you spun through space about to crash -land. The rift in the time vortex was made. We bridged the gap and invaded.’

Both the Doctor and Rose were silent.

‘And at any time I like, the time vortex can be returned to your ship, creating a second rift. Then we will cross it, deactivate the extrapolator, and you… will…DIE!’

A rank of Reapers flitted in through the entrance to the cave. Then another, and another, and another. Soon the entire cave was filled with hungry, glaring eyes and slashing claws. Rose screamed.

Then a fountain of blazing blinding white light sprang up from the TARDIS. There was a whooshing sound and the time machine’s outline glowed as the spiralling tunnel of the time vortex flowed into it.

‘You’re ripping open the fabric of time and space!’ the Doctor shouted.

‘Just like we did before,’ the Lord of the Reapers replied confidently. He beat his massive wings and rose into the air, laughing, his power at its zenith, magnificent, unstoppable. The radiance of the time vortex shone brighter than ever before, and the last thing Rose saw before she was lost in the light was the manic eyes of the Lord of the Reapers, and his terrible smile.


Inside the TARDIS, the blaze of the rift in time was dimmer but no less powerful. The panel that covered the time vortex entrance rattled and shifted a little. The Reapers were crossing the rift, and were escaping through that point.

The panel was suddenly smashed outwards, leaving a gaping hole in the universe. And through it oozed a monstrous form, the vague outline of a Reaper, though somehow distorted and altered. It squeezed through the gap, malleable as clay, and thrashed its tail, screeching. It flew over to the control panel and slammed its claw down on the extrapolator’s ON/OFF switch.


Silver sparks shattered the edge of the Doctor and Rose’s force field. There was a beep, then the force field started to fade away. ‘This is the end…’ Rose whispered. Tears trickled down her cheek. She and the Doctor held hands and waited for the end.

Reapers upon Reapers surged forward into the force field. It still held, to their frustration, but it wouldn’t for long. Then thoughts flashed through Rose’s head. Pedestrian teleport system… VWEP!… That was fun…

Then Rose realised. The Doctor said he could move teleportation feeds with the sonic screwdriver. There was already one in the TARDIS. Suppose he could move the other here, now?

She asked him.


A Reaper finally burst through the weakened force field to find… a small rotating pillar, slightly dust stained.

And nothing else.

‘You’re a genius,’ the Doctor’s voice rang as VWEP! He and Rose materialised in the TARDIS, right next to the control panel.

‘That won’t help you much,’ the Lord of the Reapers said as he emerged through the time vortex entrance. Now his body shimmered with humming energy, and he held a small gadget. Rose presumed that this was the device that allowed him to move rifts and to create them.

‘Yeah, it will actually,’ corrected the Doctor. Considering I can do this.’

He slammed his hand upon the extrapolator.

The luminous force field slammed back into reality. They were, once again, protected from the searing heat of the rift and the weapons of the Lord of the Reapers.

The Reapers screeched but the Lord of the Reapers didn’t show any signs of distress or disappointment. He merely held out a clutching claw, and a leyline of lightning snaked from his flesh, electrocuting the force field, and once again shifting it slightly to the left.

‘No…’ the Doctor murmured stubbornly, and produced the sonic screwdriver. He flicked its switch and the lightning peeled away from the force field and towards the Lord of the Reapers. The mighty creature snarled, and tried with all his fury to again gain control of the lightning. But the Doctor was gritting his teeth and forcing the power of the storm back, steadily back, towards the Lord of the Reapers.

Rose could only look on in awe as the titanic power struggle raged back and forth between the Time Lord and the Reaper.

And, finally, beside the very heart of the TARDIS, the lightning turned on its controller.

Red zigzags of electricity blazed and flowed across the body of the Lord of the Reapers. He screamed, and, although he was indestructible, the lightning’s betrayal was causing him much pain.

The Doctor didn’t waste a second. Using the sonic screwdriver, he moved the warping form of the Lord of the Reapers towards the time vortex entrance. The Reaper struggled and screeched but he could not stop the Doctor. The Time Lord dragged him into the rift, and with a last effort, let go of him.

The Lord of the Reapers fell, spiralling and warping, into the heart of the TARDIS. But, with a strength that only comes in temporary defeat, sent a fireball hurtling through the air towards the Doctor. Before Rose could do anything, it hit the Doctor with amazing speed. The Doctor blazed and arcs of energy streamed around him. The Reapers shrieked in ecstasy!

‘Get… the machine… press… third button…’ moaned the Doctor. And, as if on cue, a little gadget popped out of the time vortex.

Rose lunged for it. As she did so, she happened to fall heavily on the extrapolator switch. The force field beeped and began to fade…

The device rolled onto the floor. Rose jumped at it. Three Reapers swung their scythe-tails at her. She dodged one, leapt over the second, but the third hit her in the leg. Luckily, it was not the razor-sharp end, but the side of the blade. Still, it was enough to trip her up. She screamed, and fell sprawling on the ground. Her right hand was an inch away from the machine…

She made a lunge. A Reaper did the same. Their hands collided. Rose’s arm got there first, but it was sliced open. She screamed. Still, she had the device. In a foggy, bloody haze, she saw the Lord of the Reapers crossing the rift again. She saw a group of Reapers flitting over to the electrocuted Doctor, their stomach mouths open. She saw the machine in her hand and dimly recalled the Doctor saying, ‘Third button…’ Instinctively, her hand crept out. Time seemed to slow. The Reapers seemed frozen in place. She knew this was the Doctor’s gift to her, he was a Time Lord, so he could control time to some degree. In that second, she must do the deed.

She slammed the button.

The time vortex panel closed, slicing the Lord of the Reapers in half. Except he wasn’t there. He was half there. His body was blazing, burning, shrivelling into dust and blinding energy. The glow of the rift dimmed, shone out, then faded away. The screeches of the Reapers grew quieter, then went altogether. Burning light momentarily filled the room. Then all was calm and silent. Rose felt the Doctor shaking her, then felt nothing at all. She blacked out.

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Chapter 4: Revenge of the Reapers 4 - Epilogue

Author's Notes: I thought 'I might as well finish up some old stories before I start finishing the new ones'. So here I am. Finishing Revenge of the Reapers with its tiny, conclusive epilogue.
If, at the end, you want to read more, go to 'The Other Place'.
Oops, like it says at the end!


She woke suddenly amidst the humming lights and pillars of the TARDIS. Rose tilted her head upwards. The window-walls were still open. She could see the burning spirals of the Time Vortex outside them, warping and shifting into shapes innumerable.

And there — the Doctor! Crouching amidst the controls, casting her a huge grin.

Returning the smile, she rushed over to grab him in a hug.

‘What happened?’ she asked him later.
‘You closed the rift. It’s over,’ the Doctor replied, shortly.

Rose looked dissatisfied, but didn’t say anything, casting her glance to the window. The TARDIS was moving, flying, towards…

‘Where are we going?’

‘Earth. London. 2006.’

‘To see Jackie?’ Rose asked teasingly.

‘No way!!!’ the Doctor put down the tea cup he had been holding. ‘There are other parts of London, you know. I was thinking we could go to the outskirts. Town called Twickenham.’

Rose realised. ‘That’s the place with the rugby ground, isn’t it?’

‘Yes,’ the Doctor answered. ‘And it’s also the place where a giant mysterious shadow is blocking out all light in the vicinity.’


(The ‘shadow’ story is continued in ‘The Other Place’…)

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