Green Blobby Thing by Gwyneth

Summary: This is my first ever story so please dont be harsh!
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Torchwood
Characters: Gwen Cooper, Jack Harkness, Myfanwy, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato
Genres: Action/Adventure
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Published: 2006.12.14
Updated: 2007.02.08


Chapter 1: .::The Strange Noise::.
Chapter 2: .::The Bleghika::.
Chapter 3: .::Slime and Shooting::.
Chapter 4: .::Ice Powers::.
Chapter 5: .::A Certain Pet::.
Chapter 6: .::Alien Devices::.

Chapter 1: .::The Strange Noise::.

Author's Notes: Sorry this chapter is short ... the next one will be posted as soon as I've finished it

Disclaimer: I dont own Torchwood or any of the characters

The bell rang through the hub and the four torchwood members ran to the SUV, where Jack got in the drivers seat and drove off.

They reached the village quickly, but found no-one there. As they set of to explore, Jack and Gwen in one direction and Owen and Tosh in the other.

Jack and Gwen went up to a house, opened the door, and went in, guns raised. They searched the whole house, but found nothing. As they were about to leave Gwen heard a strange noise came from behind a door which she had not noticed earlier.

“Errrr…Jack? What was that?”

“What?” He asked a quizzical look on his face.

“That!” Gwen said, as the noise could be heard again. Jacks face turned from quizzical to surprise when he heard it.

“Oh, that.”

They crept to the door, ready to shoot anything that moved. Gwen nudged the door open and crept inside, Jack mimicking her.

They had come into a short, narrow corridor which turned to the right at the end. As they peeked round the corner their eyes met the strangest thing they had ever seen. A kind of green blobby thing, with two very large eyes and a even larger mouth, stood in the corridor. When it saw them, it made the funny noise again.

“Blegh, blegh, blegh!” It said and very slowly began to jump towards them. Jack and Gwen just stood there paralysed to the spot, both still wondering if this was a dream.

When it finally reached them, it came up to Gwen and in one swift movement, and before either Jack or Gwen had worked out what was going on, the green blob had swallowed Gwen whole.

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Chapter 2: .::The Bleghika::.

The creature burped and said, “Mmmm. Tastes like chicken!”

Jack could see Gwen swirling around in the creatures stomach. She was curled up into a ball, but he could see her face. It had a look of sheer terror on it, and he could see her shouting for him to help her. He had to do something … but what?

“Let her go” Jack said, sounding a lot braver than he felt at that moment.

“Why should I? She is a very tasty, as a starter, I am still a bit hungry you see,” he said this as he sized up Jack, “and you can be the main course!” With that it started going “Blegh, blegh, blegh,” again and jumped towards Jack.

Jack ran. He wasn’t sure if Gwen could him but shouted over his shoulder anyway, “I’ll be back for you! Don’t worry,” and before the creature had gone more than a few centimetres, Jack was out of the house, and running to find the others.


“It’s in here,” Jack said to the rest of the team as they went back into the house. It was standing in the middle of the hall, waiting for them to return.

“EUGH!! What is that thing?”

“I am a Bleghika, not thing!”

“Ever heard of it Jack?” Owen whispered into Jacks ear so the Bleghika couldn’t hear him.

“No. Sorry. Never.”

Jack was wondering why they were still standing, gawping at it and not doing anything. So he pulled out his gun and shot the ‘Bleghika’ right in the head. Jack and the others thought it had worked as the head got blown off, but as they ran towards it to get Gwen, its head re-grew.

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Chapter 3: .::Slime and Shooting::.

The Bleghika snorted with laughter.

“You think you can defeat me by blowing off my head? HA!”

“Errrr…what was plan B?” Tosh asked quietly.

“There isn’t one,” Jack replied.


“So, what are we going to do?” Muttered Owen.

“THIS!” Jack shouted as he made up a plan, and he ran at the Bleghika. He stopped right in front of it and closed his eyes as though waiting for the worst. The Bleghika jumped forward once and with the same swift movement he ate up Jack. The creature swelled up once he ate Jack to make room.

“You all right?” Jack asked Gwen as he joined her in the creatures stomach.

“Yeah … well as good as I can be under these circumstances!” Gwen laughed.

Jack chuckled, “Yeah,” his voice turned more serious, “but anyway,” and he pulled out his gun. He shot the Bleghika straight through the brain. Once. Twice. Three times.

The Bleghikas head exploded as before, showering a confused Owen and Tosh with the sticky green slime.

The head started to grow back again, but before the brain, which develops first, had barely grown, Jack shot it again, making it explode once more. Jack gave Gwen a quick nudge and told her to get out. So Gwen tried to scramble out, but brain was re-growing again, blocking the escape route. Jack saw this and shot it through the brain, enabling Gwen to get out.

Once she was safe, though very sticky and slimy, Jack shot it again, and freed himself before the Bleghikas head had started to re-grow.

Suddenly the doors and windows slamed shut. The Bleghika cakled as they heard the locks click.

They were trapped.

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Chapter 4: .::Ice Powers::.

Author's Notes: Here's Chapter 4! Sorry its taken a while for me to update this but I didn't know what to write!

“SHIT!” Jack swore.

“Yeah, that’s kinda not good!” Gwen agreed.

“What are you going to do with us?” Said a very nervous Toshiko.

“Well. First off, I’m going to play a game with you; then, I’m going to kill you; then, I’m going to eat you; and finally, I’ll probably burp!” The Bleghika said with a smile.

“Oh!” Said Tosh, wishing she had never asked.

He then jumped towards Tosh, who was standing away from the rest of team, making her an easy target.

She tried to move her legs, but they didn’t respond. When the Bleghika was close enough, it blew very hard.

A translucent white gas came out of its mouth. As it reached Tosh, it spread and an ice block formed around her.

“What the hell? You have ice powers?”

“If that’s what you want to call it then, yes!” The Bleghika replied.

“You know, if this wasn’t real it would be a very funny story … Beware the evil Bleghika, a green blobby thing that goes ‘blegh!’ and has amazing evil ice powers!” Joked Owen.

“Har har! Jack said very sarcastically, “not the time for jokes Owen, in case you haven’t noticed this IS real and its just a little bit of a problem.”

“Jack … You have got a plan, haven’t you?” Gwen asked uncertainly as he was pressing some codes into his nifty little device that he kept attached to his wrist.

“I’m working on one now,” he replied.

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Chapter 5: .::A Certain Pet::.

As they were talking Owen didn’t notice the Bleghika come up behind him. At the last moment he noticed and turned.

Gwen and Jack looked up as Owen was surrounded in a block of ice. Then the Bleghika turned to face them.

Jack.” Gwen nagged, tugging him arm slightly.

“Hurry up!” She almost screamed, the Bleghika jumping towards them.

“I can’t do anything at the moment. We’ve just got to RUN!” He replied grabbing her hand and dragging her towards the door.

“What about the others?” Gwen asked, glancing over her shoulder to look at them.

“They’ll live … I hope.”

“YOU HOPE?!?!” She shrieked at him stopping in her tracks and turned on her heels to face him.

“Come on,” Jack said, almost pleading with her. “Trust me. You’ve jus’ gotta trust me. OK?”

“Yeah.” Gwen replied with a nod of her head. With that they resumed running, and didn’t stop until they were outside. There they doubled over and panted for breath.

“What are we gonna do now?” Gwen asked once she had regained her breath.

“We are …” Jack said looking up to the sky. He returned his gaze to Gwen and gave her one of his dazzling smiles and finished, “We are gonna go back and help Owen and Tosh.”


“With the help of a certain pet.”

“Huh? OH! You mean Myfanwy?”


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Chapter 6: .::Alien Devices::.

Author's Notes: Here we go at last... the final chapter!!!


The Bleghika waited for the two to die, when it heard a loud screeching noise. It looked up and saw the other male and female running in with a… no? A Pterodactyl?

Jack and Gwen smiled at each other and told Myfanwy what to do. As always, Myfanwy did exactly as Jack said. He flew up high and circled above the Blegikas head, distracting him from Gwen and Jack.

While this was going on, Jack ran to Owen, and Gwen to Tosh. They hurriedly melted the ice with a clever little alien device that Myfanwy had brought along.

The Bleghika noticed what they were doing, so jumped over to Gwen.

‘Blegh! Blegh! Blegh!’

Myfanwy soared into action. He flew up high and then dived down, aiming straight at the Bleghika. As the pterodactyl went through the Bleghika, it burst into lots of tiny, sticky, green, slimy droplets that flew all over, covering everyone.

‘Woah!’ Owen exclaimed, now free from the ice.

‘Why didn’t he re-grow?’ Asked Toshiko.

‘I don’t think he can. Before we only destroyed part of its body, now we destroyed all of it.’ Gwen explained, while Jack nodded his head in agreement.

‘Come on let’s get outta here!’

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