Aurelia's Drabbles by lurking_latinist

Summary: Drabbles, double-drabbles, and drabble sequences. Many characters, all eras, ratings All Ages-Teen, no warning. Mostly gen and Doctor/Romana; ships indicated in notes.
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Published: 2022.04.23
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Aurelia's Drabbles by lurking_latinist
Chapter 18: Lost in Spacetime
Author's Notes: This one takes a bit of explaining. I watched the 2020 movie Lost at Christmas, in which Sylvester McCoy and Frazer Hines appear as a pair of side characters who are old friends, while Caitlin Blackwood (best known to Who fans as little Amelia) briefly appears as a young woman called Clara. (Clara! Honest!) McCoy's character gives some much-needed advice on the leads' rather baffling romance, but let's be honest, I wasn't there for the leads, I was there for Seven and Jamie. So here they are.

Double drabble, originally posted to AO3.

Jamie isn’t sure why this new Doctor is so keen on interfering in the love lives of a couple of strangers.

“It’s all very well, Doctor,” said Jamie, on the walk back to the concealed TARDIS, “and I’m glad you saved that Christmas woman from freezing to death in the snow, but did it have to be us?”

“Eh?” said the Doctor vaguely. Jamie had learned that this new Doctor liked to seem mysterious and evasive, and was rather better at it than the Doctor he tried to avoid thinking of as “his own one,” but he still liked to talk, too. So he asked again.

“Was there nobody else in Glencoe that would talk a bit of sense into her and her young man?”

“Oh, no, Jamie, that wasn’t why we were there, that was just our good deed for the day. Quite spontaneous,” explained the Doctor.

“Then why exactly were we spending Christmas pretending to be snowed in at a wretched hotel?”

“Ah.” The Doctor hit at a pebble with the tip of his recovered umbrella, not quite looking at Jamie. “You remember that red-headed girl, Miss Clara?”

“Aye,” said Jamie, taken aback.

“Well, she poses something of a mystery in the Web of Time, and I’m very much afraid that she has something to do with my future…”

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