Aurelia's Drabbles by lurking_latinist

Summary: Drabbles, double-drabbles, and drabble sequences. Many characters, all eras, ratings All Ages-Teen, no warning. Mostly gen and Doctor/Romana; ships indicated in notes.
Rating: Teen
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Published: 2022.04.23
Updated: 2022.05.08

Aurelia's Drabbles by lurking_latinist
Chapter 1: Hindsight is...
Author's Notes: Seven, Ace and Hex. Originally posted to AO3. Warning for mention of COVID-19.

"Why d'you do that?" said Ace curiously. "Sort of... call your coughs and sneezes."

“Try it,” chirped the Doctor, mock-innocent. “It’s this planet’s equivalent of tea.”

Hex drank obediently, then spat out the “tea,” coughing, as Ace laughed remorselessly.

“Just chokin’ on your horrible tea!” he gasped. (The Doctor sipped his own, silently.)

“Why d’you do that?” said Ace curiously. “Sort of... call your coughs and sneezes.”

“Habit, really,” said Hex. “Don’t want everyone to think I’ve got the virus, do I.”

“The virus?”

“Right, 1980s, I keep forgetting. I mean COVID.”

Ace still looked blank.

“Oh my god”—Hex turned to the Doctor—“you sent her to 2021 and you didn’t tell her?”

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