Four time-travellers and a baby by Williams Fan 92

Summary: The Doctor and his companions encounter a human infant and attempt to return it to its parents.
Rating: Teen
Categories: Fifth Doctor
Characters: Nyssa, Original Companion, Tegan Jovanka, The Doctor (5th), The Master (Ainley)
Genres: None
Warnings: None
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Series: None
Published: 2021.04.06
Updated: 2022.02.26


Chapter 1: Introduction to Michael Anderson
Chapter 2: Character guide
Chapter 3: Chapter 1
Chapter 4: Chapter 2
Chapter 5: Chapter 3
Chapter 6: Chapter 4
Chapter 7: Chapter 5
Chapter 8: Chapter 6
Chapter 9: Chapter 7
Chapter 10: Chapter 8
Chapter 11: A breakdown of Michael Anderson’s racing career

Chapter 1: Introduction to Michael Anderson

Author's Notes: Michael's bio:
Y.O.B: 1961
Occupation: racecar driver.
Relatives: James (father), Brenda (mother), Michelle (older sister), Mavis (younger sister), Marie (younger sister), Mark (younger brother).

This is an introduction to Michael Anderson, an original character that I have created for this story as a companion to the Doctor. He is technically part of a different reality as I would imagine him as having started off with the 4th Doctor whilst he was travelling with the second incarnation of Romana. Michael would then travel with them into E-Space where they meet Adric before staying with him and the Doctor as they leave E-Space and meet Nyssa and Tegan before the Doctor’s 4th regeneration. He would then continue travelling with them before temporarily leaving just after Tegan was accidentally left behind at Heathrow. He then reunited with the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan just after the latter three’s period in Amsterdam. He continued travelling with the Doctor, after the departure of Nyssa, Tegan and later Turlough before witnessing the Doctor regenerate into his Sixth incarnation. He continued travelling with the Doctor and Peri Brown before leaving for good in an adventure that occurred just after their encounter with the Daleks on Necros.

I thought I would place Michael’s introduction on this story since it is the first one I have written that features him. As far as I can see, all subsequent stories I write that feature any Doctor and companion line-up that he would have been a part of, will feature him.

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Chapter 2: Character guide

Author's Notes: A list of each character that appears in this story with a brief description.

The Doctor (A time-traveller from the planet Gallifrey)
Michael Anderson (His English human companion from 1979, single-seater racecar driver)
Nyssa (His Trakenite companion)
Tegan Jovanka (His Australian human companion from 1981, former air stewardess)
The Master (The Doctor's former school friend now enemy)
Amanda (Humanoid infant from the planet Rycott)
James Anderson (Michael's father, world renowned sportscar champion)
Brenda Anderson (Michael's mother)
Michelle Anderson (Michael's older sister)
Mavis Anderson (Michael's younger sister, Marie's twin)
Marie Anderson (Michael's younger sister, Mavis' twin)
Mark Anderson (Michael's younger brother)
Norris (the Anderson’s pet Labrador)

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Chapter 3: Chapter 1

Author's Notes: Nyssa, Michael and Tegan attempt to investigate what they believe to be an intruder within the Tardis.

One night in the Tardis whilst it had materialised on a nice relaxing planet, Michael was fast asleep in his bed. A crashing sound occured which woke him up.

"I had better investigate," he said to himself.

He climbed out of bed and placed his feet inside a pair of blue slippers. He then crossed to the other side of the room and fetched his dressing gown which was also blue although it had a flannel pattern. He proceeded to pull it on and secure it around his waist. Finally, he picked up a torch so that he could see in the dark and one of the Doctor's spare cricket bats that he kept in his room. He would need to protect himself in case the perpetrator(s) tried to attack him.

It was dark in the Tardis corridors, but Michael still found his way around them. Suddenly he saw two figures through the blackness.

"Please don't attack me," he said. "I am armed."

"Why would we attack you?" came a familiar sounding feminine Australian accent.

The two figures then came into a lighter spot to reveal themselves.

"Oh it's you two," said Michael, relieved.

The two figures were none other than Nyssa and Tegan. They had also been woken up by the noise and gotten up to investigate. They were dressed exactly as Michael was except Nyssa's dressing gown was plain white whereas Tegan's was grey and had stars on. Nyssa wore matching slippers whilst Tegan's slippers were pink.

"Did that crash wake you up as well?" asked Nyssa.

"Yes Nyssa," replied Michael. "Who or what do you think it was?"

"Burglars I expect," replied Nyssa.

"Perhaps Nyssa," said Tegan "but then again, they couldn't have gotten in without a key."

"You're right there Tegan," Nyssa said. "Although, supposing the Doctor had left the doors open."

"No, the Doctor wouldn't do that," said Michael.

"I guess that rules out stray animals then," said Tegan.

"Whoever it was could have beamed aboard," said Michael.

"Or used a Tardis to materialise inside," added Tegan. "like when the Master materialised his Tardis within this one when I first met the Doctor and you.

"Yes, I remember," said Michael.

"Well, the only way to find out is to actually go and look for ourselves," said Nyssa.

"Yes, but we need a plan first," said Tegan. "I see your carrying one of the Doctors spare cricket bats Mike."

"It's for self-defence in case the intruder/intruders try to attack us," said Michael. "Do you two have anything on you?"

"I've got some rope so that we can tie them up if and when we have to restrain them," said Nyssa.

"I've brought a can of spray to repel on them in case they attack us. It can assist the cricket bat," said Tegan.

"Ok, here's the plan," began Michael. "Once we have restrained the intruder/intruders, you two keep a hold of them so that they don't escape and I will go and inform the Doctor of what's happened. He is usually asleep at this point."

"Sounds good to me," said Nyssa.

"Agreed," added Tegan.

And with that, the trio quietly continued on their way towards the console room. As they got closer, the noises became louder. When they got there, the lights were off and the trio couldn't see anything but they could just make out the shape of a figure.

"Tegan, when I say now, switch the lights on and then we'll go from there," Nyssa whispered.

"Ok," Tegan whispered back.

Tegan walked towards the entrance of the console room and she then reached her hand around and over the light switch. Nyssa and Michael then tip-toed next to her ready for action.

"Now," said Nyssa.

Tegan flicked the light switch on and Nyssa and Michael ran into the console room only to stop after about 3 feet when they saw who the figure was. The companions mouths dropped at seeing that the figure was none other than the Doctor. He was holding a wire from the console in his hand. Unlike his three companions, the Doctor was properly dressed, wearing his regular outfit consisting of the cricket jumper covered by his jacket and even his celery lapel was attached.

"It's you Doctor!" exclaimed Tegan.

"Of course it's me," said the Doctor. "What are you three doing up?"

"That crash woke us up," said Nyssa.

"We thought somebody had broken in," added Michael.

The Doctor then noticed that Michael was holding his cricket bat.

"So that's where I left my spare cricket bat," said the Doctor.

"We thought you would have gone to bed by now," said Nyssa.

"Well I probably should have told you when I started doing it, but I have been going to bed slightly later because I felt that console maintenance would be done quicker if I had later nights," replied the Doctor.

"I guess you didn't start causing things to crash until tonight then," said Tegan. "What was it anyway?"

"I dropped part of the console's casing which as you said I hadn't managed to do until now," the Doctor answered.

"That's all very well Doctor," said Michael.

Just as Michael finished speaking, the foursome heard a whooshing noise outside.

"That's another Tardis," said the Doctor.

He went to the scanner switch and flicked it. The scanner came on and revealed that a Tardis had indeed landed. It's door opened and a figure walked out and then went into the distance.

"I bet that's the Master," said the Doctor.

"What are we gonna do?" asked Michael.

"We'll have to go outside straightaway and confront him," said the Doctor.

"Go outside?!" exclaimed Nyssa.

"Dressed like this?!" asked Tegan.

"He might have gone by the time you three get dressed," said the Doctor. "Besides I doubt anyone will see you.”

“Apart from the Master of course," said an annoyed Tegan.

“Oh yeah,” realised the Doctor.

Michael, Nyssa and Tegan were pretty annoyed at having to go outside wearing pyjamas and their dressing gowns and slippers, but they knew they had no choice.

"Alright we’ll do it," said Michael reluctantly.

"Fair enough," added Nyssa.

"Let's just get this over with," said Tegan.

"That's good," said the Doctor as he opened the Tardis doors.

And with that, the foursome made their way out of the Tardis.

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Chapter 4: Chapter 2

Author's Notes: The Tardis team confront the Master during the night, and then Nyssa discovers a surprise the following morning.

The Doctor, Michael, Nyssa and Tegan were now outside the Tardis on the lookout for the Master. It was rather cold, although that was down to the fact that it was still night-time.

"I feel absolutely stupid," muttered Tegan, still annoyed by the fact that she was wearing night clothes.

"At least we're warm," remarked Michael.

"How do know me and Tegan are warm?" asked Nyssa confused.

"Well I am, so I assumed you two were," replied Michael.

"That's one positive for you then," added the Doctor who was holding his jacket closed so as to keep himself warm.

The quartet then saw a figure coming towards them.

"That has to be the Master," said Michael.

This time, Michael was not mistaken in his judgement. As the figure got closer, it became clear that it was indeed the Master. When he saw the quartet, he chuckled nastily.

"Fancy encountering you lot here," he remarked.

"What are you doing here," demanded the Doctor.

"I don't have to tell you," replied the Master. "You can just let me leave here."

Michael, Nyssa and Tegan quickly advanced on him. Since the Master couldn't see very well, they managed to grab hold of him and prevent him from attacking them. Michael then held the cricket bat, which he was still carrying, in the air, whilst Tegan pulled the can of spray out of her dressing gown pocket.

"Give us a good reason as to why we should," demanded Nyssa.

"I haven't caused any trouble," replied the Master. "So there is no point in keeping me here."

"I say we let him go," said the Doctor.

Upon hearing this, the Doctor's companions let go of the Master.

"We'll let you leave," said Nyssa. "But don't think you're off the hook."

"Please Nyssa," replied the Master. "I am fully aware of that. I shall be leaving now."

The Master did just that, but on the way towards his Tardis, he turned back to Michael, Nyssa and Tegan and smirked at them.

"Nice outfits," he remarked before continuing on his way.

Michael, Nyssa and Tegan were incredibly annoyed by this. They turned to the Doctor and glared at him.

"I told you he'd notice," said Tegan.

"Sorry about that," replied the Doctor feeling rather bad.

"At least it's over and we can now go back to bed," remarked Michael.

So the foursome went back into the Tardis to get some more sleep. The next morning, they were outside in the sun. Michael , Nyssa and Tegan were now properly dressed. Michael was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, Nyssa had donned her stripped skirt and Tegan wore her boob tube outfit. The Doctor was apologising for the previous night.

"In future, I will let you guys get dressed whenever we get into a situation like that," he said.

"Thank you Doctor," said Michael. "We forgive you."

"Of course," the Doctor replied. "Now then, is there anything else you three fancy doing before we leave this planet?"

"Nothing for me," said Tegan.

"I don't have anything else to do here," added Michael.

"I might go and explore the area in that direction since I wasn't with you when you three used it," said Nyssa, pointing in the direction of an area covered in flowerbeds.

"Of course Nyssa," said the Doctor. "We'll see you back here when you're done."

"See you later," said Nyssa as she walked towards the flowerbeds.

Nyssa eventually arrived at the flowerbeds. She could barely see the Tardis or her friends. The flowerbeds looked really well designed.

"This is beautiful," she remarked.

As she looked around, she noticed a container at one end. She walked towards the object and when she got closer she kneeled down next to it.

"I wonder what this thing's doing here," she said.

She felt around the container trying to find a way to open it. After a few seconds, she found a latch that she pulled which loosened the lid. She opened the lid and she saw a human infant. Her eyes widened.

“Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed.

Just then, the baby stirred and woke up.

“Hello there,” said Nyssa.

She lowered her hand into the container to lightly touch the baby’s arm. The baby looked up at her and cooed.

“Where did you come from? I didn’t expect to find you on this remote planet,” said Nyssa.

Her hand then brushed over a piece of paper that had been placed right next to the baby. Nyssa picked it up and read it. Once she’d finished, she turned back to the baby.

“I think I should show you to my friends,” she said. “If I show them this note and tell you I found you alone, I’m sure they’ll understand.”

Nyssa put the note in her pocket and closed the containers lid, it had holes in it so that the baby could breath. Nyssa then picked the container up and made her way back to the Tardis carrying it.

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Chapter 5: Chapter 3

Author's Notes: The Doctor, Michael, Nyssa and Tegan take the baby into their care.

Nyssa arrived back at the Tardis carrying the baby in the container. The Doctor, Michael and Tegan were sitting on the grass and taking in their surroundings one last time. When they saw Nyssa, they got up.

"You're back," said the Doctor.

"How was it?" asked Michael.

"It was lovely," replied Nyssa.

Tegan then noticed the container.

"What have you got in there?" she asked.

"I found something down at that flowerbed," said Nyssa. "You won't believe it until you see it."

Nyssa placed the container down on the ground. Her three friends gathered round and she opened the container up. Her three friends mouths dropped open when they saw the baby inside.

"A humanoid infant?!" exclaimed the Doctor.

The baby then opened it's eyes.

"What's it doing here?" asked Michael. "It can't be from this planet because it's remote."

"I found a note in the container which explains most of it," said Nyssa.

Nyssa reached into the container, picked up the note and handed it to the Doctor. The note read as follows:

'Dear whoever finds this, this note was written by the mother of this baby. Her name is Amanda. She has been forcibly taken from me for a reason that I cannot fathom. We are humanoid aliens from the planet Rycott. I managed to write this note and place it inside her clothes just before she got taken. Please take care of her and return her to me as soon as possible.’

“That’s just terrible,” Michael observed.

“I think we should take Amanda in,” said the Doctor.

“Good thinking Doctor,” Michael replied. “We can set the coordinates for wherever Rycott is and we can find her parents and give her back to them.”

“I don’t think it will be as simple as that Mike,” said Nyssa.

“What do you mean?” asked Michael.

“We can’t take her straight back to Rycott. We need to find out where it is and investigate as to who kidnapped her which could take a while,” said Nyssa.

Michael become a bit confused and then annoyed when he realised what this meant.

“You mean we have to feed her, let her sleep in the Tardis and keep her clean,” he asked as he gave a look of disbelief.

“Yes,” insisted the Doctor.

“This could take a while Mike, so we have to care for her somehow,” said Tegan as she kneeled down and took Amanda by the hand. “Aw, the poor thing.”

Michael pondered for a few seconds.

"Alright then," he said. "I'm not being asked to confront the Master in my pyjamas."

"That's the spirit Michael," said the Doctor.

Once they were inside the Tardis, the foursome began to plan how they were going to take care of Amanda.

"I think we should get her better transport than that container," said Nyssa. "A cradle would be best."

"I'll sort out her diet," said Tegan.

"I'll find her somewhere to sleep," said Michael.

"And I shall find out about Rycott and it's location," said the Doctor. "One of us should stay with Amanda in the console room whilst the rest of us do our respective tasks."

"I'll do it," said Nyssa.

"Thanks Nyssa," replied the Doctor.

The Doctor, Michael and Tegan went off to do their respective tasks whilst Nyssa stayed with Amanda. She picked up a book and began to read it from the point that she had gotten up to. After a few seconds, Amanda began to cry, so Nyssa put her book down and picked her up out of the container.

"What's wrong sweetie?" she asked.

Nyssa picked Amanda up and attempted in vain to calm her down.

"Having trouble already," asked Tegan who had come back and was now standing in the doorway.

"Yes Tegan," replied Nyssa.

"Let me try," said Tegan.

Nyssa handed Amanda over to Tegan and cradled her. This seemed to work as Amanda stopped crying.

"There we are," said Tegan.

"Aww, isn't she adorable," said Nyssa.

"Oh she is adorable," replied Tegan as she held Amanda in front of her. "Yes you are."

Unfortunately for Tegan, Amanda responded to this by vomiting on her. Tegan and Nyssa's smiles turned to looks of disgust. The former then handed Amanda back to the latter.

"You get yourself cleaned up Tegan, I'll clean her up," said Nyssa.

"Thanks Nyssa," said Tegan as she walked out of the console room to have a shower.

Tegan passed by one of the storage rooms. Michael was in there, looking for a bed for Amanda.

"How are you getting on?" asked Tegan.

"I've found a cot for her," replied Michael. "It looks like the Doctor is prepared for all situations and..."

Michael turned around and then stopped mid-sentence and let his jaw drop as he witnessed the sight of Tegan covered in sick.

"Did Amanda do that?" he asked.

"Of course it was," said Tegan. "You didn't think this was my vomit did you?"

"No," replied Michael.

Tegan then continued towards the bathroom. She passed the Doctor who looked at her in shock.

"Don't ask," she said as she walked past him.

The Doctor did as he was told and then went towards the console room to check on Nyssa.

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Chapter 6: Chapter 4

Author's Notes: The Tardis crew with Amanda land in Michael's home village of Remington in Yorkshire and go to see his family.

The Doctor and Michael had now joined Nyssa in the console room. The latter had finished cleaning Amanda up and was placing her in the cot that Michael had found. Tegan was currently in the shower down the corridors.

Nyssa then turned to look at Amanda.

"There you are darling. You're all clean," she said in a high pitched voice.

Just then, Tegan walked into the console room having finished her shower. She had wrapped herself in her dressing gown and she also had a towel wrapped around her head.

"Are you alright now Tegan?" asked the Doctor.

"Yes thank you Doctor," answered Tegan. "The only problem is that I haven't got any other clothes to wear at the moment."

"You can borrow my white skirt and grey jacket," said Nyssa. "It's either that or my Traken attire."

"You still have that?" asked Michael.

"Yes," Nyssa replied.

"What job did you assign yourself to for Amanda's care again?" asked the Doctor.

"Nourishment," answered Tegan. "I couldn't find any baby food in the Tardis. Amanda must be starving."

"That could be why she was crying earlier," said Nyssa. "But that's unlikely due to her being sick."

"Yes, I don't usually travel with companions under the age of 16," said the Doctor. "I could find some food that would be suitable for her, but it won't be enough."

"We could try Earth," suggested Nyssa.

"That's a good idea Nyssa," said Tegan. She then faced Michael. "Maybe we could pay a visit to your family and they could help us."

"I not sure," replied Michael.

"Oh come on Michael," said Nyssa. "I'm sure they'd be more than willing to help."

"Fine then," said Michael just as he turned towards the Doctor. "You can take us there Doctor. If anyone needs me until then, I'll be watching a 1982 edition of Grand Prix."

Michael walked out of the console room and past Tegan. She, the Doctor and Nyssa then all looked at each other.

"He's been acting strange ever since we took Amanda into our care," said Nyssa.

"Yeah," added Tegan. "It's almost as if he doesn't want to care for her."

"Oh I'm sure it's simpler than that," said the Doctor. "He probably isn't used to taking care of babies."

"Neither are we and we're coping fine," said Tegan. "Hell, Amanda was sick on me and I'm still willing to take care of her."

"Still, I'd say give him a chance," replied the Doctor. "Anyway, I say you get dressed Tegan. Me and Nyssa shall pack essentials and then I will set the coordinates for Remington."

Tegan went to her room to get dressed whilst the Doctor and Nyssa prepared for the Tardis to dematerialise in Remington. Eventually, the Tardis had arrived there. The crew were walking along a path and next to a river that went through the village. Tegan had donned Nyssa's jacket and skirt. The Doctor had bought some baby supplies from the village for Amanda who was being carried by Michael. Amanda was squirming and crying which Michael found very annoying. His friends were also a bit irratated, not simply because Amanda was crying, but because they thought Michael wasn't doing a great job of holding.

"This is so joyous isn't it," said Tegan sarcastically.

"I haven't had to deal with this in a while," added the Doctor. He then faced Michael "Michael, try harder."

"Well she won't stop squirming," replied Michael.

"That's because your holding her wrong," said Nyssa.

"Watch her head!" yelled Tegan.

"Give her to me, I'll try," said the Doctor.

Michael handed Amanda over to the Doctor who pulled a baby bottle out of the bag that he was carrying.

"She's probably hungry," he said as he fed her the bottle.

The Doctor carried Amanda the rest of the way to the house of Michael’s family. When they got there, Michael’s mother Brenda was trimming the hedges.

“Hello Mum,” called Michael.

“Michael!” Brenda cried in her German accent. “It’s so wonderful to see you again.”

Brenda put down the trimmers and went to embrace her eldest son.

“And how are you Doctor?” she asked as she went to hug the Doctor.

“I’m doing alright thank you Brenda,” replied the Doctor.

Brenda then welcomed Nyssa and Tegan.

“Are you to doing well,” she asked.

“Oh yes Mrs. Anderson,” said Nyssa.

“James, looks whose here,” Brenda called to her husband.

“Just coming dear,” James called in his Yorkshire accent.

Brenda then noticed Amanda who was now being carried by Michael. Her jaw dropped and she scanned her son as well as Nyssa and Tegan.

"Have you...?" she began, but Tegan cut her off.

"I know what you're thinking Mrs. Anderson, but this child doesn't belong to any of us," Tegan said. "We found her on an alien planet with a note from her parents asking for whoever found her to return her."

"I see," said Brenda.

Just then, James walked out of the house and into the garden.

"Hello Son," he said, noticing Michael first.

"Hello Dad," Michael replied.

"Whose this then?" James asked when he noticed.

"That's not Michael's baby," said Brenda.

"That's right Dad," Michael replied. "I'm not in a relationship with Nyssa or Tegan."

"I'll explain everything once we've settled down," said the Doctor.

"Certainly Doctor," said James. "How have you all been anyway?"

"Oh we've been through the usual," said Michael. "How are my sisters and brother?"

"Michelle's helping me make lunch, Mavis and Marie are in their room reading comics, and Mark is in the living room watching tv."

"You're all welcome to join us for lunch," said Brenda. "I'm sure I can fix something for... I'm sorry what's the baby's name?"

"Amanda," said the Doctor.

"Thank you Doctor," said Brenda.

"No, thank you for the invitation to lunch," the Doctor replied.

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Chapter 7: Chapter 5

Author's Notes: The Tardis crew continue their care for Amanda whilst in Remington. But someone is attempting to hinder that.

The Tardis crew and the Andersons had sat down at the table to eat lunch. Michael was sat between James and Michelle. Just as Brenda finished placing the food on the table, Norris, the Anderson's pet labrador, came running in.

"Hello Norris," said Michael. "You're looking well. I'll stroke you after lunch. I don't want to have to wash my hands again."

"Everything's ready now," said Brenda. "Tuck in."

Everyone did so and started conversing. Nyssa was sat next to Amanda and had the job of feeding her. Michelle had managed to fix up some mashed potatoes for her.

"Here comes the aeroplane," said Nyssa as she moved a spoonful of mashed potatoes toward Amanda's mouth who opened it and ate the potato.

"So what planet is Amanda from?" asked Michelle.

"A planet known as Rycott," answered the Doctor.

"We're still trying to find it's whereabouts," added Tegan. "We also need to find out who captured her and why."

Mavis then looked at Michael.

"Are you sure she isn't the offspring of you and one of your two female friends?" she asked.

Michael choked on his food at hearing this, and he and everyone else turned and looked at Mavis.

"Mavis!" scolded Brenda.

"Sorry Mum," Mavis apologised looking down at her plate.

"Believe me sis," said Michael. "She is not my daughter, or Nyssa's or Tegan's."

Michael then turned to face the Doctor.

"Who do you think captured her?"

"It can't have been anyone random," answered the Doctor.

"It was obviously someone that holds a grudge against Amanda's parents. It's irritating that the note didn't explain more."

"Yeah, I can't think of anyone who... oh my word!" exclaimed Tegan.

"What is it Tegan?" asked Nyssa.

"You don't think it was the Master," Tegan answered.

"Oh yes, that would make sense," said Michael. "It must have been Amanda that he was carrying that night on that planet."

"I feel stupid," said the Doctor. "I can't believe we didn't think that from the start."

"Well we've thought of it now Doctor," said Nyssa.

"I wonder if we'll see him here," continued the Doctor.

"Anyway, why don't I help the four of you take care of her whilst we take her around the village," suggested Michelle.

"That's kind of you dear," said Brenda.

"We appreciate it," added the Doctor.

Half an hour later, the Doctor, Michael, Nyssa, Tegan and Amanda had been joined by Michelle after they had left the house having finished lunch. They had also brought Norris with them. The Doctor was holding Amanda whilst conversing with Nyssa and Tegan whilst Michael who had Norris on a lead, was telling Michelle about the previous night.

"You had to face the Master in your pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers?!" asked Michelle.

"Yes, annoyingly," replied Michael. “The Doctor has however promised to let me get dressed for those situations, if I’m not already.”

“That’s good,” answered Michelle.

“Anyway, I say we buy her some more supplies,” said Michael.

Just then, the village’s parish councillor approached them.

“Hello Michael,” he said. “It’s good to see you again.”

“Likewise,” replied Michael. “I see not much has changed since I was last here.”

The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan then noticed a few benches near a pub.

"Why don't we rest over there," suggested Nyssa.

"That's a good idea," said the Doctor.

"We certainly need a rest," said Tegan.

Michael had now finished talking to the councillor and went over to them.

"We're just going to have a rest on those benches," said the Doctor. "I am putting Amanda in your care on one bench with us three on the one to it's left."

"Right you are Doctor," said Michael as he took Amanda.

The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan then went to their bench.

"Are you sure he's going to care for her properly," asked Tegan.

"Yes Tegan, give him a chance," said the Doctor.

They all sat down their respective benches. The Doctor then went into the pub to get him and his companions some drinks. Michael fed Amanda the bottle that the Doctor had given him. The Doctor soon returned with the pub landlord who handed them their drinks. Michael sipped his drink. After a minute or so, he started to feel tired and then dropped off. Amanda then crawled over to him and very nearly started to drink his beer. Luckily Tegan noticed before she could.

"What the rabbits!" she exclaimed.

She, Nyssa and the Doctor quickly went to Amanda. The Doctor picked her up, Nyssa grabbed Michael's beer, and Tegan attempted to wake him up.

"Michael!" she yelled.

Michael woke up and spluttered.

"What's going on," he asked.

“You fell asleep,” said the Doctor. “And Amanda nearly sipped your beer. Luckily we stopped her.”

“How did you manage to fall asleep?” asked Michelle who had joined them with Norris.

“I don’t know, I just sipped my beer and then I felt tired,” replied Michael.

“Somebody must have drugged it,” said Nyssa.

Just then, the landlord who had been watching came running away from the pub and entered a bus stop which then disappeared.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Nyssa. "He got away again."

"I was wondering where that bus stop came from," said Michelle.

"Don't worry I'm sure we'll catch him somehow," said the Doctor.

"I'm sorry," said Michael.

"It's not your fault Michael," said Nyssa as she handed his beer back to him.

"We shall sort this out back at the Tardis, as soon as we are done here," said the Doctor.

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Chapter 8: Chapter 6

Author's Notes: Back in the Tardis, the Master appears on the scanner screen and reveals that the drug Michael took will have an unearthly effect on him. *Translated from German.

"I'm sorry I doubted you Michael," said Tegan when they were back in the Tardis console room.

"That's alright Tegan," replied Michael who was holding Amanda. "I sometimes gave off that impression." *give

"Yes well, everything's alright now," said the Doctor. "Michael, can you and Tegan keep an eye on her whilst me and Nyssa find out about Rycott."

"Of course we can Doctor," said Michael.

"Good," said the Doctor.

The Doctor went towards the research room. Nyssa followed, but not before glancing at Amanda.

"We won't be long darling" she said in a soft voice. "You stay here with uncle Mike and auntie Tegan."

The three of them laughed and Nyssa then went to join the Doctor in the research room.

“This might be our chance to learn some babysitting/parenting skills,” said Michael.

“Agreed,” said Tegan. “The only experience I have is babysitting my niece during my break from the Tardis.”

“That’s more experience than I have,” said Michael. He then sniffed the air.

“Can you smell something?” he asked.

Tegan sniffed the air herself.

“I can, good grief that’s horrible,” she exclaimed as she and Michael both scrunched up their faces.

The two of them then looked down at Amanda.

“I’ll do the wiping, you can get her a new nappy and then dispose of the offending one,” said a displeased Michael.

“Ok then,” said an equally disgruntled Tegan.

The two of them set to work and before long, Tegan carried it off to be binned. After she had found the bin and placed the nappy inside it, the Doctor and Nyssa came back with their research.

"How are you doing," asked the Doctor.

"Me and Mike just had to change her," said Tegan. "How has your research been going?"

"We managed to find the location of Rycott," said Nyssa. "We even managed to recieve a message from Amanda's mother saying that she will give us her location so that we can get to her easily."

"That's good then," said Tegan.

"She will be spending one night here," added the Doctor.

Michael then walked around the corner carrying Amanda.

"How did you do?" asked Tegan.

"Well I managed to get her clean and put on her fresh nappy," Michael answered. "But not before she weed on me."

Michael lifted Amanda up to reveal a wet patch on his shirt and jeans.

"Good grief," said the Doctor.

"I'll have to go for a shower," said Michael.

"Yes of course Mike," said the Doctor.

The Doctor and Tegan then noticed that the pee on Michael's jeans made it look like it was his own. Michael noticed that the two of them were trying to stifle a laugh at which he looked down at his jeans and then looked back up and glared at the Doctor and Tegan.

"Don't you dare laugh," he demanded.

But the Doctor and Tegan couldn't hold it in and started laughing much to Michael's chagrin and Nyssa's annoyance.

"Really, you two should know better," Nyssa said. "Especially you Tegan."

"Sorry," said Tegan.

Nyssa then took Amanda from Michael.

"You go and have your shower Mike, I'll put Amanda to bed," she said.

"Thanks Nyssa," replied Michael. "The cot I found is in the storage room."

"Ok then, you go and clean off the..." began Nyssa who then tried to stifle a laugh at which Michael looked at her, annoyed.

"Oh no, I'm sorry," she said.

Michael just went off to the shower. A few minutes later, Nyssa and Tegan were in their room, putting Amanda to bed in her cot. Nyssa was reading a bedtime story to her whilst Tegan straightened the quilt.

"... and they all lived happily ever after," said Nyssa who was now at the end of the book. "The end."

Nyssa shut the book and stood up.

"The quilt is straight," said Tegan.

"That's good," replied Nyssa.

Just then, the Doctor walked in.

"I see she's nearly asleep," he said.

"She's getting there," said Tegan.

"Good," said the Doctor.

Michael then appeared at the doorway in his dressing gown and drying his hair with a towel having finished his shower.

"Ah, that's better," he said.

"Glad to hear that Michael," said the Doctor. "I'm sorry I laughed earlier."

"So am I," added Tegan.

"And myself," said Nyssa.

"That's alright," replied Michael as he looked at Amanda. "I see Amanda has settled into her cot."

"Indeed she has," said Nyssa.

Just then, a hole in one of the walls opened up to reveal a screen that had the Master on. They all looked at him angrily. The events caused Amanda to wake up.

"So you finally figured it out," said the Master.

"We probably should have done so earlier, but yes," said the Doctor.

"Oh great, he's woken her," groaned Tegan as she picked Amanda up.

The Master then looked at Michael and chuckled.

"What's so funny?" asked Nyssa.

"Michael's dressed appropriately for this again," the Master replied.

"Oh no!" Michael exclaimed, remembering what he was wearing.

The Master’s chuckle then became a roar of laughter.

"Stop laughing and wipe that grin off your face," the Doctor ordered.

"Oh I'm sorry," replied the Master. "But that's not the worst thing to happen to him today."

"Oh we figured out that it was you that drugged his beer," said Nyssa.

"Yes, but there's more to it," said the Master. "The drug I put in his beer has an unusual side effect to it."

"What would that be?" asked Michael, looking uneasy.

"That's for me to know and you to find out, tommorow morning," replied the Master. "I can at least assure you that it is not death."

And with that, the screen disappeared. The Tardis crew looked at each other concerned.

"Don't worry Michael," said the Doctor.

"Don't worry," Michael replied. "We don't know what the effect is, or the scale of it's danger."

"Is it really worth the risk of waiting till the morning to find out what it is?" asked Tegan.

"Yes it is Tegan," replied the Doctor.

The next morning, the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan were preparing breakfast in the kitchen. They all had concerned looks on their faces.

"I hope Michael's alive at least," said Tegan as she sat down at the table and tried to enjoy her breakfast.

"Of course he will be," said Nyssa.

Just then, they heard footsteps. After a few seconds, Michael walked in.

"Good morning Michael," said the Doctor, relieved that he was alive. "How do you feel?"

Michael looked around the kitchen and towards his three friends.

"Where am I? Who are you guys*?" he asked.

To the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan's collective shock, Michael had said this in German and with a German accent.

"I must have lost my memory*," he said. "I take it you're my friends*."

"Err... ja," replied the Doctor.

"How do you know what he said?" asked Nyssa.

"Oh, I've learnt German during my travels," answered the Doctor.

"I'm going to get dressed now. I'll have breakfast afterwards*," said Michael.

"Of course*," replied the Doctor.

Michael walked out of the kitchen.

"His mother's German," said Tegan. "That must explain it. Though we're still not sure how the drug does this."

"I shall have to research it," replied the Doctor. "I've got all the Rycott research, but before we get Amanda back, we need to get Michael back to his old-self."

"Shall we go back to Remington and tell Michael's family what's happened?" asked Tegan.

"Good thinking. Maybe his mother can do the translating," said Nyssa. "I'll go and wake Amanda up."

Nyssa walked out of the kitchen to go to Michael's room so as to wake Amanda up.

"I just hope we are successful," said the Doctor.

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Chapter 9: Chapter 7

Author's Notes: The Doctor and his companions return to Michael's home to try and reverse the effects of his condition. *Translated from German.

The Tardis landed right next to Michael’s house. He was first to exit followed by Nyssa. Michael looked at the house and then looked at Nyssa.

“I live here*?” he asked.

“Err… yes,” Nyssa replied still not 100% sure as to what he was saying.

The Doctor and Tegan then walked out of the Tardis with the latter carrying Amanda in her arms.

“How are we going to put it to them,” asked Tegan.

“We’ll just have to put it straight to them,” replied the Doctor.

“Ok, but I doubt they’ll react calmly to it,” Tegan replied.

“React calmly to what?” asked Brenda who had just come around the corner having been shopping.

The crew turned to face her.

“Hello Brenda,” said the Doctor.

“What’s happened Doctor?” she asked. “Why are you back so soon?”

“Who are you*?” Michael asked.

Brenda’s jaw dropped when she heard her son speaking German and in a German accent.

“I’m your mother Michael*,” she replied. “You don’t usually speak German unless it’s just us*.”

“He has lost his memory Brenda,” said Nyssa. “And he currently only speaks German and has a German accent.”

“Oh my baby!” Brenda exclaimed as she went to hug her son. Michael hugged her as well although he still wasn’t convinced that he was her son.

“I’m sorry about this Brenda,” said the Doctor.

“It’s alright Doctor, it’s not the first time something unearthly has happened to him,” replied Brenda. “But how do we change him back to English?”

“We don’t know yet,” replied Nyssa. “We’ve never encountered this sort of thing before.”

“Come inside and explain how this happened first then,” said Brenda.

Now inside the house, the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan are explaining the situation to Brenda and James. Michael sits next to Tegan still not knowing what is going on or having any memories

“…and the Master’s drug seems to have both erased his memories and changed his accent and main language,” explained the Doctor. “I assume German was chosen because that is your nationality Brenda.”

“I see,” Brenda replied.

“What are we going to do?” asked James.

“I’ve just been trying to think of how to reverse the effects and I think I’ve got it,” answered the Doctor.

“You have?” said Nyssa and Tegan in unison.

“Yes,” said the Doctor. “I have encountered the condition before. It is called Linguist Jar. It is now being controlled by a device that is presumably in the Master’s possession. All we have to do is destroy it.”

“We’ll need to find the Master or wait until he comes here,” said Nyssa.

“Oh I’m sure he’ll come back here,” replied Tegan.

“What’s going on*” asked Michael, still confused.

“Don’t worry Michael*,” said Brenda. “We’ll return you to normal”

“Oh Brenda, I’m worried,” said James.

Brenda turned to James and hugged him.

“I’m sure we’ll find a way,” she said.

“Anyway, I say we put our plan into action,” said the Doctor.

A few minutes later, the Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan, Michael, James, Brenda and Michelle arrived in the centre of Remington.

“Okay, let’s go over the plan one more time,” Nyssa began as she held a blue device in her hand. “This device is a homing beacon. I’ll plant it in order to lure the Master here. Once he has, the Doctor and Tegan will distract him and then I can get behind and restrain him with this rope when he’s close enough. They will pass the antidote after grabbing it off him to you three who will then have Michael drink it to return to his normal self.”

“Got it,” said James.

“That’s good,” said the Doctor. “Let’s get into our positions.”

Everyone did as the Doctor said. Nyssa planted the beacon in an open space whilst Tegan and the Doctor waited nearby for her to activate it. A few metres away, the Anderson’s waited to play their part in the plan. Nyssa activated the beam and sure enough, the Master’s Tardis appeared after a few seconds. The Master himself exited it and looked around confused.

“I didn’t set the coordinates for this place again,” he said frustrated.

“Over here old friend!” called the Doctor.

The Master turned to see the Doctor and Tegan emerge from their hiding place. He grinned at them.

“This will be easy,” he said to himself.

But he couldn’t have been more wrong. Nyssa came up from behind and attempted to restrain the Master. The Doctor and Tegan went to help Nyssa and the Master was therefore unable to break free.

“Tegan, you find the antidote in his jacket,” called the Doctor.
“On it,” Tegan replied.

After a few seconds, Tegan located the antidote and managed to grab it from out of the Master’s jacket as he continuously fought to escape.

“Here, catch,” Tegan called to the Andersons.

She threw the antidote in their direction and James caught it.

“Got it,” he declared.

“Give it to Michael,” said Michelle.

James gave the antidote to Michael.

“Drink this Michael*,” Brenda said to him.

“Ok*,” Michael replied.

Michael was about to drink the antidote when the Master somehow managed to break free from the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan’s grip.

“Look out!” the Doctor exclaimed.

But it was too late. The Master snatched the antidote back and then he took Michael hostage, holding his gun to Michael’s head.

“Help*!” Michael screamed.

“Oh no!” Michelle yelled.

“Unhand him!” commanded the Doctor to the Master.

“It’s too late Doctor,” the Master chuckled. “You’ve lost another one.”

The Master roared with laughter as he quickly lead Michael to the old pub which was scheduled for demolition.

“No, we won’t let you kill him!” yelled Tegan.

The Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and the Andersons chased after the Master who very soon forced Michael into the old pub. They stopped a few metres away.

“I’m going in,” announced the Doctor.

But as the Doctor got to the entrance, the Master came out and pointed his gun at him.

“Not so fast Doctor, you have lost,” the Master chuckled.

“What have you done to Michael,” the Doctor demanded.

“He has been tied up,” the Master answered. “And I have placed a bomb inside the pub.”

“A bomb?!” cried Nyssa.

“No, no, no!” yelled Brenda in distress.

“Anyone who takes a step closer will be shot,” the Master announced before disappearing into the pub.

The Doctor returned to the others.

“We’ve got to get Michael out of there,” panicked Tegan.

“We need to think of another plan, fast,” said the Doctor.

Meanwhile inside the pub, the Master had tied Michael to a chair. The bomb had been placed right in the middle of the main area which the Master could use a remote control with to explode.

“Let me go you sick maniac*!” Michael demanded.

“I don’t think I will,” the Master replied calmly.

“I don’t even know who I am*,” Michael said shakily. “What have I ever done to you*?”

The Master didn’t reply. Outside the pub, everyone else had come up with a plan.
“We just have to sneak into the pub whilst the Master’s not looking so that we can catch him by surprise and give Michael the antidote before getting him out of harm’s way,” explained the Doctor.

He, Nyssa and Tegan put their plan into action with the Anderson’s looking on. The Tardis team snuck into the pub and saw the Master at the far end occupied with Michael. The remote control for the bomb was on the bar. The Doctor proceeded to sneak up behind the Master and grabbed him.

“Nyssa, Tegan, free Michael,” called the Doctor.

Nyssa and Tegan untied Michael from the chair. The started to lead him out, but the Master broke free from the Doctor’s grasp and knocked Michael over.

“Michael!” Nyssa cried.

The Master had also fallen over and was scrabbling to get the remote.

“Let’s get out of here!” suggested Tegan.

Tegan, Nyssa, the Doctor and Michael all attempted to leave, but the Master had managed to get up and got out first without them noticing. The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan then made it out to where the Andersons were still standing.

“Doctor, the Master managed to get out before you did,” cried James.

“What,” the Doctor exclaimed. He then noticed the Master off in the distance about to press the button on the remote.

“Farewell my friends,” he announced chuckling. “Farewell forever!”

Michael then emerged from the pub.

“Run*,” he shouted.

Everyone else sprinted away from the pub. The Master then pressed the button and the pub exploded.

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Chapter 10: Chapter 8

In no more than a few seconds, the pub was reduced to a pile of rubble. The villagers all gathered over to see what had happened. Among them was Michael’s three younger siblings Marie, Mavis and Mark who had been looking after Amanda whilst everyone else had been sorting the Master out. Mavis was carrying Amanda in her eyes. They were horrified when they saw a body near to the site of the former pub.

“Oh no! It can’t be,” Mavis exclaimed in distress.

The body was that of Michael. He had ever slightly been caught in the explosion and was lying unconscious. The Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan, James, Brenda and Michelle were desperately trying to revive him with no luck so far. The Master had run away a while ago and taken off in his Tardis. The Doctor tried one last time to give Michael CPR. After a minute, he had no choice but to give up. He, his two other companions and Michael’s family were absolutely devasted.

“We’ve lost him,” Tegan choked.

“I’m afraid so Tegan,” the Doctor added with distress in his voice.

“I can’t believe this has happened,” Brenda sobbed.

Then by some miracle, Michael started coughing, opened his eyes and sat up. Everyone was shocked by this. Michael then sniffed the air and looked at everyone.

“That wasn’t me was it?” he asked in English and with his regular voice.

At that moment, everyone else was overjoyed.

“Oh you’re alive!” James exclaimed as he hugged Michael.

“Dad!” Michael yelled happily. “You thought I was dead?”

“We all did Michael,” said the Doctor. “But you aren’t. It’s good you’re back.”

“Doctor!” Michael exclaimed again. “Where have I been?”

“It’s a long story Michael,” Nyssa answered.

“Indeed,” the Doctor added. “I’ll explain later.”

“What became of the Master?” Michael questioned.

“He got away,” Tegan replied.

“Yes unfortunately,” added the Doctor. “But on the other hand, we still have Amanda in out possession. So provided the Master doesn’t find us again, we can finally take her back to Rycott.”

“That’s a relief,” Michael said. Then he noticed his parents and family. “Mum! Dad!”
Michael went over to his family and hugged all of them.

“We’re so glad you’re alive,” James stated.

“I didn’t know I was close to death,” Michael replied. Then he noticed the remains of the pub. “But I guess I have a hint as to what happened.”

“Yes, well we can now make our way to Rycott. But of course we shall say goodbye to your family first.”

Michael and his friends bid farewell to his family and they headed off into the Tardis. Once in the time-vortex, they four of them were with Amanda to say goodbye to her.

“I can’t believe our time together is coming to an end,” said Nyssa, holding Amanda in her arms. ”We’re going to miss you.”

“It was a pleasure taking care of you Amanda, even if you were a handful at times,” added the Doctor.

“Do you think she’ll be safe returning to Rycott?” Tegan asked the Doctor.

“Oh absolutely Tegan,” the Doctor answered. “Rycott is a peaceful planet and the Master is bound not to go there again.”

“That’s good to hear,” Michael added.

Amanda looked at Nyssa who smiled back. Then Amanda sneezed all over Nyssa’s stripped dress at which Nyssa, the Doctor, Tegan and Michael all winced.

“Eww!” Nyssa exclaimed.

“I’ll go and get you some tissue Nyssa,” Michael said before walking out of the console room.

Minutes later, the Tardis arrived on the planet Rycott which was covered in trees and rivers. The four of them stepped out of the Tardis, with Nyssa carrying Amanda having managed to clean her mucus off her skirt. The Doctor noticed a woman standing near to the river staring at it.

“Do you think that’s the mother?” Michael asked.

“Only one way to find out,” the Doctor replied.

“I’ll do it if that’s ok Doctor,” Nyssa said.

Nyssa still carrying Amanda in her arms, walked over to the woman.

“Excuse me,” she said.

“The woman turned around to look at Nyssa and then saw Amanda in her arms at which she changed her expression from concerned to delighted.

“Amanda!” she exclaimed. “Oh thank you so much,” She said to Nyssa.

“Please, don’t just thank me,” Nyssa replied as her three friends joined her.

“I’m so glad you all managed to get her back to me,” the mother said as Nyssa handed Amanda to her.

“So are we,” Tegan added.

“I can assure you that she won’t be in any more danger of being kidnapped. We have dealt with the man that did so,” the Doctor reassured the mother.

“Oh that’s wonderful to hear,” the mother replied.

“Now that she has been returned, I think it is best if we leave you to it,” the Doctor continued.

“Very well then,” the mother said. “Thank you again and goodbye.”

“No problem. Bye,” Michael said.

The mother walked off into the woods with Amanda to return home. The Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Michael then walked back to the Tardis.

“Well done old girl,” the Doctor said as he patted the Tardis when they got there. “You managed to get us to exactly where the mother was.”

“All’s well that ends well,” Nyssa stated.

“Indeed Nyssa,” the Doctor replied. “It was hard, but we got through in the end.”

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Chapter 11: A breakdown of Michael Anderson’s racing career

Author's Notes: A follow on from the introduction to him at the start of this story.

Karting (1969-1977)
Formula Ford (1978-1981)
Formula 3 (1982-1983)
Formula 2 (1984)
Formula 1 (1985-1991, 1993)
CART: (1994-1996)

Formula 3: Eddie Jordan Racing.
Formula 2: Ralt Racing.
Formula 1: Tyrrell (1985), Lotus (1986-1987), McLaren (1988-1989), Ferrari (1990-1991), Williams (1993).
CART: Target Chip Gannasi Racing (1994), Team Rahal (1995-1996).

Formula 3: Martin Brundle.
Formula 2: Roberto Moreno
Formula 1: Martin Brundle, Stefan Bellof, Ivan Capelli and Philliphe Streiff (1985), Ayrton Senna (1986-1989), Nigel Mansell (1990), Jean Alesi (1991), Damon Hill (1993).
CART: Mauricio Gugelmin and Michael Andretti (1994), Bobby Rahal (1995-1996).

Championship wins:
Formula Ford (1981).
Formula 2 (1984).
Formula 1 (1989 and 1993).

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