Four time-travellers and a baby by Williams Fan 92

Summary: The Doctor and his companions encounter a human infant and attempt to return it to its parents.
Rating: Teen
Categories: Fifth Doctor
Characters: Nyssa, Original Companion, Tegan Jovanka, The Doctor (5th), The Master (Ainley)
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Published: 2021.04.06
Updated: 2022.02.26

Four time-travellers and a baby by Williams Fan 92
Chapter 7: Chapter 5
Author's Notes: The Tardis crew continue their care for Amanda whilst in Remington. But someone is attempting to hinder that.

The Tardis crew and the Andersons had sat down at the table to eat lunch. Michael was sat between James and Michelle. Just as Brenda finished placing the food on the table, Norris, the Anderson's pet labrador, came running in.

"Hello Norris," said Michael. "You're looking well. I'll stroke you after lunch. I don't want to have to wash my hands again."

"Everything's ready now," said Brenda. "Tuck in."

Everyone did so and started conversing. Nyssa was sat next to Amanda and had the job of feeding her. Michelle had managed to fix up some mashed potatoes for her.

"Here comes the aeroplane," said Nyssa as she moved a spoonful of mashed potatoes toward Amanda's mouth who opened it and ate the potato.

"So what planet is Amanda from?" asked Michelle.

"A planet known as Rycott," answered the Doctor.

"We're still trying to find it's whereabouts," added Tegan. "We also need to find out who captured her and why."

Mavis then looked at Michael.

"Are you sure she isn't the offspring of you and one of your two female friends?" she asked.

Michael choked on his food at hearing this, and he and everyone else turned and looked at Mavis.

"Mavis!" scolded Brenda.

"Sorry Mum," Mavis apologised looking down at her plate.

"Believe me sis," said Michael. "She is not my daughter, or Nyssa's or Tegan's."

Michael then turned to face the Doctor.

"Who do you think captured her?"

"It can't have been anyone random," answered the Doctor.

"It was obviously someone that holds a grudge against Amanda's parents. It's irritating that the note didn't explain more."

"Yeah, I can't think of anyone who... oh my word!" exclaimed Tegan.

"What is it Tegan?" asked Nyssa.

"You don't think it was the Master," Tegan answered.

"Oh yes, that would make sense," said Michael. "It must have been Amanda that he was carrying that night on that planet."

"I feel stupid," said the Doctor. "I can't believe we didn't think that from the start."

"Well we've thought of it now Doctor," said Nyssa.

"I wonder if we'll see him here," continued the Doctor.

"Anyway, why don't I help the four of you take care of her whilst we take her around the village," suggested Michelle.

"That's kind of you dear," said Brenda.

"We appreciate it," added the Doctor.

Half an hour later, the Doctor, Michael, Nyssa, Tegan and Amanda had been joined by Michelle after they had left the house having finished lunch. They had also brought Norris with them. The Doctor was holding Amanda whilst conversing with Nyssa and Tegan whilst Michael who had Norris on a lead, was telling Michelle about the previous night.

"You had to face the Master in your pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers?!" asked Michelle.

"Yes, annoyingly," replied Michael. “The Doctor has however promised to let me get dressed for those situations, if I’m not already.”

“That’s good,” answered Michelle.

“Anyway, I say we buy her some more supplies,” said Michael.

Just then, the village’s parish councillor approached them.

“Hello Michael,” he said. “It’s good to see you again.”

“Likewise,” replied Michael. “I see not much has changed since I was last here.”

The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan then noticed a few benches near a pub.

"Why don't we rest over there," suggested Nyssa.

"That's a good idea," said the Doctor.

"We certainly need a rest," said Tegan.

Michael had now finished talking to the councillor and went over to them.

"We're just going to have a rest on those benches," said the Doctor. "I am putting Amanda in your care on one bench with us three on the one to it's left."

"Right you are Doctor," said Michael as he took Amanda.

The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan then went to their bench.

"Are you sure he's going to care for her properly," asked Tegan.

"Yes Tegan, give him a chance," said the Doctor.

They all sat down their respective benches. The Doctor then went into the pub to get him and his companions some drinks. Michael fed Amanda the bottle that the Doctor had given him. The Doctor soon returned with the pub landlord who handed them their drinks. Michael sipped his drink. After a minute or so, he started to feel tired and then dropped off. Amanda then crawled over to him and very nearly started to drink his beer. Luckily Tegan noticed before she could.

"What the rabbits!" she exclaimed.

She, Nyssa and the Doctor quickly went to Amanda. The Doctor picked her up, Nyssa grabbed Michael's beer, and Tegan attempted to wake him up.

"Michael!" she yelled.

Michael woke up and spluttered.

"What's going on," he asked.

“You fell asleep,” said the Doctor. “And Amanda nearly sipped your beer. Luckily we stopped her.”

“How did you manage to fall asleep?” asked Michelle who had joined them with Norris.

“I don’t know, I just sipped my beer and then I felt tired,” replied Michael.

“Somebody must have drugged it,” said Nyssa.

Just then, the landlord who had been watching came running away from the pub and entered a bus stop which then disappeared.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Nyssa. "He got away again."

"I was wondering where that bus stop came from," said Michelle.

"Don't worry I'm sure we'll catch him somehow," said the Doctor.

"I'm sorry," said Michael.

"It's not your fault Michael," said Nyssa as she handed his beer back to him.

"We shall sort this out back at the Tardis, as soon as we are done here," said the Doctor.

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