Four time-travellers and a baby by Williams Fan 92

Summary: The Doctor and his companions encounter a human infant and attempt to return it to its parents.
Rating: Teen
Categories: Fifth Doctor
Characters: Nyssa, Original Companion, Tegan Jovanka, The Doctor (5th), The Master (Ainley)
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Published: 2021.04.06
Updated: 2022.02.26

Four time-travellers and a baby by Williams Fan 92
Chapter 6: Chapter 4
Author's Notes: The Tardis crew with Amanda land in Michael's home village of Remington in Yorkshire and go to see his family.

The Doctor and Michael had now joined Nyssa in the console room. The latter had finished cleaning Amanda up and was placing her in the cot that Michael had found. Tegan was currently in the shower down the corridors.

Nyssa then turned to look at Amanda.

"There you are darling. You're all clean," she said in a high pitched voice.

Just then, Tegan walked into the console room having finished her shower. She had wrapped herself in her dressing gown and she also had a towel wrapped around her head.

"Are you alright now Tegan?" asked the Doctor.

"Yes thank you Doctor," answered Tegan. "The only problem is that I haven't got any other clothes to wear at the moment."

"You can borrow my white skirt and grey jacket," said Nyssa. "It's either that or my Traken attire."

"You still have that?" asked Michael.

"Yes," Nyssa replied.

"What job did you assign yourself to for Amanda's care again?" asked the Doctor.

"Nourishment," answered Tegan. "I couldn't find any baby food in the Tardis. Amanda must be starving."

"That could be why she was crying earlier," said Nyssa. "But that's unlikely due to her being sick."

"Yes, I don't usually travel with companions under the age of 16," said the Doctor. "I could find some food that would be suitable for her, but it won't be enough."

"We could try Earth," suggested Nyssa.

"That's a good idea Nyssa," said Tegan. She then faced Michael. "Maybe we could pay a visit to your family and they could help us."

"I not sure," replied Michael.

"Oh come on Michael," said Nyssa. "I'm sure they'd be more than willing to help."

"Fine then," said Michael just as he turned towards the Doctor. "You can take us there Doctor. If anyone needs me until then, I'll be watching a 1982 edition of Grand Prix."

Michael walked out of the console room and past Tegan. She, the Doctor and Nyssa then all looked at each other.

"He's been acting strange ever since we took Amanda into our care," said Nyssa.

"Yeah," added Tegan. "It's almost as if he doesn't want to care for her."

"Oh I'm sure it's simpler than that," said the Doctor. "He probably isn't used to taking care of babies."

"Neither are we and we're coping fine," said Tegan. "Hell, Amanda was sick on me and I'm still willing to take care of her."

"Still, I'd say give him a chance," replied the Doctor. "Anyway, I say you get dressed Tegan. Me and Nyssa shall pack essentials and then I will set the coordinates for Remington."

Tegan went to her room to get dressed whilst the Doctor and Nyssa prepared for the Tardis to dematerialise in Remington. Eventually, the Tardis had arrived there. The crew were walking along a path and next to a river that went through the village. Tegan had donned Nyssa's jacket and skirt. The Doctor had bought some baby supplies from the village for Amanda who was being carried by Michael. Amanda was squirming and crying which Michael found very annoying. His friends were also a bit irratated, not simply because Amanda was crying, but because they thought Michael wasn't doing a great job of holding.

"This is so joyous isn't it," said Tegan sarcastically.

"I haven't had to deal with this in a while," added the Doctor. He then faced Michael "Michael, try harder."

"Well she won't stop squirming," replied Michael.

"That's because your holding her wrong," said Nyssa.

"Watch her head!" yelled Tegan.

"Give her to me, I'll try," said the Doctor.

Michael handed Amanda over to the Doctor who pulled a baby bottle out of the bag that he was carrying.

"She's probably hungry," he said as he fed her the bottle.

The Doctor carried Amanda the rest of the way to the house of Michael’s family. When they got there, Michael’s mother Brenda was trimming the hedges.

“Hello Mum,” called Michael.

“Michael!” Brenda cried in her German accent. “It’s so wonderful to see you again.”

Brenda put down the trimmers and went to embrace her eldest son.

“And how are you Doctor?” she asked as she went to hug the Doctor.

“I’m doing alright thank you Brenda,” replied the Doctor.

Brenda then welcomed Nyssa and Tegan.

“Are you to doing well,” she asked.

“Oh yes Mrs. Anderson,” said Nyssa.

“James, looks whose here,” Brenda called to her husband.

“Just coming dear,” James called in his Yorkshire accent.

Brenda then noticed Amanda who was now being carried by Michael. Her jaw dropped and she scanned her son as well as Nyssa and Tegan.

"Have you...?" she began, but Tegan cut her off.

"I know what you're thinking Mrs. Anderson, but this child doesn't belong to any of us," Tegan said. "We found her on an alien planet with a note from her parents asking for whoever found her to return her."

"I see," said Brenda.

Just then, James walked out of the house and into the garden.

"Hello Son," he said, noticing Michael first.

"Hello Dad," Michael replied.

"Whose this then?" James asked when he noticed.

"That's not Michael's baby," said Brenda.

"That's right Dad," Michael replied. "I'm not in a relationship with Nyssa or Tegan."

"I'll explain everything once we've settled down," said the Doctor.

"Certainly Doctor," said James. "How have you all been anyway?"

"Oh we've been through the usual," said Michael. "How are my sisters and brother?"

"Michelle's helping me make lunch, Mavis and Marie are in their room reading comics, and Mark is in the living room watching tv."

"You're all welcome to join us for lunch," said Brenda. "I'm sure I can fix something for... I'm sorry what's the baby's name?"

"Amanda," said the Doctor.

"Thank you Doctor," said Brenda.

"No, thank you for the invitation to lunch," the Doctor replied.

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