Four time-travellers and a baby by Williams Fan 92

Summary: The Doctor and his companions encounter a human infant and attempt to return it to its parents.
Rating: Teen
Categories: Fifth Doctor
Characters: Nyssa, Original Companion, Tegan Jovanka, The Doctor (5th), The Master (Ainley)
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Published: 2021.04.06
Updated: 2022.02.26

Four time-travellers and a baby by Williams Fan 92
Chapter 1: Introduction to Michael Anderson
Author's Notes: Michael's bio:
Y.O.B: 1961
Occupation: racecar driver.
Relatives: James (father), Brenda (mother), Michelle (older sister), Mavis (younger sister), Marie (younger sister), Mark (younger brother).

This is an introduction to Michael Anderson, an original character that I have created for this story as a companion to the Doctor. He is technically part of a different reality as I would imagine him as having started off with the 4th Doctor whilst he was travelling with the second incarnation of Romana. Michael would then travel with them into E-Space where they meet Adric before staying with him and the Doctor as they leave E-Space and meet Nyssa and Tegan before the Doctor’s 4th regeneration. He would then continue travelling with them before temporarily leaving just after Tegan was accidentally left behind at Heathrow. He then reunited with the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan just after the latter three’s period in Amsterdam. He continued travelling with the Doctor, after the departure of Nyssa, Tegan and later Turlough before witnessing the Doctor regenerate into his Sixth incarnation. He continued travelling with the Doctor and Peri Brown before leaving for good in an adventure that occurred just after their encounter with the Daleks on Necros.

I thought I would place Michael’s introduction on this story since it is the first one I have written that features him. As far as I can see, all subsequent stories I write that feature any Doctor and companion line-up that he would have been a part of, will feature him.

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