The Doctor Who Drabble Files by badly_knitted

Summary: A collection of drabbles set in the Doctor Who universe. Any characters and pairings from the show will be fair game; there will no doubt be both canon and non-canon, depending on inspiration.
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Published: 2015.02.07
Updated: 2022.09.25

The Doctor Who Drabble Files by badly_knitted
Chapter 358: Humbling Sight
Author's Notes: Written for Challenge 311: Edge at dw100.

Summary: Seeing the Milky Way from the outside is humbling.

The view from the edge of the Milky Way was stunning, countless stars scattered across the vacuum of space, the spiral shape familiar from the pictures in her grandfather’s astronomy books. It looked like a Catherine Wheel on bonfire night, but frozen in place, a snapshot capturing the briefest moment in time. Donna couldn’t tear her gaze away.

“It’s magnificent,” she sighed.

“And it’s only one galaxy among many. The universe is so much bigger than you humans can imagine; trillions of galaxies, and more worlds than you would believe.”

It put things in perspective; Donna had never felt smaller

The End

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