The Doctor Who Drabble Files by badly_knitted

Summary: A collection of drabbles set in the Doctor Who universe. Any characters and pairings from the show will be fair game; there will no doubt be both canon and non-canon, depending on inspiration.
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Published: 2015.02.07
Updated: 2022.06.25

The Doctor Who Drabble Files by badly_knitted
Chapter 168: Super-Nanny
Author's Notes: Written for Challenge 150: Speeding Bullet at dw100.

Spoilers: The Return Of Doctor Mysterio.

Summary: Grant considers his super-powers.

The Man of Steel, Faster than a Speeding Bullet, X-Ray vision, super strength, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

He’s every superhero from every comic book he’s ever read, all because of the crystal the Doctor gave him to hold, which he mistook for medicine and swallowed.

It wasn’t supposed to last; the Doctor said it would wear off once the crystal… passed through. Only it didn’t, he grew up, and the Ghost was born.

Helping people is great, really it is, but x-ray vision? It’s a mixed blessing.

The End

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