Daily Domestics by Ccohen

Summary: Rose and the Metacrisis beginning from "I take thee..."
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Daily Domestics by Ccohen
Chapter 5: Day 476
Author's Notes: I know there's not a lot of plot happening. I seem to be spending more time exploring characters lately than getting them to do something.

Day 476

The shed was tiny, it sat in the tiny back garden of their house and faced the football pitch. It wasn't a particularly interesting shed. It had graying wood and its door sat a bit off kilter. The roof was slanted so the damp wouldn't settle as easily. There was a small border of flowers around the outside which lent the aging shack a bit of cheer. Otherwise, there really wasn't anything to distinguish this aging garden shed from the other twenty sheds down the street.

If anyone was paying attention to the nondescript shed, they might have noticed Dr. Noble going in and out of it quite frequently, usually in the evening hours while Mrs. Tyler-Noble was sleeping. He would also sometimes be carrying impossibly large things, somehow getting them inside the tiny structure. Someone with an inventive mind might have thought nefarious things, but in the end, it really was just a garden shed, and nobody really paid attention. This suited Will and Rose just fine.


Rose looked amused as she sat in their kitchen drinking a cup of tea. "Isn't that a bit ambitious Will?" Will grunted, carrying a load of thin PVC pipes through the house heading to the garden. "Those look to be at least 4 meters. I'm fairly sure those are taller than the shed. Not exactly inconspicuous if you ask me." BANG! Rose winced as the front end of the load hit the back door. Well, she thought rubbing the newest divot, not the first dent in that piece of wood. By now Rose was rather philosophical about these collateral damages.

She followed him out the back door and watched Will drop them in a clatter on the ground. The resulting noise brought out their elderly neighbor, Mr. Caswell, to investigate the minor ruckus. Mr. Caswell was the stereotype of a nosy neighbor. Widowed and in his mid 70s with thick glasses with broad black frames. If you had to guess, you would have put him as a council health and safety inspector from a few decades back. Which of course, is exactly what he had been, and frankly never stopped being even though he had been retired for some years.

"What's this?" asked Angus Caswell anxiously. "I heard a tremendous noise!" He poked his head over the fence only getting the top half of his face over. Rose was not a tall woman and Mr. Caswell was easily a half a head shorter than her. He pointed at the PVC. "What are those for? They're awfully long for garden stakes and I don't think the neighborhood building code allows stakes that high, and they're white, I think we only are allowed wood tone garden stakes." He clucked at the wild ways of his young neighbors.

Will cleared his throat and thought quickly as he turned towards his gnomish neighbor. "Glad, you asked Mr. Caswell. It's dry as a desert in our yard, thought I'd put in an irrigation system. Can't let the little plants dry out now. I mean, look at the poor shriveled things," said Will looking mournfully at the perfectly happy and thriving begonias.

Angus looked cross. He was always cross when confused, which was often. "But we're in Scotland, where it rains, all the time." He looked upwards at the cloud filled sky.

Will glanced at Rose for help. His could tell she was holding back laughter as she bent to pick a nonexistent weed out of the kitchen windowbox. Mutt and Jeff indeed! Will coughed and turned back towards the man. "Well yes Mr. Caswell, you are very observant. But, if you take the windspeed and the angle of our home along with the unusual air currents that sweep down the pitch you will see that...."

Rose took pity on Will and swept in at that moment. "Mr. Caswell, tell me what you're planning for your front garden, I haven't decided yet." Rose gave her husband a look that clearly said "I told you so" as she walked over to the fence. Fortunately, Angus responded well to flattery and distraction. As Mr. Caswell was about to open his mouth she continued, "Ooh, better yet, you come with me now and tell me what you think is the best option. You have the best eye, oh doesn't he Will?" Will obediently nodded while Rose gestured for Angus to meet her in the front of their houses to compare gardening notes. He took a deep breath when the man followed Rose.

Will normally didn't move things into the shed during daylight, but he couldn't leave a pile of PVC tubes in the middle of his house all day. Both he and Rose tutored students on Saturday afternoons and it wouldn't do with their students to trip over them as they were in and out. Despite the safety factor, he didn't want to field questions about their presence. He surveyed his options, which were limited.

He decided to leave the pipes on the lawn for right now, especially as they were for an "irrigation system." He even took a spading shovel and dug up a bit of grass to further the impression before giving up and going back into the house. The PVC would have to wait for nightfall.


Rose was sitting at the kitchen table re-reading "The Great Ghost Rescue" by Eve Ibbotson in preparation for one of her students. She looked wryly at hot, dirty, and sweaty Will. "I hope you like plain white daisies because that's what Mr. Caswell approves of. Apparently, anything else is just too garish. Fortunately, they should survive our drought and unfortunate air currents," she said smiling. Will grimaced as he scrubbed his hands clean. His mood improved when he felt her little hands wrap around his front in a hug. It was getting harder for her to get closer given the growing baby. Another quick squeeze and Rose sat back at the table, Will joining her. and joined her at the table.

"I wonder how he's going to react to a squalling baby and tricycles and swingsets?' posed Will. Their neighbor didn't like anything too frivolous. He disliked their bicycles as they were too flashy. He nearly had a fit when Rose brought her bright red Mini-Cooper up from London. "Might give him fits," said Will as he thought of brightly colored toys littering the garden might give him fits.

"That may be, but the more things we bring out there for the TARDIS the more questions we may be asked. We probably should be more discreet, move things in the dark of night." Rose looked out the window. "It feels like we're doing something illegal."

"I'm sorry love, should have waited for dark but I just didn't want to risk you or the students tripping over the pile." He placed his large hand over her small one and leaned over to give her a kiss. "Can't have you falling all over the place." He placed a hand on her swollen belly.

Rose looked affronted. "Are you calling me clumsy?"

"No Rose, I'm calling you very pregnant." She raised her eyebrows, and not in a nice way. Oh ye gods! She thought he was calling her fat. He said the wrong thing. Again. Why didn't expectant fathers get handed a list that spelled out all the "Wrong Things to Say to a Pregnant Woman! " He was going to have to talk to Rhys about that. Rhys had warned him about baby sick, ugly nappies, and sleep deprivation. He hadn't mentioned the myriad of ways to upset your pregnant wife

"I'm just saying you're off balance, haven't seen your feet in a week!" Rose's expression was heralding a phone call to her Mum. Jackie Tyler would not be amused as his verbal fumbling. Will had learned by now when to cut his losses. He met her gaze, shamefaced. "I'm sorry, it was coming out all wrong. I just don't want you to get hurt. If I could surround you and the baby with bubble wrap I would." Her expression softened and a smile formed.

She started to giggle. "I was just thinking, bubble wrap nappies!"

"Bubble wrap booties?" laughed Will in return. "Am I forgiven darling wife?" Rose made a face at the endearment, but he loved calling her all those names, especially "wife." They had been married 1 year, 4 months, and 12 days. He looked over at their wedding portrait hanging in the hall. "Sometimes I look at you and your sweet belly, and I feel so overwhelmed, so lucky, and really, really scared." He turned his face back to Rose, "I just want you and our wee one safe."

Rose reached up to stroke his cheek. "And we are Will. Me and the baby are in the best hands." She smoothed her shirt over her belly. "Look how this baby's growing! At this rate, I'm going to have to move into the shed soon!"

"I'm not sure how Mr. Caswell would take that," said Will getting up to pluck a banana out of the fruit bowl. That being said, it may be time to find another spot for the TARDIS, at least until I've got most of the electrics down. It will still be years until she's ready." Now it was Will's turn to stare out the window at the shed.
"Soon Will. It will be sooner than you think."

He looked at her sadly, "I promised you adventures, not annoying neighbors and a house that looks like a hardware store."

Rose got up and stood behind him, rubbing his shoulders. Soothing away the worry there. She then turned him to face forward. "Not all adventures require running for our lives," she said placing his hand on her belly as their little Noble danced and spun in their own tiny universe.

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