Daily Domestics by Ccohen

Summary: Rose and the Metacrisis beginning from "I take thee..."
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Published: 2014.05.11
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Daily Domestics by Ccohen
Chapter 3: Day 327
Author's Notes: Sorry it's taken a bit to get this bit up. Enjoy. I am hoping for longer chapters to come.

Rose was having an argument with her stomach. "Oh no you don't," she ordered. her usually cast-iron stomach was not happy. She took several deep breaths and thought for a moment she had won. "Hah!" she said to the offending organ triumphantly. And then she took a sip of tea. Immediately, she realized she had lost the argument, and was about to lose her breakfast.

Will was grading papers in the study when he heard an extremely unpleasant yet distinctive sound emanating from the kitchen. He was on his feet in a flash to see what was the matter. He entered the kitchen to the very unappetizing sight of his wife sicking up into the kitchen sink. Ugh, he thought, never using that dish again. Will went to Rose's side and held her hair back. When there was nothing left to come up, he eased her into a chair and wiped her face with a damp towel. Rose was pale and a little clammy. He kissed her forehead, no fever. "Better love? Was it something you ate? Maybe Callum or one of the other tutorial kids passed something on?"

"I don't think so Will," she said as she accepted a glass of water from him. She took a small sip and willed it to stay down. He tried to meet her eyes, dismayed when she stared at her feet.

"My cooking? I will never attempt goat curry again. I thought the meat looked a bit dodgy," Will berated himself over the ruin of last night's dinner. Rose's eyes widened as she thought of that horrid experience and ran for the sink again. "Oh Rose, I'm sorry, I'm an idio..." his words were cut short as Rose put her finger on his lips to keep him quiet while she focused on not retching.

Rose sat down again, cold towel to her face. "It's okay Will, I was hoping to find a better way to tell you.."

Will cut in, "Tell me what? What's wrong?" Alarm filled his expression. She quickly realized she had scared him.

"It really is okay! I mean not okay all the way, not exactly thrilled about this part but I know it happens...." She clapped her hand over her mouth. "I am starting to sound just like you when I'm nervous. Is this how you feel when you get all babble-y because I feel..."

"Rose, what is going on!" Will was bristling with fear.

She smiled, "I'm pregnant."


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