Fifty Years by Star of Rassilon

Summary: Poems for a madman in a blue box.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: First Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Other Doctors, Multi-Era, Eleventh Doctor, Twelfth Doctor
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Published: 2013.11.13
Updated: 2014.03.14


Chapter 1: Fifty Years
Chapter 2: One
Chapter 3: Two
Chapter 4: Three
Chapter 5: Four
Chapter 6: War
Chapter 7: Eleven
Chapter 8: Twelve
Chapter 9: Her

Chapter 1: Fifty Years

Author's Notes: I love sonnets.

Fifty Years

So wheezing and whizzing and whorling
Perceiving the past and the present
And floating far into the future
The TARDIS thus travelled her paths

So running and fleeing and going
Away from his people and planet
And falling head-first in adventure
The Doctor thus travelled his paths

They are always young, and always here
They are always old, and always there
Through vortex and rift and web of lies
It is twelve hellos, and twelve goodbyes

The mad man and blue box and all they will do;
Yet the question must remain - Doctor... Who?

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Chapter 2: One

Author's Notes: Okay, so a set of poems instead of just one sonnet.


Hurtling through temporal space and spatial time
After adventure in faraway lands
Removed from his home in Gallifrey's clime
Truth always fickle in his mischievous hands
Not always trustful nor trustworthy held
Encouraged at final to trust humankind
Living until fate him Cybermen dealt
Leader of followers and one of his kind

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Chapter 3: Two


Through him the Doctor persevered
Roaming empty void and alien sands
Our minds as well he has endeared
Under deep seas and by Highlands
Genius him though appearances fool
Hearts were double and clutching hands
Twinkle-eyed care a wonderful gift
Over the moon to where evils rule
Not without him could the Doctor have lived

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Chapter 4: Three

Peladon's long well-honoured guest
Erudite scientist, UNIT's best
Running and chasing at his own behest
Third of face, of gadgets fond
White-haired fights of stars beyond
Exiled to Earth through Time Lord fits
Ended on the planet of arachnids

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Chapter 5: Four

Broad of grin and wild of hair
And long of scarf without an end
Kind-hearted mad man who has right to care
Elevated by Time Lords to Lord President
Radio telescopes proved his final snare

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Chapter 6: War

Hidden in even his own memories
Unfortunate architect of his planet's last stand
Reviled by even his later selves he sees
Time War resolved through his steady hand

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Chapter 7: Eleven


Sadly his time has now passed too
Mad about hats and the King of Okay
In crashing he our lives upturned through
Through time and space he refound Gallifrey
He'll always remember when he was the Doctor, too

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Chapter 8: Twelve


Can we know yet what will be
And how he'll be our hero
Perhaps a glimpse or two we'll see
Afore this Doctor gets his go
Long awaited, time will tell
Doctor he is but even so
Is this the Doctor just as well?

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Chapter 9: Her


Time and time again she goes
And brings him where he needs to be
Relative to where she knows
Dimensions are unfree
In all of universe's woes
Space is her native sea

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