Theta Sigma by LayneCarver

Summary: When the Eleventh Doctor has an unusual regeneration, a Time Lady appears in his life, ready to find which Doctor is suitable to revive the Time Lords. Over months and years, she works with the Ninth Doctor to heal his wounds, and somehow, they find a way to their new home.
Rating: Teen
Categories: Multi-Era, Ninth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor
Characters: Original Companion, The Doctor (9th), The TARDIS, Amy Pond, River Song, Rory Williams, The Doctor (11th)
Genres: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Series
Warnings: Explicit Violence, Swearing
Challenges: None
Series: Auxiliary Timelines
Published: 2013.05.28
Updated: 2013.07.17

Theta Sigma by LayneCarver
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Dalek Envy
Author's Notes: Eleven finally destroys his mortal enemy, the Daleks, but dies as a consequence. In his regeneration, something goes horribly wrong, and a girl appears, coming to fix the universe.

"Exterminate!" rung their edgy voices through the crumbling halls.

Tall, dark, and utterly evil, their eyestalks shone cold blue into the dimly lit halls, chasing after footsteps they'd recognise anywhere as their mortal enemy. The Doctor.

"Come on Ponds!" he cried in a raspy, worn voice to his companions, Amy and Rory.

Brown hair hung, dripping with sweat and blood in his face that was torn and covered in ash. Coming to a junction in the ship, they turned left and sealed the airlock behind them.

The Doctor tripped up and cried out in agony, falling to the floor in a trembling, bloody mess. His momentum slammed him into the white wall on the far side of the large control room. Out of the thick glass window you could see the heart of space swirling in a glowing, writhing, dancing mass. 

River quickly knelt beside the Doctor, while Rory looked Amy over for injuries. River delicately brushed the hair out of his face, wiping his grimy forehead with a wet cloth, trying to arrange his threadbare clothes. 

"What have they done?" River breathed, despairingly.

He winced, trying to get up, limping to the echoing metal door that led them out of the hall. He held out his fried sonic screwdriver, and it fell into a crumble.

"Open the door," he struggled to say, turning to Rory who stood at the control panel, the lights on reserve energy, flickering. Amy moved to press the button when Rory slapped her hand away.

"Doctor, they'll kill you!" he said, taking a step between Amy and the control panel. 

"They already have! I'm holding back regeneration already, please... just do it," the Doctor replied, struggling for breath, pain obvious in his face and words. "Because I have to! They killed my people, made me destroy my world! I have to finish this!It ends now!"

The ship groaned, pulling in enough power to budge the heavy door open a few inches. As the door slowly, begrudgingly opened, he lit a candle on a smoking outlet nearby. And just as the doors opened he threw it out, lodging it in one of the Dalek's body armour. The golden domes that covered them usually, were sharp and pointed in their new generation, giving them a fierce, guard-dog like appearance.

The Daleks screamed in hate and anger, shooting, the energy beam bouncing around on the opaque glass walls as they all panicked, shooting each other.

The heavy door slammed shut when the ship sensed the fire, and danger to the captains. The Doctor limped, dragging himself to the nearest chair that wasn't smouldering. As he plopped down, the panic of his friends set in as he slowly began to glow. The TARDIS landed in the room, sensing his need and injury, his companions rushing him in only added to the sentient time-space ship's worries as she felt the energy pouring off of him at a dangerous rate. 

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