The Torchwood Drabble Files by badly_knitted

Summary: A collection of drabbles, mostly based on the weekly prompts at tw100. Mostly Jack/Ianto as that's what I write, but no doubt other Torchwood characters will pop in from time to time. All genres are possible, but expect mainly humour and fluff, because that's usually what comes out when I write. All are 100 words exactly in Word, but apparently not here!
Rating: Teen
Categories: Torchwood
Characters: Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Lisa Hallett, Martha Jones, Myfanwy, Other Character(s), Owen Harper, PC Andy Davidson, Rhiannon Davies, Rhys Williams
Genres: Mixed
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Published: 2012.09.23
Updated: 2023.02.07

The Torchwood Drabble Files by badly_knitted
Chapter 1050: A Tricky Problem
Author's Notes: My third drabble for Challenge 414: Stalk at tw100.

Summary: Torchwood are good an covering up strange happenings around Cardiff, but once in a while even their ingenuity is tested to the limit.

Team Torchwood stood in the Botanical gardens, staring at something that very definitely didn’t belong there.

“This is going to take some explaining,” Ianto said in a resigned voice

“Can’t we just get rid of it somehow?” Gwen asked.

“How? I’m open to suggestions.”

They all looked at each other in silence.

“It’s too big to dig up. We can’t use weed-killer without killing off half the gardens, and there’s no guarantee it would work anyway,” Ianto pointed out.

“I could chop it down,” Jack suggested.

Ianto rolled his eyes. “I can see the headlines now. ‘Jack slays giant beanstalk’.”

The End

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